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29 People Share The Worst Movies They’ve Watched In 2023

29 People Share The Worst Movies They’ve Watched In 2023

Even though 2023 presented us with some quite high-grossing movies—the so-called “Barbenheimer” and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, for instance—not everything people watched over the past year was equally attention-worthy. Ask anyone who has sat down in front of a screen at least a few times and they will line them up for you, from the one they liked the most to the one they did the least, or maybe even found quite disappointing.

Members of the ‘Movies’ subreddit recently discussed disappointing works of cinema after the user ‘Starless Princess’ started a discussion about it. The OP shared that they tried giving The Portable Door a go (ended up regretting the decision) and decided to ask what was the worst thing fellow redditors watched in 2023. Scroll down to find their answers on the list below and see if they coincide with your list of “I’m never watching that ever again”.


Jonah Hill’s *You People*. Couldn’t even finish it.

Image credits: MISTER-Boomstick-2-u


Probably Wish. It’s like someone fed a bunch of Disney movies into an AI program.

Image credits: That-Stop2808


Black Adam. Had to turn it off. The acting and writing was awful.

Image credits: _pinnaculum


*Expendables 4* a film that exists to make *Expendables 3* feel better about itself.

Image credits: MovieMike007


Napoleon. Badly directed, badly edited, badly written, bad sex scenes, bad battles and bad history. It did have nice costumes, I will give it that.


Napoleon, not just the worst movie I've seen this year, quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in my whole life. Certainly the most disappointing.

Disregarding the litany of historical inaccuracies, the movie is just bad. It's boring and there is no context for anything that happens.

Joaquin Phoenix is too old to play Napoleon, and his acting was bad.

We got a trailer for a grand Napoleon action movie in the style of Gladiator. What we got was a boring, weird and a-historical 3 hour mess of autism Napoleon.

Image credits: Comstar


Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, just disaster


Here's the thing though. I'm a sucker for bad flicks. Especially horror flicks. And I always finish what I started no matter how much of a pain it can be to get through.

I didn't make it 25 minutes. Absolutely trash.

Image credits: kvicky7


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

Image credits: Treacleb


Quantumania. Just stripped the heart and soul out of the Ant-Man franchise while ruining one of the best relationships in the MCU.

But we get a script cobbled from the scraps of the Rick and Morty writers room.

Image credits: ithinkther41am


Out of morbid curiosity I watched the Flash. Absolute garbage.

Image credits: Helo7606


Meg 2 - I like Statham, and don't mind simpleton movies - but this one was just too dumb

65 - I don't remember much - but I gave it a 5 on IMDB. So it can't be great

Image credits: 1hate2choose4nick


Wonka, it felt all over the place and I thought the singing was awful.

Image credits: The_broke_accountant


The worst movie I saw that was released in 2023 was Spy Kids: Armageddon. I also don't know why I watched that movie either I guess I like to torture myself.

Image credits: BBennison9


Heart of Stone on Netflix is quite literally one of the most boring movies ever. From the get go it just feels generic and by the end it feels like I’ve been waterboarded with boring juice

Image credits: Larry_Version_3


God damnit I love you Charlie Day, but Fool's Paradise was the worst movie I've seen this year. Man it hurts to say.

Image credits: jettster3


The Creator.

So much special effects wasted on such bad writing. And it COULD have been great. The premise was good, quite interesting. Theexecution of the story was laughable.

Image credits: mykepagan


The new exorcist. Lazy writing, jump scares were half-assed and didn't work, editing was choppy and jarring, callbacks were forced and unnecessary. Worst of all, it was so freaking boring. Hated everything about it.

Image credits: devitosmagnumdong


That Ana de Armas/Chris Evans spy movie. Don't even remember the name. My wife was excited to watch it and even she was blown away at how bad it was Edit: Ghosted. Thank you reddit for reminding me haha


As soon as they said that the goal was to recover a list of passcodes, the IT guy in me couldn’t watch anymore. Apparently, my checking account is more secure than our most vital national secrets.

Image credits: iceman333933


Five Nights at Freddy's

Image credits: PoisonCoyote


I thought Expend4bles was utterly shite from start to finish, but there was a small saving grace with the choreographed fight / gun battle on the ship deck. I mean none of them are particularly noteworthy but at least the first couple were *fun*. You can sit back and watch your old action heroes hip firing a mini-gun. This was *dead*.

However, a couple of weeks later I saw Sumotherhood, which is a sequel to Anuvahood. I doubt these mean anything to any non-Brits on here but they're p**s-takes of British crime dramas. What an absolute disgrace of a film, an appalling pile of wank. It followed the guise of "If I am being loud, I must be hilarious". A painful watch.

Image credits: BigBeanMarketing


Lion-Girl (2023), that whole movie was like if Power Rangers had a even lower budget. I'm pretty sure that creating that movie was just an excuse to get Tori Griffith naked as much as they could (which barely helped the movie). The action scenes were bad, the special effects were bad and the story was very predictable and felt like someone took the worst manga they could find and made a script out of it.

Image credits: richard1177


‘**Good Burger 2**, hands down the worst movie I’ve watched in the last *FIVE* years.

Image credits: BigOk3155


Leave the world behind- stopped watching it 20 minutes into the film.

Knock at the cabin- I watched about 30 minutes into it I thought yea Oo has potential may get better nope accidentally left it running on in the background

Image credits: Bluebutteyfly


The Equaliser 3.

Denzel Washington spends 80% of the movie sitting in a chair drinking coffee, 15% walking around an Italian village like he’s on vacation and only 5% of action scenes that made his heart rate exceed 60 BPM.

Image credits: Aerowolf1994


Transformer: Rise of the beasts. The action wasn’t even that cool

Image credits: JoseUnderTheRedHood


The killer

Either I didn't get it, either it was just an action movie without any action.

I admit I had some expectation, David Fincher / Michael Fassbender / Tilda Swinton... Great cast and realisator. But I was bored during the movie.

Image credits: Keanar


Beau is Afraid. It's billed as an absurdist black comedy, and it is none of those things.

Image credits: Kangarou


The Ritual Killer…Hulu movies like The Boston Killer and To Catch a Killer were fun Hulu surprises… the Ritual Killer was another story….

Image credits: RedmoonsBstars


Recently I happened to watch The Portable Door attracted by the interesting cast and the promise of a light, adventurous fantasy story, but I didn't enjoy it at all and regretted giving it a try. It felt like a total waste of time.

Image credits: StarlessPrincess


I didn't see many bad movies this year, and actually, I would say I only saw one. I know Its definitly not the worst movie of the year, but as far as the worst movie I saw this year go, I'd give it to Insidious: The Red Door. I was excited to see what they'd bring to the table to end that storyline, and it was so boring, unoriginal, dull, lame, poorly written and poorly paced. No hate to Patrick Wilson, I hope his next movie he directs will be great and I love him as an actor, but this was just outright bad and honestly really dissapointing. Other than Insidious, no movie I saw a movie that was "bad", and the movies I'd rank just above it get an "it's watchable" from me

Thing of note: I didn't see Blood and Honey, Thanksgiving, The Nun 2, Expendables 4, Beau Is Afraid and other movies most people are commonly mentioning.

Image credits: CricketKieran

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29 People Share The Worst Movies They’ve Watched In 2023