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Tuesday Update on Love Oh Love!


EPISODE 194 – 196

At Avni’s residence, there is visible tension between Vikram and Bhavna and everyone are tensed when Vikram asks about Bhavna’s family. 

Finally Suket tells him that she is an orphan and hence doesn’t have anyone. Vikram gets tensed hearing this. 

Seeing this, Avni changes the topic and asks Raj ‘s father Vikram how does he like the food. he says that he loves it.
 But immediately coughs, when he knows that Bhavna made it. Suket asks if he has acidity, and should take an antacid. Vikram says that this burn is not due to acidity and that now he feels that he shouldn’t touch this food. All are tensed. He asks Anjali to come along, and she composes everyone by saying that they should get going as lots of arrangements need to be made. Vikram comes outside and takes his earthen pot, while all other exchange blessings and best wishes, while Bhavna and Vikram tensedly eye each other. He too exchanges greetings with Avni’s family, and he then leaves Bhavna’s house along with his family and does not even have the food that has been cooked by Bhavna. The Khandelwal’s go inside, while Bhavna is extremely tensed.
Meanwhile in her room, Arpita is arranging stuff, when Akshat who remembers their arguement earlier comes to her and apologises for his behaviour, and what happened earlier. She doesn’t relent. He says that he is apologising and asks what more does he want. 
Things further complicate between Akshat and Arpita as she takes a vase and breaks it, saying that not all broken things can’t be mended, and by his actions, behaviour and deeds, he has hurt her heart and that can’t be mended. She turns around to go, when he stops her by holding her hand. He asks what does she want to do, and how much can she stretch this. She remembers their marriage, and she finally removes her ‘mangalsutra’ while he stands shocked and she puts it in his hands, who is shocked while she is teary eyes and emotional. She begins to leave, when he stops her. She turns around and he asks if she will divorce him. She is tensed and speechless. But then says that she wont, adding that she loves this family, and she can’t go anywhere leaving them, as these relations matter to her, but their relation doesn’t have anything in it, and that she consider their marriage as one, as their marriage is pious, with no place, for lies, betrayal and doubt, which has happened in their marriage. She says that she can’t wear the mangalsutra for a fake relation, and wants him to keep it, so that he is reminded that a relation that could have been heaven turns into hell under what circumstances. She leaves, while he stands stunned.
On the road, Vikram chants shlokas and performs the puma and places the pot in the water and watches it flow away. He is still tensed, and teary eyed at the emotional turmoil. He turns around to find him confronting Bhavna with her earthen pot. She too does the puja and watches her pot float away, teary eyed herself. He starts taunting her that she refuses to let go of him. She says that she too lost along with him that day. He asks her not to get sentimental, as that won’t affect him, as whataver happened that day, is entirely due to her. He adds that god is playing a cruel joke that the person he hates the most, is standing in front of him, as his son’s mother in-law. He says that little do these people know what she is actually, and threatens her to expose her in front of everyone. Bhavna begs him to not bring her past in front of everybody, and stop this marriage as her daughter shouldn’t bear the brunt of what she did. She requests him to not let the problems related to their past come in the way of Raj and Avni’s love. Vikram is tensed and frustrated. He leaves, while she is tensed.

Avni’s residence, Raj takes the ladder and is about to climb up, when Avni finds him at the bottom of the ladder. They start romanticising. Just then, they see Bhavna entering her house completely worried, who goes to the temple, and then asks what evil did she do, that she has to continue with all this, and that problems don’t seem to end for her. Just then, Avni and Raj come there and try to find out about the reason for her worry but don’t really get the right answer. Raj finally manages to cheer Bhavna up. She laughs for their sake, but is tensed, thinking that god should keep these kids happy like this always.

Celebrations are on in full swing at Avni’s house, when Vikram along with others arrive at Avni’s place for the ‘mehandi and exchange greetings. Again an awkward moment between Bhavna and Vikram ensues, who intentionally almost mentions her as Sangeeta but then mentions that sangeet is on and that she shouldn’t be tired already, nor be angry for the joke that he pulled on them yesterday. All go inside. Bhavna takes Vikram aside, and asks if she should understand that he has accepted her request. He says that she should understand that he kicks all of her requests, but feels like he should expose her rightaway, but doesn’t want to do that, for Raj and Avni’s sake. He leaves angrily, while she is tensed.

