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Top 75 Songs of 2017

Whatever else 2017 held for us, it certainly held some great music. Latin tracks reigned at the top of the global charts, while pop heavyweights Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift shared the charts with newcomers like Dua Lipa and Julia Michaels. It was also a huge year for hip-hop and R&B, with major releases from Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and DJ Khaled (‘another one!’)

Join us as we look back on the biggest songs to storm the charts in 2017 – from ‘Despacito’ to ‘Symphony’; ‘Havana’ to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. Don’t forget to follow out Top Songs of 2017 playlist, but be aware, as seems to be mandatory in modern pop songs, there’s tons of swearing!

Despacito – Luis Fonzi ft. Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber

Our favourite lyric: ‘When you kiss me in that state of distress / I see that you are malice and delicacy’ (how poetic!)

Whether you liked it or not, you probably heard this song around 100000 times this year. Blasting from the radio and from open windows everywhere, it was the second biggest hit of 2017. The music video is also the most viewed video of all time; reaching an audience of over 4.5 billion.

More Than You Know – Axwell and Ingrosso

Our favourite lyric: ‘You should know that baby you’re the best / More than you know, yeah, more than you know’

A hit from Swedish duo Axwell and Ingrosso, this bombastic declaration of love is irresistably catchy. With a pounding beat and a soaring chorus, it’s made for singing at the top of your lungs.

There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes

Our favourite lyric: ‘Oh, I’ve been shaking / I love it when you go crazy / You take all my inhibitions’

A song that celebrates reckless behaviour, Mendes’ vocals sound raspy as he pummels through its energetic chorus. An almost aggressive declaration of love, the track reached the Top 10 in both the US and the UK.

It Ain’t Me – Kygo and Selena Gomez

Our favourite lyric: ‘Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning? / It ain’t me’

Combining dance-pop, electropop and tropical house, ‘It Ain’t Me’ is both sombre and resolute. Mirroring the song’s multi-layered composition, the video has generated multiple interpretations.

I’m the One – DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne

Our favourite lyric: ‘She don’t got no bed frame, she don’t got no tables / We just watchin’ Netflix, she ain’t got no cable, okay though’

DJ Khaled’s first no. 1 hit, ‘I’m The One’ is also the first hip hop song to reach the spot since Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne join Khaled to (perhaps contradictorily) boast their no. 1 status.

Issues – Julia Michaels

Our favourite lyric: ‘But you’re perfect / A poorly wired circuit’

The song to launch this songwriter to stardom, ‘Issues’ was nominated for the Grammy Awards’ ‘Song of the Year’. Built around plucked harp strings, the simplistic sound mirrors the lyrics’ raw honesty.

Human – Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Our favourite lyric: ‘Cause I’m no prophet or Messiah / You should go looking somewhere higher’

If few people had heard of Rag ‘n’ Bone Man before ‘Human’, everybody had heard of him in the wake of this hit single. Complete with pounding drums and gritty vocals, ‘Human’ is a fervent claim to shared humanity – a concept reinforced by the video, in which various people mouth the words.

Attention – Charlie Puth

Our favourite lyric: ‘I know that dress is karma, perfume – regret’

With muted guitar, a throbbing bass-line, and Puth’s breathy, insistent vocals, this song overflows with coolness. It sauntered into the Top 10 worldwide. We’re still mystified about why someone is throwing a turtle on Charlie’s name.

Havana – Camila Cabello

Our favourite lyric: ‘I knew him forever in a minute / That summer night in June’

Endlessly atmospheric, this song became an unexpected global hit. Built on pounding keys and an undeniable beat, Cabello’s vocals move between sultry and urgent.

Los Ageless – St Vincent

Our favourite lyric: ‘I try to write you a love song, but it comes out a lament’

Just as surreal as the music video, this song combines dance-rock, new wave and electropop to deliciously weird effect. It’s irresistibly edgy.

