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Meet The Australian Woman Who Won ‘The Best Job’ In The World

Do you fancy getting paid to stay in some of the world’s best holiday houses? This Australian woman won the best job in the world.

That was the reality for 28-year-old former Ballina High School student Sorelle Amore who stayed in magnificent homes in 12 countries — and was paid $US30,000 ($39,400) to do it.

Ms Amore beat 50,000 other people from around the world who applied to work for the upmarket travel club ThirdHome from August to October this year.

More than 17,000 applicants also submitted videos, with the next phase of the competition being writing blogs and showcasing their marketing skills.

Finally, contestants submitted another video and tried to get votes from their followers.

“Honestly, my tactic for getting votes was just everyday pushing it on my social channels,” Ms Amore said.

“I also went to magazines, online news outlets [and] radio stations. I was getting anyone and everyone to listen and vote.

“No one else in the finalists was pushing as hard as I was, and my persistence paid off.”

A piggy that swims in the ocean . For sure one of the best things in the world. Apparently initially the pigs were dropped off on the island by sailors who were meant to return and cook them. The sailors never returned and the pigs survived, now making them a major tourist attraction in The Bahamas. Or the other story is that it was always a scheme to attract tourist. Either way…these pigs are seriously living it up. Baking away in the sun (), and swimming in the perfect aqua warm waters of this tropical paradise. Heaven. A major bucket list item for me which clearly brought me a tone of joy. Has this made it onto your bucket list too? . . . #Bahamas #BestJobOnThePlanet

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My usual thought as I think back to my 3 month global trip with @3rdhome… “Was that actually real or was that all just a dream?” The lines between reality and dream are seriously blurred in this situation. . . #Indonesia #Bali #BestJobOnThePlanet #WorldOfAmore #AmoreCollective

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Living in luxury

The adventure was 13 weeks in total, beginning in a huge, mystical castle in Scotland and finishing in Sydney.

Ms Amore spent around six days in each of the 12 homes and explored the surrounding areas, videoing and photographing the houses and the region.

“While travelling to the next destination, I would be editing the videos, the photos, and writing articles,” Ms Amore said.

She said she actually liked the time spent in between, in airports, as it gave her time to explore the next destination and work on her past social media posts.

Zoom in on my knee. I have Donald Duck bandaids because I had a mini crash on my scooter in Bali. I was zipping out of a driveway and didn’t see the speed bump . At least I’m injured in style and I can still smile about it. That’s a real talent I have – clumsiness. Seriously. I’m glorious. What’s the clumsiest or most embarrassing thing you’ve done? . . #TravelReality #Bali #WorldOfSorelle

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Her favourite places were a giant 12-bedroom mansion in Costa Rica with eight staff, including a personal butler.

The house was surrounded by jungle complete with sloths, monkeys and toucans.

Ms Amore said she felt like royalty in China, where she stayed very close to the Great Wall and had magnificent mountain views.

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But it was the water in the Bahamas that Ms Amore said she loved most.

“The aqua colour of this water is something I have never seen before. So much beauty,” she posted.

“And outside of my home once, I saw a turtle swimming by. It was ridiculously cute.

“I also loved swimming with sharks and feeding iguanas.”

How often do you take the time to listen to the silence? Silence inspired me to listen to my heart and to write down my crazy goal of getting paid to travel to 12 countries around the world in 2017…and then a few months later a job popped up that was called ‘The Best Job On The Planet’ with @3rdhome. We all know how that story ends. Is that crazy or crazy? . . Forever a fan of writing down my goals from now on. . . #Iceland

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Life as an ‘influencer’

Ms Amore said in her role as a social media ‘influencer’, she makes money mainly from brands she promotes.

“The ‘serious’ clients will take a video from me which is much more expensive than a post on Instagram since it’s much more time-intensive,” she said.

“Others choose promotion through my Instagram.”

I’m super intrigued how everyone found and followed me. Here are some options – my friend Melina, Iceland content, Best Job On The Planet content, shaving my head content, Wim Hof content, my olden pin up business days, randomly came across my profile and liked my pictures or something else? Let me know guys! Soooo intrigued . . . #Iceland

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Ms Amore said she believes in taking a long-term strategy to her work, with results paying off in the long run rather than immediately.

“It’s a constant game of getting clients while still creating my own content, so I don’t fall behind on my content,” she said.

She said ThirdHome were happy with her work and loved how ‘real’ she was.

“I can’t be anything else. I am who I am,” Ms Amore said.

Heaven exists. I’ve been there. #Bahamas #BestJobOnThePlanet #TravelMore #StayWorldly #luxurytravel ( @sherbetbirdie_photography)

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“I have tried to conform and be like others on social media, tone down my weirdness and enthusiasm, but I just can’t.

“I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not [and] I believe it makes me relatable, so that apparently was on my side also.”

This was seconds after I saw a little turtle swim right past our villa. Popping his head through the water that is so bright blue and turquoise it almost seems fake. @sherbetbirdie_photography #BestJobOnThePlanet #ThirdHome #StayWorldly

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Advice for the envious

Before you go putting luxury house swapping on the top of your travel list or signing your own home onto a house swap website, Ms Amore said you should consider the true cost.

While it may seem like the trip of a lifetime, with no strings attached, she said a lot was expected of her during the 13 weeks of travel.

“The photographs were being released on my Instagram pretty well in real time as images are much easier to edit than photos,” she said.

Her videos, posted on her YouTube channel, were about two weeks behind as it took a while to get all the edited footage together.

Her work was then shared across the ThirdHome social channels.

But it was not all work for Ms Amore who did get a break halfway through her adventure to spend a week with her boyfriend, another north coast NSW local, in Morocco.

