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World Hearing Day: Know To Protect Your Ears

World Hearing Day: The Ear is an integral part of the body that transmits sound to the brain. It not only helps in hearing but also plays an essential role in maintaining the balance of the body. But most people ignore this thing. People do not take care of their ears as much as they should. Not only this, many people ignore the ear problem in the beginning as it is normal. See also: Teeth facts for Child and Adults

According to statistics, 23 to 25 percent of the people in India are suffering from some ear disease. In this, problems like ear pain, slow hearing, feeling any pressure, swelling, and constant ear flow are prominent. Ear bleeding is a severe problem. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it on time. The most worrying thing is that ear problems are increasing rapidly among the youth. That’s why the theme of World Hearing Day 2022 was To hear for life, Listen with care.

World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day 2022

Safe listening is the best way to avoid hearing loss. The discharge of a colorless fluid like water or blood from the ear is colloquially called ear discharge. In medical language, it is called otorrhoea. Ear problems can be acute or chronic. When this problem lasts for one to 6 weeks, it is called acute otorrhoea. If it lasts more than six weeks, it is called chronic otorrhoea. Ear problems are more common in children than adults. If not treated on time, this problem ends up hearing. To keep the eardrums safe, distance should also be made from loud sounds.

What is the reason for this?

Ear infections are more common in swimming people. It is called swimmer’s ears. In this infection, there is a white watery discharge from the ear and itching. Ear runny can also occur due to viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Cases of this infection are seen more in winter. Because the decrease in temperature favors the proliferation of these micro-organisms, apart from this, head injury, malnutrition in children, intermittent fever, throat infection, allergy problem, chickenpox, hole or scratch in the eardrum, the ear also starts bleeding.

In some cases, the cause of ear discharge is a disease called cholesteatoma. The main symptom of infection in the eardrum is some leakage. Apart from this, the following symptoms may also appear, a sign of infection:

  • Pain in the ear
  • Fever Dizziness
  • Sound in-ear hearing impairment
  • Itching in the ear

Ways to keep ears healthy: World Hearing Day

  • Clean the ear carefully
  • Do not put any sharp object in the ear
  • Ear wax present in the ear cleans the ear itself
  • Contact a doctor if it accumulates in large quantities and affects hearing
  • Take throat and nose infections seriously to avoid ear infections
  • Even in the rain, sometimes due to moisture, the infection gets caused. So try to keep the ears dry in such weather
  • Clean and dry the ears thoroughly immediately after bathing

How to stop ear discharge?

  • Be sure to breastfeed the newborn. Breast milk contains antibodies that protect babies’ ears from infection
  • Babies should not be fed milk lying down. Due to this, milk can reach the middle ear and cause infection
  • Avoid noise Pollution. Cover your ears adequately in places with excessive noise
  • Use earplugs while swimming. Also, clean the ears thoroughly after swimming

A low sound is necessary to protect the ears.

If you listen to the song and music at a low volume, there will be no problem. If the sound of fewer than 60 decibels falls on the ears for a long time, then they do not have any problem. Keep in mind that even in a low voice, do not listen to songs and music or any sound for a long time. In such a situation, take a break of 5 to 10 minutes every hour.

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World Hearing Day: Know To Protect Your Ears


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