Mi Gente – J Balvin, Willy William, Beyoncé

Our favourite lyric: ‘My music doesn’t discriminate against anyone’

This was a big year for Latin music, with the Reggaeton ‘Mi Gente’ becoming the second non-English single to enter the Top 10. The other is, of course, ‘Despacito’ – although ‘Mi Gente’ surpassed it in the Hot Latin Songs chart when Beyoncé featured in the remix.

Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith

Our favourite lyric: ‘Cause every time you hurt me, the less that I cry / And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry’

Mournful as ever, Sam Smith returned to the charts with this lament about a doomed relationship. His voice quivers and soars over the gentle piano accompaniment.

Hard Times – Paramore

Our favourite lyric: ‘Tell my friends I’m coming down / We’ll kick it when I hit the ground’

Nobody expected Paramore’s new sound to incorporate 80’s new wave, but ‘Hard Times’ does exactly that. Sonically funky and lyrically gloomy, it’s heartfelt; fun; and a little irreverent.

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Our favourite lyric: ‘We push and pull like a magnet do / Although my heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body’

Officially the biggest song of the year, ‘Shape Of You’ held the no. 1 spot for 14 weeks on the UK Singles Chart. Infused with dancehall elements as well as tropical house, the song was crowned the most streamed track (ever) on Spotify.

Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Levato

Our favourite lyric: ‘Cause the grass is greener under me / Bright as technicolour, I can tell that you can see’

Post-breakup Demi stormed the charts with this unashamedly vengeful tune. Her vocals soar in the self-assured, eminently catchy chorus.

Boys – Charli XCX

Our favourite lyric: ‘In every city I’ve got one with different ringtones / Flyin’ from L.A. all the way to Puerto Rico’

The perfect example of airy electro-pop, ‘Boys’ doesn’t shy away from its bubblegum status. Far from it: it makes an aesthetic of it, with a ken doll on the cover art and a primarily pink music video. The video features famous faces like Joe Jonas, Charlie Puth, Brendon Urie (of Panic at the Disco), and Ty Dolla $ign.

You’re In Love With A Psycho – Kasabian

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘Jibber jabber at the bargain booze / And reciting Charles Bukowski, I got nothing to lose’

This jaunty tale of being trapped in a tempestuous relationship is told in typically boisterous fashion by Tom, Serge and the boys. 14 years and 6 studio albums after their debut, Kasabian remain a force in the charts.

Touch – Little Mix

Our favourite lyric: ‘And now my whole week, my whole week is golden’

Upbeat to the point of sounding giddy, ‘Touch’ is a pounding, fast-paced pop song infused with dance and tropical house. Undeniably catchy, it reigned at no. 4 for a total of 3 weeks.

Slide – Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean, Migos

Our favourite lyric: ‘Do you slide on all your nights like this? / Do you try on all your nights like this?’

The lead single from the DJ’s fifth album, ‘Slide’ is an easy mixture of nu-disco, hip hop, and dance. Both the cover art and the video feature palm trees; transporting you to a world in which Ocean’s languid vocals feel at home.

Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man.

Our favourite lyric: ‘I’m a rebel just for kicks now / Let me kick it like it’s 1986, now’

Taking the no. 1 spot on the US Alternative Songs charts, the band say that ‘Feel It Still’ is inspired by American history. Built around a subdued, effortlessly cool bass riff, the song beat Muse’s ‘Madness’ to become the longest-running no. 1 on the Alternative charts.

I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

Our favourite lyric: ‘You’ve been scared of love and what it did to you / You don’t have to run, I know what you’ve been through’

The Weeknd’s vocals float along in this breezy disco pop track. Reminiscent to many of Michael Jackson, the song treads the line between modern and nostalgic.

That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

Our favourite lyric: ‘Silk sheets and diamonds all white / Lucky for you that’s what I like’

Nominated for the coveted Grammy’s ‘Song of the Year’, ‘That’s What I Like’ also received nominations for ‘Best R&B Song’ and ‘Best R&B Performance’. Spending an incredible 24 weeks in the Billboard Top 5, its accompanying video has been watched more than a billion times.

HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

Our favourite lyric: ‘Parmesan where my accountant lives’

Another nominee for the 60th Grammy Awards, ‘Humble’ was nominated for ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Best Rap Performance’, ‘Best Rap Song’ and ‘Best Music Video’. Touching upon complex themes like God, religion, and even body positivity, the song’s composition is intentionally jarring.

Sexual – Neiked

Our favourite lyric: ‘you are / Everything that I dreamed of, now we can paint our picture’

Certified Platinum in the UK and Gold in Australia, ‘Sexual’ is the first hit for Swedish producer, NEIKED. Dyo, meanwhile, showcases her impressive vocal range in the featured spot.

Love – Lana Del Rey

Our favourite lyric: ‘I get all dressed up / To go nowhere in particular’

‘Love’, released in February, was the lead single from Lana Del Rey’s fifth studio album ‘Lust for Life’. Her distinctive vocals glide over a thudding bassline; the vintage sound reinforced by a grainy music video.

Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled ft Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Our favourite lyric: ‘Diamonds ain’t nothing when I’m shinin’ with ya’

In June 2017, DJ Khaled teamed up with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller to produce this club anthem. Sampling ‘Maria Maria’ by Carlos Santana, the hip hop/pop fusion carried them all the way up to number one.

Stay – Zedd ft. Alessia Cara

Our favourite lyric: ‘Hope the winds of change will change your mind’

This incredible collaboration emerged in February, peaking at no. 7 in the Billboard charts. Combining Alessia Cara’s youthful, versatile voice and producer Zedd’s electronic beats, the two designed a hit ideal for the dance floor.

Sky is a Neighbourhood – Foo Fighters

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘Mind is a battlefield / All hope is gone / Trouble to the right and left / Whose side you’re on?’

This contemplation upon the potential for life amongst the stars and humanity’s teetering position in the sheer vastness of the universe, which also addresses the partisan nature of modern political debate, stands out like a supernova in a galaxy of red dwarfs.

Rockstar – Post Malone ft. 21 Savage

Our favourite lyric: ‘They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (pow, pow, pow)’

American rapper Post Malone and 21 Savage rocketed into the charts with ‘Rockstar’, entering at no. 5 and reaching no. 1 within 3 weeks. The psychedelic hit served as a springboard for Post Malone’s album release the next year.

Dimelo – Rak-Su

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘She got me in deep like a scuba / I’m telling she hotter than Cuba’

Rak Su stormed this year’s X Factor with their cheeky fusion of pop, grime and latin beats – all self-penned. The group’s habit of writing voracious earworms should, for better or worse, make them a persistent presence in the charts until their inevitable implosion to “pursue other projects”. Despite being unable to compete with the Ed Sheeran juggernaut, Dimelo peaked at a creditable number 2 in the charts.

Want You Back – Haim

Our favourite lyric: ‘We were on one endless road / But I had a wandering heart’

Sister group Haim hit us with a new party anthem in May. ‘Want You Back’ is about admitting defeat and (unsurprisingly) wanting someone back. A striking video portrays the three sisters walking down an empty road, culminating in a synchronised dance routine.

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Our favourite lyric: ‘Take up my message from the veins / Speaking my lesson from the brain’

Imagine Dragons smashed the charts back in 2012/13 with singles ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Demons’ from breakout album ‘Night Visions’. This year they came back with another corker, ‘Evolve’, and ‘Believer’ was its lead single.

Slow Hands – Niall Horan

Our favourite lyric: ‘We should take this back to my place’ / That’s what she said right to my face’

Breaking away into a solo career, Niall Horan blasted his way into the charts with this loved-up tune. His acoustic vibe was well received by the public and critics alike.

