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40 Most Heart-Warming Photos You Have Ever Seen

Life is too short and we never know when it is going to end. We keep ourselves indulged in things which are important for us only and keep planning for our future. Still, we never are contented with what we have and we keep demanding for more. But the truth is, those who live for others are the most satisfied and happiest people on earth.

We have a collection of such kind and generous people, in which some of them dedicated their lives to others, and some spent only a moment to be of any help to the ones in need. These moments are really going to touch your heart and your eyes might want to shed some tears because of overwhelming emotions. Take a look!

#1. Tired surgeon and his assistant

After 23-hour successful heart transplant surgery, the doctor and his assistant are taking rest.

#2. A thirsty Koala

After a bushfire struck in Victoria, Australia in 2009, a firefighter is giving water to the thirsty koala.

#3. An embracing couple

A factory was collapsed in Bangladesh and under its wreckage, an embracing couple was found. This is really heart-breaking!

#4. A faithful dog

During a landslide in Rio De Janiero, Leao’s owner died so he sat near his owner’s grave for two consecutive days.

#5. Family reunion

Terri Gurrola served for 7 years in Iraq and this was the moment when she was finally reunited with her daughter.

#6. Kindness in Afghanistan

An Afghan is offering tea to a thirsty soldier

#7. Rescuing kittens

An inhabitant of Cuttack city, India is saving little kittens in the floods of 2011.

#8. World Trade Centre

On 9/11, a man is jumping from the World Trade Centre.

#9. Soldier playing piano

An abandoned piano is played by a soldier in Chechnya during the first Chechen War in 1994.

#10. When he found his pet alive

In 2012, a tornado hit Alamaba in which this man’s house was destroyed. In the wreckage of that house, he found his dog alive and is embracing him with love.

#11. Flower presented by an Anti-war activist

In the protest of Vietnam War, a March was held in 1967 at the Pentagon where an Anti-war activist Jane Rose Kasmir is holding a flower above a guard’s bayonet.

#12. Funeral of a superheroes’ fan

This is a Funeral of a 5-year-old kid in which pallbearers are paying their tribute to him in form of superheroes. The kid was a big fan of them who was an inspiration for him to stay strong. He fought courageously with brain cancer and even after 30 sittings of aggressive radiation treatment, he couldn’t make it and died in 2014.

#13. A veteran reviving his memories

This tank was once driven by this veteran, who is now revisiting it to revive his memories. The tank is now displayed as a memorial of WorldWar II.

#14. Final goodbye by a police dog

A 33-year-old officer, Jason Ellis, was killed in an ambush fire. Figo, a police dog is saying a final goodbye to his partner Jason.

#15. A handsome tip

A waiter received a tip from parents whose son was no more. The parents left a note on the receipt saying “In memory of our son Joel, He brightened everyone’s day—may this brighten yours.”

#16. Saving the life of a beloved wife

Larry Swilling, a 77-year-old man is asking for a kidney to save his wife, Jimmy Sue. She was born with one kidney and after she had a child that kidney was insufficient for her life. After Larry’s quest with this sandwich board went viral, a kidney donor for Jimmy sue came forward and saved her life.

#17. Miss Hap’s help

A Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor is feeding an orphaned kitten named “Miss Hap” when her mother was killed between battles in Korea 1952.

#18. Helping a competitor

During a 3200-meter race, an athlete Arden McMath fell down towards the finish line and Meghan Vogel stopped to help her.

#19. A dog comforted by his owner

The owner of the 19-year-old dog named Schoep is making him comfortable in the waters of Lake Superior. Schoep is suffering from arthritis and needed help to have a sound sleep.

#20. A survivor found a family photo

An earthquake measuring 8.0 in 2008 killed almost 70000 people. This is a survivor from that earthquake who found a family Photo from the wreckage of his home. The grief on his face is really heart-breaking!

#21. A window-cleaner as Superman

In Sao Paolo, Brazil, a window-cleaner dressed as Superman at a hospital is waving and connecting his hand through a glass to a 2-year-old Joao Berto.

#22. An anxious driver

An anxious driver sitting at the side of the road accidentally hit and killed a child.

#23. An affectionate father-son relationship

This is from a three-part series of pictures that represents the affectionate relationship between a father and a son. Even their dog was an important part of their family.

#24. Missing the late wife

The husband is looking at the same bench where he sat with his late wife. The picture is taken so creatively.

#25. A kid hugs his service dog

This service dog named Juno was rejected as a service animal’s candidate. A former law enforcement officer trained this dog himself for his child Lucas Hembree suffering from Sanfilippo syndrome. This is an adorable picture that shows an affection by Lucas to his service dog.

#26. A missionary with a starving boy

#27. An alcoholic father is being grabbed by his son.

#28. A child trying to hold his father

On October 1st, 1940, Claude P. Dettloff took this picture in which a child is trying to hold his daddy’s hand in New Westminster.

#29. The Tank Man

An unknown rebel is showing an act of defiance by standing in front of a column of Chinese tanks following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.

#30. An adorable love

A Canadian girl Alex Thomas was knocked to the ground by a riot shield of a police officer, hence her Australian boyfriend Scott Jones kissed her to make her comfortable.

#31. A rescued baby girl

In Japanese Tsunami, this baby girl in pink was missing for 4 days and eventually was rescued miraculously by soldiers from the rubble.

#32. John F. Kennedy’s funeral

John F. Kennedy’s son John F. Keneddy Jr. is saluting his father’s coffin.

#33. A lost son in 9/11

Robert Peraza lost his son in 9/11’s mishap of World Trade Centre. He pauses at his son’s name during the tenth-anniversary memorial ceremonies.

#34. Same pose years apart

Sisters posed three separate times for the same photo but years apart.

#35. Meeting of distant relatives

A South Korean man weeps as his North Korean relative is leaving and waving him since they were separated from each other along with other 436 South Koreans and 97 North Koreans since the 1950-53 war. South Koreans were allowed to spend only three days in North Korea.

#36. Reunion with daughter

The Soviet Union released a German prisoner of World War II. The prisoner is reunited with his daughter who had not seen her father since she was only a year old.

#37. Funeral of Helen Fisher’s cousin

Helen Fisher is showing grief and kissing on the hearse of her 20-year-old cousin named Private Douglas Halliday, whose body was brought to England along with six other fallen soldiers through the town of Wootton Bassett.

#38. Mother comforting her son

On April 2011, a tornado hit Concord, Alabama which destroyed this man’s house. Now his mother is hugging and comforting him in front of his own house.

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40 Most Heart-Warming Photos You Have Ever Seen


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