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 Have you ever used a replacement sort of care product or detergent, solely to possess your skin become red and irritated? If therefore, you will have old dermatitis. This condition happens once chemicals you acquire contact with cause a reaction.
Most dermatitis reactions aren�t severe, however they'll be unpleasant till the skin sensation goes away.

Contact dermatitis symptoms depend upon the cause and the way sensitive you're to the substance.
Allergic dermatitis
Symptoms related to allergic dermatitis include:
� dry, scaly, flaky skin
� hives
� oozing blisters
� skin redness
� skin that seems darkened
� skin that burns
� extreme skin sensation
� sun sensitivity
� swelling, particularly within the eyes, face, or groin areas

Irritant dermatitis might cause slightly totally different symptoms, such as:
� blistering
� cracking skin attributable to extreme condition
� swelling
� skin that feels stiff or tight
� ulcerations
� open sores that kind crusts

There are a unit 3 varieties of contact dermatitis:
� allergic dermatitis
� irritant dermatitis
� photo-contact eczema
Photo contact eczema is a smaller amount common. It�s a reaction that may occur once the active ingredients in an exceedingly skin product area unit exposed to the sun and ends up in irritation.
Allergic dermatitis
Allergic dermatitis happens once the skin develops associate degree sensitivity once being exposed to a remote substance. This causes the body to unleash inflammatory chemicals that may create the skin feel restless and irritated.
Common causes of allergic dermatitis embody contact with:
� jewelry made up of nickel or gold
� latex gloves
� perfumes or chemicals in cosmetics and care product
� poison oak or poison English ivy
Irritant dermatitis
Irritant dermatitis is that the commonest sort of dermatitis. It happens once the skin comes up-to-date with a cyanogenic material.
Toxic substances that may cause annoyance dermatitis include:
� battery acid
� bleach
� drain cleaners
� kerosene
� detergents
� pepper spray
Irritant dermatitis may also occur once the skin comes up-to-date with less irritating materials � like soap or perhaps water � too usually. individuals whose hands area unit often exposed to water, like hairdressers, bartenders, and aid staff, usually expertise annoyance dermatitis of the hands, for instance.
most cases of dermatitis get away on their own once the substance isn't any longer up-to-date with the skin. Here area unit some tips you'll be able to strive at home:
� Avoid scratching your irritated skin. Scratching will create the irritation worse or perhaps cause a skin infection that needs antibiotics.
� Clean your skin with gentle soap and lukewarm water to get rid of any irritants.
� Stop victimization any product you think that may be inflicting the matter.
� Apply bland jelly to appease the world.
� Try victimization anti-itch treatments like lotion or adrenal cortical steroid cream.
� If required, take associate degree medicinal drug drug like antihistamine to chop down on skin sensation and to cut back your allergic response.
You can purchase this stuff at the most drugstores.
Most times, dermatitis isn�t cause for concern. However, you must get medical attention if your rash is near your eyes or mouth, covers an outsized space of your body, or doesn�t improve with home treatment. Your doctor will inflict a less assailable steroid cream if home treatments don�t soothe your skin.


Contact your doctor if your symptoms area unit severe or don�t improve with time. Your doctor can take an intensive anamnesis and examine your skin. queries they will raise you include:
� When did you initially notice your symptoms?
� What makes your symptoms higher or worse?
� Did you go hiking simply before the rash started?
� What product does one use on your skin each day?
� What chemicals does one are available contact with on a daily basis?
� Purchase product labeled �hypoallergenic� or �unscented.�
� Refrain from carrying latex gloves if you have got a latex hypersensitivity reaction. Want vinyl gloves instead.
� Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants once hiking within the geographical region.
� If you notice irritation from a replacement product, stop victimization it straightaway.

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