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles

Our favourite lyric: ‘You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky / You look pretty good down here / But you ain’t really good’

Like his ex-band mates, Harry Styles (literally) flew into the charts with his debut single ‘Sign of the Times’. In the picturesque music video, Harry soars over the ocean, hills and the beautiful shores of Scotland’s Isle of Skye – all while singing the heartfelt lyrics of his first solo ballad.

Play That Song – Train

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘DJ please don’t let me down / When you gonna play that song, now / When you gonna earn that pay / When you gonna play that song and make my day’

A song about that yearning you get when all you want in the world is for the DJ or band to play your Favourite song. If the tune sounds familiar, it should; it’s from “Heart and Soul”, the melody Tom Hanks plays on that giant toy piano in ‘Big’.

Green Light – Lorde

Our favourite lyric: ‘All those rumors, they have big teeth’

Lead single from her second album, ‘Melodrama’, Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ debuted an exciting electric sound we hadn’t heard before. The comeback single set her up nicely for the release of her album in June, which has performed equally well.

Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

Our favourite lyric: ‘I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me / I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams’

After hiding from the spotlight for over a year, Taylor Swift came back with a powerful new single and an equally sassy video. ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ calls out Taylor’s enemies; essentially blaming them for the death of her former self. Her new-found strength seems to have been beneficial to her career, however, with this single reaching no. 1 in 22 countries.

What About Us? – P!nk

Our favourite lyric: ‘We are problems that want to be solved / We are children that need to be loved’

Reaching the Top 10 in 24 countries, P!nk’s politically-charged ‘What About Us’ was well-received globally. Showcasing her powerful vocals, the club ballad was chosen as the lead single for October’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’.

Scared To Be Lonely – Dua Lipa & Martin Garrix

Our favourite lyric: ‘Is it just our bodies? / Are we both losing our minds? / Is the only reason you’re holding me tonight / ‘Cause we’re scared to be lonely?’

Recorded by DJ Martin Garrix and pop newcomer Dua Lipa, this dark club anthem sinks deep into the mind of a troubled couple. Its heavy beat and echoing vocals make it ideal for the dance-floor.

Something Just Like This – Coldplay & The Chainsmokers

Our favourite lyric: ‘She said, where’d you wanna go? / How much you wanna risk?’

Combining two major forces in the pop world, Coldplay and The Chainsmokers dropped this upbeat, devotional club hit in late February. Coldplay’s sentimental lyrics complement The Chainsmokers’ bass-thumping beats, making a colourful anthem we were singing for months afterwards.

Symphony – Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson

Our favourite lyric: ‘Life was stringing me along / Then you came and you cut me loose’

Featuring Clean Bandit’s signature classical-pop sound, Zara Larsson delivered a stunning vocal on this powerful pop ballad. For such a young artist (aged only 19 at the time) she earned her place at no. 1 in the UK and in her home country of Sweden. She’s on a roll, with a total of 7 Top 20 singles since 2015.

Cola – CamelPhat

Sinister, unsettling and utterly essential. Camelphat’s Cola was a sleeper track upon it’s initial release in June, eventually gaining traction with clubbers to reach number one on Billboard’s Dance Club charts in November. Cola’s troubling lyrics (we couldn’t pick a “favourite”) and disconcerting, oppressive beats make for a perplexingly addictive listen. The song has been recognised with a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording.

Wall Of Glass – Liam Gallagher

Our favourite lyric: ‘You were sold a one direction / I believe the resurrection’s on / And you were wrong’

Liam Gallagher made a serious comeback into the pop and rock world with his solo album ‘As You Were’, released in October this year, debuting lead-single ‘Wall Of Glass’ at major public events in the lead-up. The corresponding video features Gallagher looking at his reflection whilst it sings back at him, along with some dizzying camera flips, rotations, and mind-bending mirrored effects.