All decide on the mehendi design, while Avni asks her mother to prepare the mehendi for her. She complies. Vikram comes and asks her where’s her husband is as he wants to talk to him and at that time Vikram puts a red liquid in the bowl of ‘mehandi’ that Bhavana is holding. Bhavna gets Suket to Vikram. Vikram praises Bhavna, saying Anjali is enjoying, while Bhawna is doing all the preparations. Suket smiles. Vikram says that Bhawna is an orphan and this hurt him. He says that god always punishes those bad people. Vikram tells Suket that Bhavna and he have some connection. Suket is baffled, while she is scared wondering what Vikram is about to spill. She signals him not to. Vikram points out that he too doesn’t have parents. Suket asks how. Vikram asks Bhavna if she knows. Suket is baffled how would she know. Vikram says that it was a heart wrenching tragedy, and some other day he would tell him. Buaji asks Bhavna if the mehendi is ready or not. Bhavna comes with the vessel. Buaji shockingly points out, that her hands are red. As her hands are trembling, Bhavna is shocked to sees her red hands along with the mehendi that she prepared. Avni and Raj are tensed too. The vessel falls down. All are shocked, while Vikram remembers how he mixed alta in the mehendi, when she had gone to get Suket for talking to Vikram. Vikram taunts that it feels her hands are smeared with blood. She is extremely tensed. She rushes inside, while Vikram is satisfied.

While Bhavna is washing the colour off her hands vehemently, Vikram arrives there and taunts her that this colour maybe wiped off, but what of the blood that stained her hands long back, referring to her as Sangeeta. He pledges to take his revenge but is quiet just because of the two innocent kids who are getting married. Just then, Arpita comes in asking the coconut to be tied, to avoid evil eyes, and also informs them about a ritual that they have to together conduct and that is compulsory for the girl’s mother and the groom’s father to do this together. She leaves. But Vikram immediately refuses to be a part of any ritual that has Bhavna involved in it. Bhavna tries to make him understand, and Vikram says that it’s a ritual, but he wont do anything with her, and he would prefer dying first. Anjali is surprised seeing Vikram behaving this way, she comes there asking them to perform the ritual. Vikram refuses to perform one of the rituals with Bhavna and leaves angrily. Anjali expresses her confusion at Vikram’s latest strange and weird behaviour and is determined to find out the reason. She leaves. Bhavna is tensed wondering what if Vikram tells her. Anjali tries to convince him to do the rituals and asks Vikram why he is not performing this ritual, and behaving so weird, when rituals matter so much to him. Vikram sees Bhavna coming behind her, and thinks that sangeeta sent her, and then angrily tells Anjali that he won’t do this ritual and any evil can befall if it’s has to. They are all tensed and surprised at his rudeness, as he leaves hastily. Vikram says that long back, he asked a Mannat in the temple, but it became a bane for him, hence he won’t be able to do it. They are tensed.

Meanwhile, Avni starts gloating about her mehendi in front of Arpita, while she reminisces that her mehendi had not gone dark, indicating that her love wouldn’t be able to sustain and true that it didn’t. Avni finds Arpita tensed, and asks what’s the matter. She leaves saying that she has some work. Avni is thirsty and finds a glass of water, but in her bid to take it from the opposite sides of her hands, her palms being mehendi stained, she falls, and is caught by Raj. She thanks him for always being there whenever she is in any trouble. He amusingly offers to help, but then drinks the water much to her displeasure. She is about to leave angrily when Raj goes to get cold drink for her, to satiate her thirst. She is overwhelmed as he makes her drink. But then he gets an idea and then gives her a ring so that her mobile rings. When Avni asks him to get the phone, it inadvertently leads to them getting closer, while a romantic eyelock follows. Later, all the family members are giving the ‘naek’ to the new couple. Raj’s brother then pulls on Raj’s trap, telling Avni that it was Raj’s call. When Raj amusingly tells Avni why he did so, Avni reprimands him lovingly.

Later, Buaji starts commenting as to how Vikram’s rude behaviour wasn’t required. Anjali is baffled, while Bhavna asks to let the matter go. Avni and Raj come, and ask about his father. Anjali lies that she sent him out for some work. The ritual to exchange gifts starts. Bhavna thinks that they would have to find another way to finish this ritual. The gift ceremony starts, and Arpita does not agree to Akshat’s request to give the gift together. Avni’s friend gives Raj a gift that’s a book, called What wives want, and when Raj claims that he knows everything that Avni wants, he is forced to think, when a

