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Before Using A Corset You Need To Know These Waist Training Facts

Waist training is where women wear corsets to become reduce a few inches around their waists. Many celebrities have used this method to attain the perfect hourglass figure and so do many other women. Women are now obsessed with the big breasts, big hips, and small hips fantasy.

But how many people actually know facts about waist training? I always believe that any process that seems too easy or too good to be true should be done with caution.

Here are things you need to know before jumping into waist training.

1. It can cause a heartburn. Because your organs are super restricted you can have issues of acidity.

2. It will definitely boost your self-esteem. When you wear it, you obviously seem to have a smaller waist. So this makes you feel like you have the ultimate hourglass body, making you feel sexy. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t wear a trainer for a long time.

3. Your thighs and buttocks will look bigger. Ever noticed that when people waist train, their thighs, and buttocks look bigger? This is because these are the parts that stand out and are highly accentuated.

4. They help you lose water weight not a lot of fat. It doesn’t actually get rid of fat if you want to get rid of fat you need to work out.

5. It messes up with your breathing. It restricts airflow, so eventually you can’t breath properly and you may end up feeling dizzy and even collapse.

6. Waist training may reduce uterus swelling. This is good especially after giving birth. But do not become obsessed with the idea of a small waist so much that you wear the trainer for more than three hours. It will help you get back in shape but do it for a period of time.

7. It restricts blood flow. It not only restricts blood flow but you have a higher chance of getting high blood pressure. Make sure you consult with your doctor before you begin.

8. You will urinate much more. If your waist trainer is too tight it puts pressure on your bladder and you end you end up going to the loo a lot more.

9. Your core muscles will become weak. Because the waist trainer will do the heavy lifting, they will grow weaker and weaker. Having healthy core muscles is essential for a functioning body. If you neglect them, you may face serious health problems.

Weak core muscles can cause balance issues, intestinal problems and much more. Training your core will positively affect your entire body. No waist size reduction is worth jeopardizing your health for.

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Before Using A Corset You Need To Know These Waist Training Facts


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