Swish Swish – Katy Perry ft Nicki Minaj

Our favourite lyric: ‘And karma’s not a liar / She keeps receipts’

In May, Katy Perry released EDM hit ‘Swish Swish’ with Nicki Minaj in the featured spot. A self-assured song about triumphing over bullies and overcoming hateful comments, the song was commercially well-received – breaking into the UK Singles Top 20.

Paris – The Chainsmokers

Our favourite lyric: ‘You look so proud / Standing there with a frown and a cigarette / Posting pictures of yourself on the Internet’

This DJ duo sky-rocketed onto the world stage with their 2014 single #Selfie. Since then, they’ve had a string of huge hits – ‘Paris’ included. Entering the Top 20 in all major charts, the track features The Chainsmokers’ trademark sound; featuring chilled-out keyboard loops for the verse and DJ mixes for the chorus.

New Rules – Dua Lipa

Our favourite lyric: ‘Wrote it down and read it out / Hopin’ it would save me’

2017 was certainly a good year for Dua Lipa, who claimed 4 massive singles to her name. This particular song was the biggest track from the singer’s debut album, with lyrics ruling out a return to a love turned toxic. The detailed video features the same sequence repeated 3 times over; learning the new rules, sticking to them, and sharing them with someone else.

Dusk Till Dawn – Zayn ft Sia

Our favourite lyric: ‘I wanna see the sunrise and your sins’

Zayn Malik, known for being a member of One Direction, began working on his first solo album in 2015. Hot off the heels of this massive success, Zayn returned in September ’17 with a blockbuster collaboration with much-loved vocalist Sia. And if this single is anything to go by, his falsetto vocals are only getting better.

Holy Mountain – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘Get out of the doldrums baby now’

The second entry from a Gallagher brother is a musical departure from Noel’s usual style. Triumphantly hollering “get out of the doldrums!” it appears that experimentation is suiting Noel. He’s even gone as far as including a scissor player on follow up single “She Taught Me How To Fly”. We still haven’t given up on an Oasis reunion, but when both Gallaghers continue to put out great music, we can’t complain.

Man’s Not Hot – Big Shaq

Our favourite lyric: ‘Two plus two is four / Minus one that’s three, quick maths’

In spite of his girlfriend’s requests, Big Shaq doesn’t want to take off his jacket. The comedian took his refusal straight to the bank, with ‘Man’s Not Hot’ peaking at no. 5 in the UK charts. The accompanying video has been watched over 100 million times on Youtube.

Unforgettable – French Montana ft Swae Lee

Our favourite lyric: ‘I want your mind and your body / Don’t mind nobody / So as long you don’t never hurt nobody / Baby girl work your body’

French Montana’s hit ‘Unforgettable’ is a reflective song about his triumphant journey from a checkered past. Teamed with aspiring young rapper Swae Lee, the track was a huge success for the Moroccan-American rapper.

Swalla – Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj

Our favourite lyric: ‘He know I’m a fashion killa, word to John Galliano / He copping that Valentino, ain’t no telling me ‘no”

Jason Derulo returned to our radios with this provocative pop/dance song. Featuring Nicki Minaj, the track peaked at no. 6 in the UK; 18 in the US.

Up All Night – Beck

Our favourite lyric: ‘I hear my voice ringing / The summertime’s singing’

The third single from his acclaimed 10th album, ‘Up All Night’ peaked at no. 1 on the US Alternative Songs chart. The epic video features a girl storming her way through a house party, clad in shining armour. Oh, and a sheep.

It’s been nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ at the 2018 Grammy’s.

You Don’t Know Me – Jax Jones ft RAYE

Our favourite lyric: ‘Please step back, it’s my style you’re crampin’

Sampling ‘Body Language’ (M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade) and featuring youthful vocalist RAYE, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ reached no. 3 in the UK charts. The strut-worthy tune will be played in nightclubs years to come.

