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27 Actors Who Had Absolutely Zero Chemistry With Their Co-Stars

27 Actors Who Had Absolutely Zero Chemistry With Their Co-Stars

It’s no surprise that people tend to get quite invested when watching a movie. Even though deep down they understand that the stories and the people portrayed on the screen are fictitious, sometimes the acting is just so good, they forget all about it.

However, there are times when something feels off; when the story is not believable, the setting is somehow wrong, or there is simply no chemistry between the actors whatsoever. The latter is what members of the ‘Pop Culture Chat’ community recently discussed when the user ‘Joanna_Valdes’ asked them about the romantic leads in movies that had zero chemistry. People covered all sorts of pairings in their answers, so scroll down to find them on the list below, and see if you have sat through at least one of the listed movies.


Thor had more chemistry with Capt Marvel in their few seconds of interaction than this.

Image credits: michellejoy18


Anne Hathaway and Adrian Grenier as Andy and Nate in The Devil Wears Prada Yessss all of their interactions in this movie are like you'd speak to an annoying brother or house-mate

Image credits: SitUbuSit_GoodDog


Dan Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright together were so awkward, and it didn’t help that the screenwriters gave them such weird interactions (the “open up, you” and the shoelace-tying scenes give me so much secondhand embarrassment).

Image credits: stopthenrewind


I mean, the answer here has to be Cara Delevigne and Dane Dehaan in “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, right?

I legitimately thought they were related. For about 30-40 minutes before realizing that wasn’t the case and then becoming aggressively bored by it and shutting it off.

Image credits: zestfullybe


Ok, hear me out - Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Audrey obviously respects Fred and sees him as a mentor and that comes through in the film and Fred obviously sees Audrey as a sweet young girl but that’s the problem - they were badly matched as he was too old for her and looked too old for her and they had no romantic chemistry whatsoever. I actually really dislike this film because I do not believe whatsoever that they love each other. 

Image credits: Tsarinya


I thought Henry Cavill and Amy Adams were devoid of chemistry in Man of Steel - they seemed so awkward together.

Image credits: likeellewoods


Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending. I unapologetically love that movie but their chemistry is just soooo bad.

*I love dogs!!*.

Image credits: gible_bites


Jamie Dornan felt like the material was beneath him, he was practically fully clothed in his love scenes with Dakota while she fully nude, the sex scenes were completely vanilla and mechanical, and the author kept interfering with the production. There was no way they were going to have a good production.

Image credits: StrangerDays-7


Emily VanCamp and Chris Evans as Sharon and Steve in Captain America: Civil War. Sibling vibes

Image credits: Joanna_Valdes


I’m surprised nobody mentioned Emma Watson and Dan Stevens yet. Has the live-action Beauty and the Beast faded from public consciousness that quickly?

Image credits: Froggy-Shorts1209


I love love love the Fast saga but you can never convince me that Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel want to have sex with each other. Ever.

Image credits: noodlemonster68


The new Mr and Mrs Smith. I was trying to explain to my husband why I didn’t like it and I realized it was the pairing. They’re both good actors, but I think they aren’t good actors together. But I mean, the chemistry obviously was out of control in the original. I’m sure it’s hard to find that again. 

Image credits: MeNicolesta


 Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist. Johnny was completely miscast which ruined the movie for me.

Image credits: WorriedOcelot1187


Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in The Mexican.

Absolutely painful to watch.

I guess they are friends in real life and thought it would be fun to do a movie together...this means there was probably no chemistry read, which explains EVERYTHING.

Image credits: RickardHenryLee


The Happening. These two are supposed to be married. (Except she had Tiramisu with some other clown).

Image credits: BalletWishesBarbie


The answer is obviously Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me.

Image credits: trishyco


These 2 always gave me siblings vibe in every scene. He has better chemistry with Danai 

Image credits: KissesnPopcorn


Audrey Hepburn and any male lead who was at least 10-20+ years her senior. She was born 1929. Humphrey Bogart (1899) Fred Astaire(1899) William Holden (1918) Gary Cooper (1901) and on and on. As charming and brilliant as she is an actor, the story was completely unbelievable and you're just left with such an ick about it. I know people LOVE these movies and they were really well received, but they are just so unwatchable to me !


Not a movie but in grey’s anatomy izzy and george having a moment for a few episodes was so hard to watch, there was zero chemistry between the two characters. like why did they write that in? it seemed so unnecessary.


From Justin to Kelly. Like you could not convince me that either Kelly or Justin wanted to be in this movie together, but they were contactually obligated to do so. Also the rumours that Justin was hooking up with Paula Abdul did not help him be a convincing romantic lead with that extra context.

Image credits: LoonieandToonie


Jack Black and Kate Winslet in The Holiday even thought their arc is definitively better than Jude and Cameron’s. Great acting, just a lack of sexual chemistry. .


Matthew McConaughey & Jodie Foster in Contact ('97) is an all timer. Great movie but possibly the most awkward makeout in film history.

They have amazing friendship/ sibling-type chemistry IMO, but every movie Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn starred in together as lovers just made me go huh...? Who approved that!


Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon in Your Place or Mine.

Image credits: brazenrose7


Matt Damon and Hong Chau in Downsizing.

Image credits: FantomeFollower


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie or series where Emma Roberts has chemistry with her male co-star.

Image credits: bedpeace


I raise you Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent in Now You See Me. When they threw out the romantic twist at the end I was like....didn't see that coming, and not in a good way. Not a major plot point but a completely unnecessary and not believable side plot.

Image credits: Intrepid_Leopard_182


Showing my age but Denise Richards and Pierce Brosnan had absolutely no spark.



Image credits: BalletWishesBarbie


Hugh Grant/Andie McDowell in Four Weddings and a funeral.

Image credits: JoleneDollyParton


Ana de Armas and Chris Evans have so much chemistry in "Knives Out", so Idk why it didn't work out in "Ghosted".


 Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in 'Falling for Christmas'.

Image credits: BalletWishesBarbie


 josh hartnett and shannyn sossamon in *40 Days and 40 Nights.* i maintain this is one of the worst romcoms i have ever seen and the lack of chemistry between the two leads is the least concerning thing about the film. literally this movie is just about a guy being SA'd by everyone and then having to ask for forgiveness for it. the 2000s were mind boggling.

Image credits: m_zayd


Renee Rapp and Chris Briney-Mean Girls 2024.

This is more Chris’ fault then Renee. I couldn’t buy him as Aaron Samuels and his acting skills aren’t the best when you pair him next to a broadway actress and a pro singer.

Image credits: Bikinigirlout


I watched a movie with Alexa Vega(Spy kids) and Carlos Pena( Big Time Rush), and they had NO onscreen chemistry at all, which is hilarious because they are MARRIED. It was so bad.

Image credits: Mystery1001


Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anything But You.


Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas in Bladerunner

Ana has no chemistry with any of her Co casts.


It’s me, popping in for my regularly scheduled Liam Hemsworth slander. This weak a*s kiss, knowing it’s probably one of the only ones you’ll get?! Honorable mention for Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux in the last Bond movies. Just…no.

Image credits: yoshisal


The two leads in the recent West Side Story had absolutely zero chemistry. Minus chemistry, possibly.

Image credits: jonrno


Amber and Richard A Christmas Prince Trilogy.


Ashton and Reese was SO bad. 


Ana de Armas and Marilyn Monroe in Blonde.


 I love them as characters and I love the movies, but I just can’t buy them as a couple I’m sorry. They have the rain kiss but that’s about it.

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27 Actors Who Had Absolutely Zero Chemistry With Their Co-Stars