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Top 10 Hollywood Horror movies on 2017

In the Hollywood always released the best Horror Movies every year, most of the film based on series. In 2017 also released the many horror movies, best 10 horror killer movies really threating the Movie fans.

1. Annabelle: Creation


Annabelle is the best horror movies in the year of 2017, a farmer and his wife come to live the California form house with 6 orphaned girls. In the year earlier, their 7 years old daughter Annabelle died the car accident. Her sole come back with the small doll and treating the girls with an audience in the entire movies.

2. It


In the city of Derry, Maine children vanished mystery, one day the Bill playing with his Younger Brother Georgie. They are playing with the toy boat in the rainwater. It goes down the drain, Georgie followed the boat and see the scary clown in the drain and he disappears. After that, the story moves to Bill find out who killed his younger brother Georgie.

3. It comes Night


A mysterious virus destroyed the entire world, very few people only survive this destruction. one family seeking refuge in one home, after that it has many mysterious incidents happen in the home. The story moves how the family survive the home.

4. Jigsaw


Jigsaw is the SAW-based film, a mystery man killed many people with curl. An investigation team suspects one man he is the JIG SAW, but the reports say the man died ten years before. The story moves to how the investigation team will catch the Jig Saw.

5. Rings


Julia and his boyfriend watch the video, it kills the viewer within 7 days. Julia tries to protect his boyfriend, and watch again and find out the hidden message to solve the solutions. Finally, the film moves to how Julia try to survive the mystery killers.

6. Alien: Covenant


A team traveling the spaceship, they are landing one space there is many Aliens breeding and killed everyone. It will enter into the spaceship also, finally the movie moves to who will survive from the aliens.

7. The Evil Within


A mentally handicapped boy watches the antique mirror, after that he will kill who all are loves him. Finally, the movie moves to how the boy survives from the mystery. Most of the scenes within the home and night time.

8. Jeepers creepers 3


A mystery man kills many people for no reasons, one couple finds out this and stop to kills with the sheriff helps. Most of the scenes very horrible and threating to the audience, this film background music also treating the viewers.

9. Death House


In the secret prison, three prisoners committed to the biological test, they are escaped and killed to everyone. Two angst save the people from annoying killed. It’s very horrible most of the scene cast with RED.

10. Leatherface


A man wears in the Leatherface made with human skins, and his family kills the people cruelly for cannibalism. In the story series of Texas Chainsaw started in 1974. Most of this film scenes threating the audience.

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Top 10 Hollywood Horror movies on 2017


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