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50 Funny Pictures Ever Taken at Airport – #LOL

When travelling through the airplane, there are so many legal procedures on the Airport which you have to undergo for sure. Some people are really confident of their luggage and weight and other documents that they will pass the process with success, whereas there are some people who are quite nervous when standing in a checking line.

Fasten your seat belt dear readers! As we are about to show you some hilarious pictures taken at airports. These pictures portray some ultimate silly and idiotic people, and I wonder why some of the signs at airports are so ridiculous! Don’t forget to wear your oxygen mask in case you are laughing too hard to breathe. Have a hilarious journey of reading this awesome post.

#1. It’s not a good idea to plank on an escalator. Do you agree???

#2. This silly lady who decided to pack herself and fly.

#3. This is not your bed dude! We wonder what happened to his face!

#4. Everything is not to tell the World. Let’s keep it a secret!

#5. Even parking fails happens at airports too. That is disastrous!

#6. James Van Der Beek seems quite used to getting checked at airports.

#7. Treating his girlfriend like a pillow! Let her wake-up buddy and then…

#8. We doubt what this naughty Santa is looking for???

#9. We have learned to just accommodating yourself wherever you find a place.

#10. At least let Kate Beckinsale go. She is not a terrorist we all believe!

#11. These customs dogs are really well-trained to take out all the contraband!

#12. If you ever see a lady doing aerobics at the airport, call mental asylum!

#13. So the police doubt that Jennifer Hudson has hidden contraband in her hair!

#14. A custom ride made by these cute silly students on the long walkway of the airport.

#15. Beware of this epic surfer, she is warning you for the ferocious waves of Hawaii on the airport.

#16. Seems like Jennifer Love Hewitt has forgotten where she packed her curling iron.

#17. We wonder why this group of little people is pulling this huge aircraft? No fuel???

#18. Anybody else wants a ride??? Only 10 bucks for each ride!

#19. JetBlue sleep pods will provide you with a noiseless sound sleep, but don’t forget to take your flight on time.

#20. Another awesome idea about “how to sleep at an airport”.

#21. Pick the odd one out! This guy needed at least a row of three seats.

#22. Is this the captain of your next flight? He looks adorable though!

#23. Is there any flight taking turkeys only?

#24. Penguins and sushi! What is going on at the airport???

#25. That mistake of luggage exchange! We warn you not to use others stuff or you will look like this!

#26. The invisibility cloaks! Just for security reasons.

#27. Just trying to sleep and filter some noise on the airport.

#28. And the security police found NUN!

#29. I wonder to what extent these security policemen have to go???

#30. Don’t forget to pick up your child when you pass the security check.

#31. Even this metal man is now confused at the security check.

#32. When treating your kids as an extra baggage!

#33. Was too late to catch the flight. No time to put on clothes!

#34. A knight is coming!

#35. What if there are only a son and a father? 2 brothers? or 2 sisters? Or a mother-daughter???

#36. Perfectly crashed!

#37. Be like kids who manage to sleep anywhere whenever wanted.

#38. Whose legs are those? Perfectly matched with the guy.

#39. A busy mom doesn’t even know where has she put her baby!

#40. A kid reunion!

#41. Wrongly paced neck pillow!

#42. Just carry me dad!

#43. A perfect tutorial on how to lay straight on airport chairs!

#44. A man feels like his home wherever he is!

#45. She must have destroyed many hearts!

#46. This signboard needs a rocket science to understand.

#47. He might have explosives in her boots? What do you say?

#48. We didn’t know that! Thanks for the information!

#49. So where are they all heading to???

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50 Funny Pictures Ever Taken at Airport – #LOL


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