Avni’s friend tells Raj that he didn’t properly propose to Avni, something that every girl wants. Raj thinks that he actually didn’t do anything like that. Arpita too gives them the gift. Anjali says that one person’s gift is still waiting, a really special person. Meanwhile, Raj’s brother is negotiating with someone over the phone, when the same unidentified person walks in, whose presence cheers him up. They hug, and tell Anjali that the person they were waiting for is here, who actually turns out to be Anjali’s brother. Raj too comes and greets him, and then he asks for Avni. Avni comes to meet him. She bends down to touch his feet, but he asks her not to, as he maybe Raj’s uncle, but they don’t have much age difference. Anjali later tells her younger brother about the ritual that Bhavna and Vikram have to together fulfil and asks asks Virat, her brother to give them the gift that they have been waiting for long. Virat tells Avni that Raj is not ready for her, and is not right, while flirtingly presents himself as the suitable groom. Avni uncomfortably smiles, while Raj asks her not to mind as he is like that. They all banter.

Virat asks about Vikram from Anjali. Anjali explains her confusion, and Vikram’s rude behaviour. Virat calls up Vikram to ask what’s the matter, while he asks Virat to stay out of this and not interfere in this matter. Virat too asks him to come home straightaway and then disconnect the call. Virat senses Anjali’s tension, and says that if the ritual is so important to her and Avni’s family, then he himself will do this ritual. Meanwhile, in the garden, Bhavna calls the priest to find out if there’s any other way to perform the ritual. But is told that this ritual is very improtant as it acts as a security guard, and that for her daughter she has to do it, to ensure Avni’s happiness. She tensedly thinks that she won’t let it happen and that she has to fulfill this ritual somehow.

In his room, Raj waits impatiently while Avni comes out after having taken off her mehendi, and claiming that she herself didn’t see it, as she wanted to see it with him only. She excitedly opens her palms so that they both can see. But they both are shocked at what they see. Raj tells her that it’s very dark, and then go onto find his name, as it must definitely be dark. As Raj excitedly asks Avni to show her mehendi, Avni begins to get worried as she feels that the ‘mehandi’ on her hand is not designed well enough and she is disappointed that it doesn’t have the dark colours that it should, and her name too is not properly inked. Raj is tensed to see Avni sad and disappointed, and tries to convince Avni that all will be fine. Avni starts thinking of it as a bad omen, but Raj convinces her otherwise saying that a mehendi can’t decide the intensity of their love.

Outside, Bhavna waits impatiently, as Vikram pulls his car to a halt. He storms inside, but she stops and requests him pleadingly, to do this ritual with her. Just then, Anjali comes and tells Bhavna and Vikram that the ritual has been done. Bhavna baffled asks how this happened. Anjali tells that Virat did it, as Raj’s uncle, Virat, who just comes from overseas descends down the stairs to meet them in order to talk about this ritual with Bhava. Bhavna is still not sure if that’s the right way. Later, Bhavna and Anjali’s brother come face to face and the two of them get shocked seeing each other and it turns out, he was also part of the dreadful night Bhavna fears so much, as past memories flash before her, of a woman screaming for help.

Outside Raj’s residence, Bhavna is scared as Virat approaches them, as her past screams haunt her. But Anjali and Suket come, and they all applaud Virat for his mature and good thinking that svaed them from the dilemma of the completion of this ritual. Virat says that he used to be a spoilt brat too, but years ago, someone’s slap, turned him on the right path, hinting indirectly at Bhavna, while she stands tensed and scared too. They all then disperse for the arrangements, as Bhavna stands tensed. Virat calms Vikram down, asking him to let bygones be bygones. Anjali’s brother Virat further asks Vikram to forget about his past related to Bhavna and move on and not dwell in the past. Vikram smiles and then leaves. After Vikram goes away, Virat speaks to himself and tells about his intentions that he always speaks nice, but does worse. He seems to have not forgotten the insult that he had to bear cause of Bhavna and makes up his mind to have his revenge. Virat says that he wants Vikram to forget that fateful night, but he would see to it, that Bhavna never forgets it, as whatever happened that night between them, was just out of his revenge for her, for having insulted him, but his revenge stands incomplete. He thinks that now Bhavna and her daughter will fall prey to his traps and tactics. He vows to make Bhavna pay for her past deeds.

