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Addiction Of Drugs And Alcohol: Effects On Brain

Addiction Of Drugs And Alcohol: Nowadays, due to the Increasing Bad Lifestyle, it has become common for people to become addicted to drugs. Drugs have such an effect on the head that a person feels imaginary happiness and freedom. That’s why people cannot change this habit even if they do not want to. The ill-effects of drug addiction affect a person’s mental and physical health, and their socio-economic and personal life gets badly affected. Most of the people who are addicted to drugs know that it is hazardous for their health and life, but they cannot give it up even if they want to. Drugs negatively affect the brain so much that the person’s self-confidence and willpower are weakened.

Addiction Of Drugs And Alcohol

According to experts, there are two types of medicine. One is used to treat diseases, and the other is used for intoxication. A toxicity medicine is a drug that causes changes in the brain’s neurons. The drug affects the brain so that the person feels imaginary happiness and freedom. Once a person reaches this state, he wants to be in this position again and again. For this, he uses drugs. It is what is called addiction. Due to intoxicants, the body and mind are affected in such a way that the person is not able to control himself. Alcohol is the most widely consumed drug in the world. In addition, many people consume ganja, charas, cannabis, cocaine, MD, hashish, brown sugar, and tobacco products.

Effects of drugs on the brain

Addiction Of Drugs And Alcohol: The effects of drugs on the brain are almost the same. Its consumption changes the ability of the brain to function. There is a circuit in our brain called the reward pathway. When the brain is excited, it releases a chemical called dopamine, making a person feel happy and relaxed. When this process goes on for a long time, the person experiences this feeling only in a state of intoxication. In such a situation, he becomes addicted to these intoxicants. Even after abstaining from the drug, its effect remains in the brain for many years.

Cause of being addicted

  • Family and social environment
  • Economic conditions
  • The breakup of family or relationship
  • Mental stress
  • Family history of drug abuse

Signs of addiction.

  • Losing yourself or preferring to be alone
  • Change in personality
  • Messed up the routine
  • A wrong habit such as stealing or dishonesty
  • Abusing people without any reason or getting agitated even in ordinary matters
  • To behave violently

How to get rid of addiction of drugs and alcohol?

Many people give up the habit of drugs of their strong will. But those who are unable to do this should take the help of a psychiatrist to get out of it. For this, the help of a psychotherapist or psychological therapy is used. They try to find out the factors that make a person addicted to drugs. Medicines are used on that basis. In addition, self-help groups help in getting rid of addiction. There are many organizations from which advice and help can be taken. When a person’s addiction becomes severe, he should be treated at a drug de-addiction center. Hoping for a quick solution from this. See also, Side Effects Of Antibiotics: Need To Know More

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Addiction Of Drugs And Alcohol: Effects On Brain


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