Pretty Girl – Maggie Lindemann

Our favourite lyric: ‘I’m more than just a number / I’m a hater, I’m a lover’

Originally released in 2016, ‘Pretty Girl’ was a hit for then 18-year-old. It was later re-released as a remix by Cheat Codes x CADE, peaking at no. 8 in the UK charts. Maggie’s youthful vocals combine perfectly with the self-assured lyrics and thumping bass, making it an unexpected party hit.

Strip That Down – Liam Payne

Our favourite lyric: ‘Yeah, you opened up my heart / And then you threw away the key’

Also developing his solo career is ex-Directioner, Liam Payne. Following the very public release of his relationship with Cheryl, he dropped this pop and RnB infused track. The official music video features Payne dancing in front of various brightly coloured backgrounds, reminding us of Drake’s 2015 ‘Hotline Bling’ video.

Big For Your Boots – Stormzy

Our favourite lyric: ‘I never left my Nine to Five for this Wasteman ting’

Stormzy took the charts by storm in February with ‘Big For Your Boots’. With almost choir-like vocals echoing in the background, the London rapper spits powerful lyrics with just the right level of confidence and, dare we say it…sass.

River – Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran

Our favourite lyric: ‘Why do I do this dirt that I do? / Get on my soapbox and preach, my sermon and speech / Detergent and bleach is burnin’ the wound’

Eminem seems more introspective with his latest album ‘Revival’; a mood that ‘River’ is in keeping with. Far from bragging about being a woman’s ‘other man’, the rapper grapples with feelings of shame and regret.

Lights Out – Royal Blood

Our favourite lyric: ‘You’re a void, a crack in the mirror’

Following their breakthrough album in 2013, Royal Blood returned in 2017 by giving the public exactly what they wanted – another jaw-dropping record. The lead single from ‘How Did We Get So Dark’, ‘Lights Out’ displays the band’s guitar riffs at their finest, while the nightmarish video sees people swimming out of the walls.

Mama – Jonas Blue ft. William Singe

Our favourite lyric: ‘They say we’re wasted / But how can we waste it if we’re loving every day? / Okay, I got the keys to the universe’

This homage to fast living hit no. 4 on the UK Singles Chart and no. 1 on the Dutch Top 40. A breezy tropical house track made of throbbing bass, synth, and finger-snaps, it couldn’t sound more Ibiza.

Chained to the Rhthym – Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley

Our favourite lyric: ‘Are we crazy? / Living our lives through a lens / Trapped in our white picket fence, like ornaments’

The song to define Katy Perry’s comeback, ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ also marks the beginning of her ‘purposeful pop’ era. A fusion of pop and dancehall, Perry broods about societal stasis over the top of thumping bass and bursts of synth.

Feels – Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean

Our favourite lyric: ‘I cut off all my exes for your x and o’s’

‘Feels’ (or ‘Fish’, as it was known to some) became one of the biggest songs of the summer. Fusing ska and disco-funk, the bop brings together powerhouses Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, and Big Sean.

September Song – JP Cooper

Our favourite lyric: ‘Sometimes I think that I see your / Face in the strangest of places / Down on the underground station / Passing by’

Peaking at no. 7 on the UK Single’s Chart, ‘September Song’ is the breakout track for singer/songwriter JP Cooper. Reminiscing on a juvenile love affair, his gritty vocals take flight in the chorus.

Did You See – J Hus

Our favourite lyric: ‘They never seen such a skinny man in a big puffer jacket / That’s unfamiliar, I came looking like a bodybuilder’

J Hus – a grime artist in his prime – reached no. 9 in the UK charts with ‘Did You See’. His since-released debut album ‘Common Sense’ peaked at no. 3 on the iTunes Charts.

Call On Me – Starley (Ryan Riback Remix)

Our favourite lyric: ‘Well, if this is fate / Then we’ll find a way to cheat’

Beginning with finger snaps, vocals, and not much else, this initially sparse track soon morphs into a full-blown clubbing anthem. Singing about a ‘low point’ in her life and coming through the other side with a smile, Starley’s voice adds some serious vibrancy to the song. The piano-driven hit graced the Top 10 for 6 weeks.