Downstairs, Bhavna is tensed as everyone is glaoting about Virat. All tease Raj and Avni that they won’t be able to see or talk to each other, from now on till marriage. Avni and Raj are tensed, and they all tease them amusingly. They all disperse for the night, and Bhavna is about to leave, when Vikram later calls her to stop. Virat comes down and asks Vikram to say what he thinks. Vikram apologises to her for his rude behaviour in the morning. Virat evilly assures Bhavna that from now on Vkram won’t cause any problem. Vikram tells her that Virat is not his suuport but his closest friend, and how he changes and brought him out of the trauma of that fateful night, which shattered him. Bhavna feels disgusted. Vikram continues to say that he has apologized only because of Virat and he leaves. Virat luringly tells Bhavna, that she doesn’t need to be bothered. Suket and Anjali come, and interrupt Virat’s meet who instantly changes his tone, saying that he felt really nice having met her. Bhavna leaves with suket. Anjali and Virat comment that Bhavna is a nice lady. She retires for the night. Virat smiles evilly.

The next morning, all the ladies get ready for Haldi ceremony. Avni asks about the male members noticing their absence, and is told that this ritual is only for ladies. Bhavna notices someone’s presence and goes to check but doesn’t find anyone. She is horrified and startled as Virat springs up on her, and tells her that she can’t think that she would always be one step ahead of her past. Bhavna tells him angrily what’s he doing here for Avni’s haldi. Virat is about to say something , when Anjali comes, and he changes his tone saying that he came because Anjali forgot to get Chandan. Anjali comes and takes it, and thanks him. When she leaves, Bhavna asks him to leave, as his work is done. Virat leeringly says that he can’t leave, as he loves birdwatching, and there’s enormous potential in this ritual. Bhavna is disgusted by his leers and comments and says that he can befool everyone with his good act but not her, as she knows exactly what kind of a man he is. But Virat continues to threaten Bhavna and remind her of her past. He asks her not to boast of knowing him. He says that he just did one wrong thing, but what she did, is unthinkable, and destroyed so many lives, and that actually she is evil in disguise. She asks him not to bring up the past, and then says that he lives in the present, adding that in front of his eyes, the scene is so beautiful, that he is attracted. She eyes him luringly eyeing Avni, and is distraught. Bhavna asks him not to even dare cast his evil eye on her daughter. Just then, Avni notices him and then is excited to meet him. They start bantering when he casually starts flirting with her, complimenting on her beauty. Bhavna later sees Virat holding Avni’s hands and gets angry and tries to take her inside, but he stops her. Virat again takes Avni’s hand and asks her not to call him uncle, and instead call him Vir. When she puzzledly repeats, Virat says that this is just the way she wants her to address him. Bhavna is shocked. Avni comments on how he has a good sense of humour, which she discovered when they had a chat last night. Bhavna asks when did they get the time to talk. Virat says that since Raj can’t, he decided to have a talk, as they have to get to know each other, hinting at subtle innuendos in his statements, upsetting Bhavna as he speaks to her about Avni in a cheap manner. Just then, Anjali comes in telling Bhavna that Suket is looking for her. Bhavna says that she would just come. Virat ask Anjali if he is so wrong, that Bhavna can’t trust Avni with him for one minute. Anjali assures Bhavna that they would handle Avni well, and she should go to look out for Suket. Bhavna leaves tensedly, while Virat tells her evilly that he would do just what she thinks he will, and then clarifies that he would take complete care of Avni. Bhavna comes to suket and asks what’s the matter. Suket starts chattering about the preparations with her and Akshat, while she is tensed wondering about Virat. When Suket, who tries to speak to Bhavna about the arrangements for the guests notices her absent minded, and asks what’s the matter. She replied that she remembered something important and is about to leave, when Suket asks her to finish here first. But she is so disturbed with Virat’s statements, and rushes outside, in a rush. Suket gets shocked when she behaves in a very strange manner. Bhavna rushes out to find Avni gone. She comes out in the verandah, and asks Arpita if she saw Avni. Arpita finds her tensed, and calms her down, saying that Virat and Avni have become such good friends, and he has gone out with her. She leaves, while Bhavna is tensed. She calls Avni, and hollers at her for having gone without telling her, while Avni wonders why is she so worked up. Bhavna reprimands her and asks her to come home straightaway. Avni is tensed. Virat takes the phone from her, and tells her that he is going with her, and she can very well understand where is he taking Avni for what. Bhawna is apalled. Virat tells Bhavna on the phone, that Avni is with him only, and they are going to the hotel. Bhavna gets shocked when she knows from Virat who informs her that he is taking Avni to a hotel along with him and blunt out that she would kill him, if he ever dares to touch his daughter. He says that when their work in the hotel is done, he would get her back. He hold the call, while she is distraught and keeps shouting for him and Avni, but in vain. She overhears Virat telling Avni that the hotel has come. She is shocked to hear they have reach the hotel.

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Tuesday Update on Love Oh Love!


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