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27 Most Expensive Official Residences Of The World Leaders Revealed

We know that every leader in the world, be it king, queen, President, politician, or an emperor is very rich, hence all of them enjoy a luxurious life in their palatial residences. Many heads of the state residences are known to us, but many among them that are pretty valuable and expensive are still not to our knowledge. Hatched, a real estate website has done its astonishing research on the most expensive head of the state residences in terms of area and value.

You will be amazed to see how beautiful their homes are. They are full of luxuries and most of them have an extraordinary architecture. Some homes look like a Palace, whereas some of them are quite big that portray a big hotel. Check out below that which leader lives in the most expensive home in the world.

#27. Australia: The Lodge worth $13.8 Million

The Lodge is situated in the national capital, Canberra, Australia. It was constructed in the 1920s and has 40 rooms in total with an area of 193,750 square feet (4.4 acres). This is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Australia. Its construction was intended as a temporary measure, to be taken by whoever was the Prime Minister “until such time as a monumental Prime Minister’s residence is constructed, and thereafter to be used for other purposes”.

The base cost of the original Prime Minister’s cottage was £25,000 and was built in 1926-1927. After the inclusion of 2.8 hectares of grounds that needed to be landscaped, a croquet lawn, a tennis court, and the furnishing of interior decoration, the eventual cost reached to £28,319.

#26. Canada: 24 Sussex Drive worth $4.3 Million

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, commonly known as 24 Sussex has been the official residence of Canada’s Prime Minister since 1951. The construction of this modest residency took place between 1866 and1868. It was first named as Gorffwysfa by the Member of Parliment Joseph Merrill Currier who commisioned the 24 Sussex in 1866 as a wedding present for his wife-to-be. After when Currier’s wife died, it was sold in 1901 to another parliament member, William Cameron Edwards in $30,000.

The large limestone structure of 24 Sussex sets on 1.6 hectares (4.0 acres). There are total four floors including the basement, connected with elevators and many staircases, featuring 35 rooms. There has been an addition of sauna and an enclosed pool, modernization of the kitchen, and windowed sunroom at the back. According to the latest news, the renovations of the 24 Sussex could take $38 million to keep it in optimal condition.

#25. The United Kingdom: 10 Downing Street worth $6.7 million

This is the official residence and office of the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, and also serves as the headquarters for their Government. This 300 years old building contains 100 rooms, in which the third floor is designated to the private residence. The other rooms have receptions, offices and conference, dining and sitting rooms, where the government officers and other national leaders are met and entertained.

Some of the known political figures of modern history have worked and lived in Number 10, including Pitt the Younger, Robert Walpole, William Gladstone, Benjamin Disraeli, Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, and Margaret Thatcher.

#24. South Korea: Blue House worth $1.4 billion

The official residence of the president of South Korea is The Blue House, also known as Cheong Wa Dae. Also serving as the executive office, The Blue House is located in the capital city of Seoul. Built in traditional Korean architectural style with some touch of a modern look, it is actually a complex of buildings.

It covers the total land of 2.7 sq ft. The area in which it is situated is considered as very lucky and auspicious according to the traditional Korean geomancers, hence this place was chosen for this particular reason. During the construction of a new building in 1990, a stone wall was found behind the official residence of the president inscribed with the words that read: “The Most Blessed Place on Earth”.

#23. Germany: Chancellery worth $870,000

German Chancellery is the residence of the head of the Federal Government, the chancellor of Germany, currently Angela Merkel. This same residence also serves as the executive office of the Chancellor. It sits on the total area of 2,150 square feet having only two bedrooms.

This Federal Chancellery sets close to the Reichstag Parliament building. The architects of this chancellery, Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank, won an award for the spectacular architecture including the surrounding complex of buildings. This Chancellery ranks as the largest government headquarters in the world, which is eight times larger than the White House of Washington.

#22. Japan: Kantei worth £565,777,292

Kantei is a metonym for the Office of the Prime Minister of Japan and is located in Tokyo, diagonally adjacent to the National Diet Building. It is the principal workplace and residence of Japan’s PM, currently Shinzo Abe. The new residence replaced the former residence which is now known as Sōri Kōtei (Prime Minister’s National Headquarters), in April 2002.

