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How To Deal With An Arrogant Co-Worker?

As goes the popular adage, arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity. You can find the Arrogant sorts in all the places. They are not difficult to identify, they will almost always have a frown wiped across their face. If you ask them something, they will return your answer with a sarcastic comment, and they will definitely give you a hard time. While ignorance is bliss and you can afford to avoid an arrogant person anywhere, you cannot ignore an arrogant co-worker.

It is actually the most difficult to ignore an arrogant co-worker. You work together and it is only fair that you will come across each other more often than is desired. The first thing you will feel about your arrogant co-worker is that he or she maybe stealing your thunder in all the aspects of your work. Maybe you have accomplished something and you are over the moon about it, sooner than you know, you will find that particular co-worker come up and talk about something bigger that he or she has accomplished. That person will not even acknowledge your presence and make you feel insignificant and small. Truth be told, it is not an easy thing to brush off that feeling and that is when feelings of depression crop up.

So if you are being driven crazy from within by your arrogant co-worker, here is what you can do:

Oil Your Own Machine

Stop losing your sleep and speculate whether you are taking your colleague too personally
Stop losing your sleep and speculate whether you are taking your colleague too personally

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This is the most important thing that you need to recall. If someone is annoying you, if someone is driving you up the wall and you are losing your sleep over it, then the harsh truth is that the problem lies within yourself. You will find all kinds of people everywhere, and you cannot be affected enough to lose sleep over them. Know your own feelings and acknowledge them. If you dislike someone at work for their arrogance, think about it. Is it something that you wanted in yourself? Are you the insecure one here? Think about these and work on it.

Do Not Let Them Know How You Feel

First and foremost, learn to control what you feel. The moment your feelings will be reflected on your face, you will give your problematic colleague the benefit of annoying you even more. Do not let them know that you are perturbed by their behaviour. And while you are at it, try to make yourself understand why the person annoys you so much. Maybe it’s a lot about your own insecurities and the lack of achievements.

Focus Is The Key

Remain focussed on your own job, so that you have the least time to interact
Remain focussed on your own job, so that you have the least time to interact

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While it is difficult to avoid someone at work, it is not altogether impossible. If your arrogant co-worker is getting too much to deal with then you have to avoid him or her as much as possible. If you have a meeting together try keep it as brief as possible. When you’re not working with that disturbing co-worker, try to focus on your own goals. It is never unhealthy to indulge in a bit of competition and you are only human. Find something to work on and brush your skills. That will boost your own confidence and you will not find yourself fumbling in front of that arrogant co-worker.

Fake It Till You Make It

Here is the best thing. If you find your arrogant co-worker boasting beyond limits, fake an interest in it and show him or her that you are indeed amazed at what they have achieved. That will throw them off guard and they will no longer get the satisfaction of annoying you.

So, don’t worry now if you have an arrogant co-worker.

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How To Deal With An Arrogant Co-Worker?


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