Solo Dance – Martin Jensen

Our favourite lyric: ‘I came the party on my own / Don’t need nobody in my song’

With over 350 million streams on Spotify and 400,000 copies of the record sold, Martin Jensen had his breakthrough this year. The popular DJ originally released this song in 2016 but it shot up the charts early this year.

On My Mind – Disciples

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘And we can talk about it, wake me up if I’m dreaming / Are we lost or is this love that I’m feeling?’

This mellow dance track by British producers Disciples was a hit across Europe, providing the soundtrack to sun-drenched summer holidays in the Med.

Ciao Adios – Anne-Marie

Our favourite lyric: ‘If you’re giving all of your money and time / I’m not gonna sit here wasting mine on you, yeah, you’

Anne-Marie released ‘Ciao Adios’ as the second single from her upcoming 2018 album. The colourful tune’s video sees the vocalist singing and dancing with friends in the city of Marrakech, Morocco.

The track made it to no. 9 in the UK Official Charts.

Strongest – Ina Wrolsden

Our favourite lyric:’I will be the strongest that he ever knew / And we’ll leave you alone’

One of the writers behind Clean Bandit’s ‘Rockabye’, Ina Wrolsden enters the charts with a song of her own about single motherhood. Amidst a buoyant chorus, Wrolsden expresses resilience and distress in equal measure.

The Cure – Lady Gaga

Our favourite lyric: ‘If I can’t find the cure / I’ll, I’ll fix you with my love’

Returning to her breakout synth-pop sound, Lady Gaga rocked our world with The Cure – released in April 2017. With lyrics about healing with love, Gaga rapidly made her way into the Top 20.

Your Song – Rita Ora

Our favourite lyric: ‘No risk so I think I’m all in / When I kiss your lips / feel my heartbeat thump’

Rita Ora’s comeback hit ‘Your Song’ was written by Ed Sheeran, and features backing vocals from the popstar. The official video features Rito Ora travelling back in time to return to her lover.

Woman – Kesha

Our favourite lyric: ‘Don’t buy me a drink / I make my money / Don’t touch my weave /don’t call me honey’

The first promotional single from Kesha’s album ‘Rainbow’, ‘Woman’ is a fist-pumping female-empowerment anthem. The singer captures the sound of fun, happiness and confidence in this blockbuster of a song.

Malibu – Miley Cyrus

Our favourite lyric: ‘Cause now I’m as free / as birds catchin’ the wind’

This song marked the transition from eccentric Miley to mellow Miley. Singing about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, she captures the feeling of being ‘free like a bird’ whilst visiting the beach in Malibu.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Our Favourite Lyric: ‘I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets / To carry love, to carry children of our own’

Rounding out Ed’s year of chart domination is Perfect, a song that’s destined to replace Thinking Out Loud as the go-to first dance song for newlyweds. Boosted by the release of not one, but two, remixes, featuring Beyoncé and Andrea Boccelli, respectively, it’s no wonder this song gave Ed his first Christmas number one.

Bodak Yellow – Cardi B

Our favourite lyric: ‘These expensive, these is red bottoms / These is bloody shoes’

Trap tune from newcomer Cardi B, ‘Bodak Yellow’ incorporates a minimal beat and perfectly-timed lyrics to create the track’s infectious sound. Reaching the Top 40 in the UK and topping the US Hot Billboard charts, the rapper holds no bars as she flaunts her hard-earned success.

I Know You – Craig David ft. Bastille

Our favourite lyric: ‘We’re all stumbling through the night / But it’s paradise in our minds’

Rejuvenated UK Garage veteran Craig David teams up with Bastille in this uplifting tune. Craig David and Bastille frontman Dan Smith’s vocal blend perfectly, making this unlikely collaborating a success.

So wraps up our list of the Top 75 Songs to set the charts alight in 2017. Did we include your favourites?

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