This is what my dreams are made of. Swimming with sharks was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done. The sharks felt like soft sandpaper. I’ve never felt anything like it. They swam over and under me and I loved every second. Further dreams that came true on my tour yesterday was swimming with PIGS, hanging on the beach with iguanas, snorkeling in the most beautiful cave where they filmed a snippet of the James Bond movie, snorkeling over Pablo Escobar’s sunken drug smuggle plane and so much more. Bahamas really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. To top it off, the people I spent the day with were the absolute greatest. @sherbetbirdie_photography @meganolivi @joejitsu Edna & Kolvin. THANK YOU! All travel is thanks to @3rdhome! #BestJobOnThePlanet #StayWorldly #Bahamas #LIFE!

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The very last video ever for the Best Job On The Planet is now live. It’s a wrap up of the whole time I was on the road so if you want a summary of everything that occurred over the last 4 months, that’s the video for you! Link in bio. —————————————————- Here’s a life update on things I’ve been up to since this whole crazy adventure finished. Honestly it’s been amazing that life gave me a break. For the first time in my life I can take a breather and know that I’m ok. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family (not even close), so having money behind me now is a massive comfort blanket. I’m able to concentrate on me and what I want to do. It’s an opportunity to really discover myself. —————————————————- I’ve started an acting class, also unrelated to that, I accidentally landed an ad casting (basically walked in to a casting studio randomly and got the job ). . . I’ve been getting really fit. Lots of pole dancing, lots of yoga. Lots of eating well. Lots of laughing with friends. . . I completed a freediving course and training up to hopefully complete the advanced freediving course before I’m off in January back to Iceland. Completely hooked on this sport. . . I’ve been approached by INSANE companies for work which blows my mind. So I’m prepping for that. . . Soon most of my attention will be on YouTube. I feel most free when I’m creating videos and have some wicked videos planned for you guys. I’m excited to full steam ahead with my YouTube career. . . I think it’s only wise I create a full video series on how to nail the life of a travel influencer. I landed this life and so can you. Travel influencers are in full demand right now and I have all the insights into how it works! (Let me know if videos on this topic would be of interest to you!) . . All in all, just as in this picture, I’m filled with gratitude, relief and hope. Not bad for a girl that was heavily depressed just 5 months ago —————————————————- #Travel #TravelInfluencer #Bali #girlsborntotravel

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The end of Earth. If you’ve been to Iceland, describe it in one sentence. If you haven’t been, describe your desire to go in one sentence. (Dangerous exercise – this is for SURE going to make me homesick ) #Iceland

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| Vulnerability | It’s defined as uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. A moment where the walls come down and you ask for support. A moment that brings humans together. A moment to be cherished as it’s human connection at its finest. Vulnerability to some is seen as a weakness, but how far from the truth that is. It takes the greatest courage to present yourself to the world without any masks to hide behind. It’s something I’m learning myself. A girl that used to hide behind multiple walls, appeared as courageous but was actually the loneliest. It’s interesting that as soon as I opened up, I received more love than I ever thought possible.

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All I wanted was to live a life where I could be me, and be okay with that. I had no need for material possessions. I just had an undying curiosity. All I wanted was the chance to be the creator of my own world, my own reality. I wanted the unknown to become my best friend. I wanted the new memories to be the reason I smile when I’m down. I wanted to discover for myself that the world is my home and the people in it, my friendly neighbors. I wanted the open road and new beginnings every day. And that’s exactly what I got.

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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it #Croatia #BestJobOnThePlanet #StayWorldly #ExploreMore

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Say it isn’t so The time has come to depart the beautiful @villapuntodevista in Costa Rica. What an incredibly 7 days spent here. The 5 story villa, even though enjoyed by myself, never felt empty thanks to the incredible staff that made it feel like home. Freshly made breakfasts every morning, the relaxation in the jacuzzi on the top floor of the villa, the swims in the infinity pool surrounded by sloths, monkeys, toucans and the iguana that pooped on my head. All cherished memories. The beautiful country of Costa Rica constantly amazed me. The people are some of the kindest in the world, the nature some of the most breathtaking. This isn’t the last time for me in Costa Rica. See you again soon. But for now…my next destination. Can you guess where I’m heading? Thank you @villapuntodevista & @3rdhome for having me in this space. Forever grateful. #BestJobOnThePlanet #CostaRica #StayWorldly

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I feel I need to introduce myself. My name is tanned Sorelle. Most of you don’t know me. Actually, I don’t even know this version of Sorelle. She’s never existed before. In her spare time, tanned Sorelle loves to hang out with iguanas on the beach and swim with piggies and sharks in the Bahamas, drive golf carts around the resort in the Dominican Republic and hang out with sloths, monkeys and parrots in COSTA RICA where she just arrived! Oh my gosh guys. I woke up in jungle paradise in the biggest villa I’ll be staying in this whole trip. 10 bedrooms, 5 story, house lift, infinity pools (yes, multiple pools). Brace yourselves for the photos and videos. It will be spectacular. #BestJobOnThePlanet #costarica #ThirdHOME #StayWorldly @3rdhome @sherbetbirdie_photography

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They told me it would be paradise. And paradise it is. #ThirdHome #StayWorldly #BestJobOnThePlanet #TravelMore

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The more often we see the things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds – even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. Keep your eyes open. Keep your curious nature. Keep your love of life alive. #gypsysoul #iceland #liveoutdoors

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I tried extreme cold therapy and intense breathing exercises for 7 days – Wim Hof style…and I made a video about it (link in bio) – my progress, thoughts, how the method works etc. This photo is from last years series. I wonder what next winter will bring when I’m immune to the cold thanks to the Wim Hof method. The possibilities are endless. #Iceland #WimHof #IcemanChallenge #gypsysoul

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