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16 Everyday Things That Will Soon Vanish From The Face of Earth

Have you ever thought about the things we take for granted that we use in our daily life? Technology is emerging rapidly and with the advancements of things, the old ones are getting Obsolete. Just like MP3 players, electric typewriters, the VHS tape, film cameras etc, that became outmoded in the last decade, we can expect many new things that are part of our lives today to be outmoded in the coming 10 years.

What we have today in our home might be advanced in the coming years and we will almost forget about our today’s lifestyle. What if the way we pay for our coffee changes? What if the latest game console that you have today will upgrade again with more expensive version? Let’s have a look at these things that have started to gather dust on them.

#1. Digital Signature

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Just like other technologies, the digital signature might become obsolete and some better, newer technology will take its place. One of the disadvantages of e-signature is that it might not stay readable after few years unless some established standards are used.

Also, this technology costs a little more to both the sender and the recipient as they both have to buy digital certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities.

#2. Chargers

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

We are slowly getting rid of too many wires that create a mess when gathered in one place. Wireless chargers have been introduced, and with the invention of all new electronics, their charging system has also been made wireless. This will keep us from the problems like breaking of wire, the problem in the mobile jack etc.

In future, nobody will be plugging the wires into their iPhone or Androids. Yet, wireless chargers still need to be plugged into a socket, but to charge your mobile you just need to place it on a pad and in a few minutes it will be good to go.

#3. Manual Gearbox

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Driving is an exciting experience that involves the manual control of the car by shifting gears as you speed up the accelerator. But this is now another dying breed, as we usually have automatic cars having automatic gears system.

Now it is pretty common that you don’t need to keep changing gears, all you have to do is speed up your accelerator and you’re good to go! Moreover, it is expected that around 2066 we will have more advanced, self-driving cars.

#4. Chocolate

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Should I say that apocalypse has arrived or what? Because the most wanted thing on earth is going to be obsolete soon. The rates of chocolates were hiked by 60% in 2012-2014. At least two years are required to produce the cocoa beans and this is quite some time. From the last 50 years, the demand for chocolate has outweighed the supplies and the manufacturers only expect to increase this gap in the coming years.

The problem arises from West Africa because of the dry weather where 70% of cocoa is produced. Also, some fungal diseases like Witch’s Broom and Frosty Pod Rot have wiped out cocoa production in West Africa and Latin America.

#5. Credit Cards

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Many point-of-sale locations like grocery stores, coffee shops, shopping centres etc. accept payment through smartphones instead of credit and debit cards. Android developers and Apple has introduced many payment technologies due to which lots of users have changed their payment methods.

The trend has continued to increase as many banks are offering their customers this latest service. The customers of Bank of America can withdraw their cash from ATM using the smartphone app, making physical debit cards more and more obsolete.

#6. Petrol & Diesel

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

As the new technology of electric vehicles and charging stations have emerged, we can see a drastic decrease in the use of oil (petrol). The gas-powered counterparts of electric vehicles are becoming old-fashioned and inconvenient because of the environmental and economic advantages of electric vehicles. Not only this, another achievement is the reduction of CO2 emission from gas/petrol powered vehicles.

#7. Gold

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Imagine the pain of Bappi Lahiri! The miners are not investing in the business of gold anymore because it is becoming risky day by day. Even the market watchers are wondering if investing in this precious metal would be a good idea as the prices of gold swing up and down – mostly down, and keeping in mind the recent changes in the US and around the globe in 2014. Some observers have speculated that because of the rise in digital currencies, the gold standard may not remain same in the near future.

#8. Locks and Keys

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

This is going to be another outdated mode regarding security. The metal keys have been used since the era of Pharaohs and this locking system has proved very resilient. The modern flat keys used by us today were invented in 1861 by Linus Yale Jr, which is an updated version of those used 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians.

Now there has been introduced even more strong system featuring cards or buttons on doors. Not only doors, even the key fobs of vehicles will be replaced by smartphones with a code to unlock them.

#9. SD Cards

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

SD cards have been an indispensable component of smartphones and digital cameras to store media. This is also believed to become obsolete in the coming 10 years. The reason lies in the connectivity and cloud storage which has advanced so much that connections rarely fails, and cloud storage never fills up.

The users can now take as many selfies as they want without worrying about filling up their smartphone’s memory. The need for frequent SD card swaps has been reduced because the photographers can utilize the built-in Wifi/Bluetooth in their cameras and can directly store data on the cloud or can transfer to another storage device.

#10. Passwords

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Due to the addition of biometric identification features in the newly made electronic devices, the quagmire of remembering and entering your password with the tiny keyboard of your cell phone will stay no more. These features include retina scanners, voice recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

To make the biometric system more reliable, many security companies are working on multi-factor authentication which combines biometric recognition and device use and its location.

#11. Remote Controls

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Are you among those very few people who watch television instead of online streaming? Then you must be familiar with the Remote control, which itself is now very advanced. Most remote controls are controlled by voice identified controllers and voice commands. But this was also nothing new, the latest is that our smartphones are now capable of controlling smart TVs with built-in Wifi.

There are many apps that can control a number of devices, such as your television, DVD player, Blu-Ray player etc, that all require a remote. Now all those remotes clogging up our living rooms will stay no more in the upcoming future.

#12. Robotic Surgery

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Artificial Intelligence is improving with mind-blowing results. Latest robots have been equipped with empathetic behaviour and incredible encyclopedic knowledge. This might be one reason that robots will take over the profession of law and medicine in the near future.

Even today, the surgeons are using joysticks while remain seated to perform remote surgery. Even these surgeons are expected to take over by robots in future.

#13. Cash

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

For a while, cash has been intensely under attack and has already almost vanished from our wallets, especially in the Western countries. There will be a future when only e-wallets would be working and no cash or credit cards will be left anymore. The sole units for financial exchange will only be the digital currencies.

The next emerging big thing for investing and spending is cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. Their infrastructure has been leveraged a lot than before and many users are becoming a part of this advanced thing.

#14. TV sets

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

Single purpose television sets have been replaced by many other multi-purpose screens, such as laptops and computers on which we can stream data online and watch just like we do on television screens. Many companies are following this trend and are offering new services to their customers like Verizon has invented Go90 which is a data charge-free video streaming service for your smartphone.

Another factor is that the TV stations are soon transferring to a new digital format ATSC 3.0 which our current TV sets don’t support. Hence these existing HD TV sets will vanish in the upcoming 10 years.

#15. Smartwatches

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

The traditional wristwatches have already become obsolete, and now is the turn of the most popular smartwatches. They will be gone in the next 10 years with the introduction of other wearables that are said to be really very expensive.

Many of their features will duplicate the existing ones and their battery life will also be not “so hot”. One thing has already surpassed the smartwatches, i.e. the Bluetooth-connected earbuds. This gizmo can do pretty much everything a smartphone can do like call out your runtime, record your pulse rate during exercise etc.

#16. Eye Glasses

Everyday Things That Will Soon Become Obsolete

It is not because of contact lenses that use of eyeglasses have decreased drastically, rather it is due to more affordable and less invasive Laser Eye Surgery. This technology has proved itself more effective and is still improving in its field to fight with many types of vision problems.

Still, we see many teens and elderlies wearing eyeglasses, but in the near future, most of them will have laser eye surgery done which is expected to become quite common.

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16 Everyday Things That Will Soon Vanish From The Face of Earth


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