The area covered by the new building is 46,823 sq. metres, after the addition of new five-storied residence in 2002. The new building has been designed to lower the environmental impact with the installation of rainwater storage system and solar panels.

#21. Mexico: Los Pinos worth $14.6 million

Los Pinos is the office and official residence of the President of Mexico and is located in the Central Mexico City. The first president to live here was Gen. Lázaro Cárdenas who moved into this castle in 1934. According to the President Lázaro Cárdenas, the Castle of Chapultepec (pictured) looked too ostentatious, hence he refused to use this castle as his official residence.

The Government offered him to stay in Rancho la Hormiga (The Ant Ranch), but he renamed it as “Los Pinos” which is Spanish to “The Pines”. Since then, 14 presidents along with their families have lived in Los Pinos. The palace covers the area of 108,000 square-foot.

#20. Brazil: Palácio da Alvorada worth $19.7 million

It was first named as the Presidential Palace and later as The Palácio da Alvorada, which means “Palace of Dawn”. It is located in the national capital of Brasilia and serves as the official residence of the Brazilian president. The building was built in modernist style in 1957 and 1958 and was designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

The construction of this palace began on April 3rd, 1957, and with a cost of $18.4 million completed on June 30, 1958. The building sits on the area of 7,000 square metres (75,000 sq ft). The basement of the building includes a game room, laundry, movie theatre, kitchen, medical centre, and also the building’s administration. The ground floor has rooms designated for official receptions. The second floor has total 4 suites, which is the residential part of the palace. It also has two guest rooms and other private rooms.

#19. Argentina: Quinta de Olivos worth $22.2 million

Located on the north side Buenos Aires suburb of Olivos, Quinta de Olivos is the official residence of the President of Argentina. This architectural landmark covers the area of 35-hectare (86-acre) and was constructed in the mid of 19th century. In 1936, the estate was formally inaugurated as the official Residence of the President of Argentina by Agustín P. Justo.

Since its construction, many new features have been added to the residence of the current president, Mauricio Macri. In 1969, a heliport was added; in 1972, a chapel was installed; and in 1991, President Carlos Menem installed the miniature golf course.

#18. South Africa: Mahlamba Ndlopfu worth $14.1 million

Located in Bryntirion, Pretoria, Mahlamba Ndlopfu is the official residence of the President of South Africa. Surrounded by impressive gardens, this official residence was completed in 1940 in a traditional Cape Dutch style. It was formerly known as Libertas, but its name was changed to present-day name in 1995 to Mahlamba Ndlopfu, which means “The new dawn” in the Tsonga language.

There is a beautiful and impressive entrance foyer, giant staircase, a dining room which can accommodate around 60 people for a formal gathering, and two large reception rooms. The amazing formal and informal gardens surrounding the residency includes an awesome view of the Magalies Berg to the North. In 1994, this garden was declared as the National Heritage site.

#17. Spain: Palace of Moncloa worth $143.7 million

Located in the Ciudad Universitaria ward of Madrid, The Palace of Moncloa has been the official residence of the Prime Minister of Spain since 1977. The Palace was destroyed in the Spanish Civil War during the Seige of Madrid. Later it was reconstructed in 1955 after Diego Méndez signed the project to serve as the official residence of foreign personalities and leaders. Since the Spanish transition to democracy in 1977, it has served as the PM’s official residence.

This palace has been the property of the Spanish state since 1846, whereas it dates back to 17th century. The area covered by this lavish palace is 352,000 square foot.

#16. China: Zhongnanhai worth $38.83 billion

Zhongnanhai is the official residence of the President of The People’s Republic of China, currently Xi Jinping. It also serves as the central headquarters of the central government (State Council) and Communist Party of China. Located adjacent to the Forbidden City, this complex was previously known as an Imperial garden in the Imperial City, Beijing, China.

Zhongnanhai covers an astonishing area of 37 million square feet, which is 17,000 times larger than the official residence of Angela Merkel and values 44,000 times more. Today, the complex is not open to the general public. There are two slogans surrounding the most important entrance of the complex saying “long live the great Communist Party of China” and “long live the invincible Mao Zedong Thought.”

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27 Most Expensive Official Residences Of The World Leaders Revealed


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