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5 Habits That Will Instantly turn Off Your Negative Thinking

We act how we think and feel. When we remove the negative thought, with it goes the drama and pain.” – Anon.

Negative thoughts have absolutely no value or purpose in our life. It just makes our life complicated, hard and unhappy. Life isn’t a battle to fight, it’s a celebration to rejoice. Our whole life starts to spin right as soon as we eradicate our Negative Thoughts from us. Think how beautiful our life would be living our dreams and relishing each and every moment. Here we Power Humans have brought you 5 techniques of turning off negative thoughts that will definitely change your life.


When life has so much to live, why worry about purposeless things? Toxic thoughts don’t define your character and they also can’t determine your destiny. We, humans, are powerful enough to determine our thoughts that design our life. Unfortunately, we are influenced to be pessimistic about the world. The world has great more things to rejoice and love.

Buddha says “Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.”

Just notice the word unguarded, this single word defines our whole life. When your thoughts are unguarded your whole life turns upside down.  The process of reconstructing your thoughts is called as cognitive reframing.  It is said as a core part of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT). This is one of the most effective psychological treatments. To reconstruct your thoughts for a better living you can just read this article. We have summed up all the key facts to get rid of the negative thoughts. At the end of this article, you will walk as powerful humans – empowered!

Observe Your Thoughts


Just relax, be honest towards yourself and observe the thoughts that cross your mind. Take your own time, tracking your thoughts like looking at a bird that flutters on a rooftop. Psychologists and psychiatrists recognize these negative thoughts to be a result of irrational thought pattern or cognitive distortions. You don’t need a psychotherapy or medication to eradicate the negative thoughts – just observe it and watch it fade away after recognizing it.



Life is simple overthinking makes it complicated and unhappy. To solve a problem look for a solution rather than dwelling deep into the problem. For example, “I have this problem, which I can solve if I just keep thinking about it”. You can’t get a solution unless you engage your frontal lobe of the brain to solve the issue. Overthinking is pointless and can never bring a conclusion.

If you have this question, “How Do I reframe these thoughts?”

We are suggesting you an action course:

Writing is scientifically proved to a tool to eradicate stress and negative thoughts. Create two columns one as thought and other as a solution. When a pessimistic thought appears again write down a solution for it. At the end of the day, week, the month just try to notice how the thought appeared and how you have mastered the art of overcoming these hard things.

Take Out The Evidence

Another way of reconstructing your thoughts is to find out the things that are pulling you down. For example, if you have this grievance, “I never had enough money”, just look deep into the problem and find out what leads you to that problem. Assess the evidence to come up with a solution. Once again you can analyze the problem and your expenses- needed one and an extravagant one.

This will make you realize your real status of what makes you feel pessimistic about money. Notice your expenses apart from your basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. What’s your next action? Just prepare a new budget and plan what you have to do to earn more or spend less.



Mindfulness a gift to humans! Practice mindfulness which is a universal stress buster or a universal peace promoter. Christopher Berglund, the Triple Ironman triathlon and scientist breaks out the ways of practising mindfulness. Stop. Breathe. Think about your thinking. Anyone can use this simple mindfulness technique throughout the day to stay calm, focused, optimistic and kind.”

Reconstructing Thoughts


It’s worth repeating the fact that negative thoughts are fleeting and temporary; without any real power of their own, It’s important to understand these concepts to let them pass away. To can recite this maxim,  “This is a negative thought. I’ll observe but not engage, as it will quickly flee.”

By understanding the purposeless character of negative thoughts, now try to distract yourself towards meaningful things. Occupy your mind with something you love so that it leaves no space for negative thoughts.

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5 Habits That Will Instantly turn Off Your Negative Thinking


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