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10 Best Mech Mods February, 2019

Over 301 user and critic reviews scanned and weighted.

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 H&W Mechanical Mod Dovpo M VV 280W Vape Mod Kit Skull Pattern No Nicotine 5 Reviews £59.00
2 DEJAVU DJV Mech MOD,No e Liquid, No Nicotine No ratings yet £51.99
3 panzer black hawk mechanical mod clone stainless steel high quality uk 3 Reviews £35.99
4 Authentic Latest Edition VGOD Pro Mech 2 Kit with Elite RDA - No Nicotine... No ratings yet £94.99
5 Geekvape Karma 2 Mech Kit ,E Cigarette Mechanical Mod kit with Tsunami Pro... 3 Reviews £37.99
6 SMOK Fury-S Mega 26650 Mechanical MOD Solid Stainless Steel 6 Reviews £24.95
7 H&W Dark Knight Brass E-Cigarette Mech Mod Vase Shape Epoxy Resin Tube No... No ratings yet £29.00
8 Geekvape Tsunami RDA Mech Kit, E Cigarette Mechnical Mod Start Kit With RDA... 2 Reviews £89.88
9 AV Twistgyre Avid Lyfe Mech Mechanical Vape Vaporizer Mod Full Vape Kit... No ratings yet £49.97
10 RUIYITECH Vapor Polish Jig Atty and mech mod polish jig Tool No ratings yet £15.99

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We’ve looked at the 10 Best Mech Mods, and have pulled together the table above which displays the most popular products with both critics and regular consumers. If you have experience with any of the items listed above, please let us know in the comments below.

What are mechanical Mods and what they do?

For vaping hobbyists people who have been using e-cigarettes for years now, Mechanical mods might be a quite a familiar term. Still, for those to whom the term is new, I’ll be explaining what mech mods are and how they work. Mechanical mods, sometimes also called mech mods, are electronic devices which are used to power a vaporizer in an e-cigarette. Unlike regulated mods which have advanced and complex electronics embedded within the circuit, mechanical mods consist of a battery, a simple circuit and a fire button which is used to complete the circuit. The other part of an e-cigarette is an atomizer (or vaporizer). The vaporizer consists of a small container filled with juice, a heating coil and a wick between the two. When the vaporizer is installed, on pushing the firing button, the circuit becomes complete, resulting in heating of the coil. Then, the e-juice on the wick vaporizes to give off a fresh vapour, which you’ll then vape. This was the simple mechanism of a mech mod in an e-cigarette.

Advantages of mechanical mods over regulated mods

  • Highly durable– The absence of complex electronics gives mech mods a long life. It may sometimes be even waterproof (provided that it gets completely dried before using it again).
  • Greater control– Regulated mods have safety features that don’t allow you to use the e-cigarette after the voltage reaches a specified minimum threshold. The heating of the coil and hence, the amount of vapor produced is limited in a regulated coil. In a mech mod, however, you can use the coil as long as you want and attain desirable heating as well.
  • Cheaper– As you can guess too, the simple design and working mechanism of mech mods make them far cheaper than advanced regulated mods.

Disadvantages of mech mods over regulated mods

  • Battery over drain Mechanical mods don’t have any voltage regulating system like that in regulated mods. So, they keep supplying current even when the battery voltage becomes very low. This is bad for the life of the battery and it can even get overheated and burst.
  • RiskierSince there is no auto-shut, the mech mod if left on, can cause a fire. This can be dangerous when you are carrying the e-cigarette in your purse or pocket.
  • Overcharging– Just like battery over-drain, battery overcharge is also possible, which can decrease the battery life and cause accidents as well.

Safety tips for using mech mods

  1. Using proper batteryYou should use only standard high-quality batteries. Commonly, 3.7-volt ICR and IMR batteries are used, the latter one being safer.
  2. Frequent check for short circuits– Since there is no safety mechanism to detect short circuits, you should be checking the circuit for enough resistance using a multimeter.
  3. Ensure free airflow– The mechanical mod must have proper ventilation to prevent excess heat and pressure buildup around the battery.
  4. Fire-lockSome mechanical mods come with a safety feature called fire-lock, which prevents the mod from accidentally turning on.

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10 Best Mech Mods February, 2019


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