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See 9 reasons why you should give birth here in Nigeria.

Have you noticed the rate at which Nigerian parents e.g Celebrities and Elites now move to the US and other foreign countries just to have their babies,what is wrong in giving Birth in Nigeria? Ask them o! Some will give excuses like:

-Hospital’s in Nigeria are no longer healthy for having babies.

– I don’t want an inexperience doctor to leave a sharp object inside my stomach,as Nigeria are no longer after quality but quantities.

-I want my Child to have a foreign Identity,I don’t think my Child will be happy with a Nigerian Identity.

And there are many more reasons,that I cant mention,and I must say Nigerian celebrities are the set of people guilty of the above celebrities,and the big question is,why don’t they see Nigeria as a country where they can have their babies,We also have qualified doctors here in Nigeria,so why take food away from their table,The Hospital bill you pay in Nigeria is affordable and you get the attention you need,but you choose to go abroad and show off,lousy braggers,you want to show the world you have money,Well I am glad to share with you,10 reasons why you should have your babies here in Nigeria

1. Your obstetric gynecologist Also known as OBGYN will help you deliver your baby safely.

In Nigeria, you are likely to see a particular doctor throughout your pregnancy, and that same doctor will help you deliver your baby safely.

According to Mrs Okere,an expectant mother that stays in my area,in her own words:

“I found this quiet fantastic because I could build a good relationship and a high level of trust with my Doctor knowing that she would be there to attend to me the day or night, and that my birth plan would be followed”.

Most hospitals have midwives or neighbours to help you through your labour hour, but when its time to deliver your OBGYN will take over.

Whether you opt for a natural birth or a caesarean birth, or need an emergency c-section, your OBGYN will do it,and I can assure you a safe delivery,as your OBGYN already knows a lot about your body system.

2. Private hospitals are like five star Hotels,its Expensive but worth it.

An unfortunate reality Nigeria is that if you have money, life is exceedingly good. In Nigeria there are state hospitals (managed by the government) and private hospitals (private owners). Private hospitals are absolutely the best,although quiet expensive.

They are well equipped,unique, and you won’t wait hours to be seen unlike the state hospitals where wake up by 6am in the morning,go to the hospital and spend hours,you might end up not fulfilling what brought you to the hospital. 

In a private hospital,you can pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with your doctor,at least there is a 100% possibility that you will see your doctor that very day.

When the time for delivery approaches or your EDD is due, you can equally visit your chosen private hospitals in your area.

Usually your OBGYN will be attached to a specific hospital, so be sure to check out the facilities before committing to a doctor.

Nicely Schedule a small tour of the birthing suites and maternity ward.

Always try to Ask all your questions and don’t be shy! for example ask questions like:

  • -Are babies washed after birth? 
  • -Can my baby stay in the room with me? -Can I hold off on injections? 
  • -Can my husband/partner sleep in the room with me and our baby?
  • – Can my other children visit the baby?
  • – Can I pre-book a private room even if I’m having a natural birth?

Mrs Faith Ochi,a pregnant experienced mother said everything was possible in her tour.

3. You’ll need private medical insurance,Funny enough
all this great service and convenience is affordable and wont costs you your life!

As the saying goes: Health is Wealth,so before you will start thinking of the money you will save or spend,Make sure you have private medical insurance that covers your pregnancy and the delivery.

Most pregnant women have private insurance that they may possibly not be aware of from their own country, that’s fine,private hospitals are used to dealing with Women like that.

All you need to do is call your insurance company, or check online, it’s fairly straight forward to set up a direct payment between your insurance company and the hospital.

This means there is no settling of bills on the day you take baby home after delivery, which makes life much easier and faster! Interesting right?

Just Imagine paying your OBGYN and hospital bills with ease. Depending on the level of care you need because costs will vary. C-sections cost more than natural births.

4. Frequent ultrasounds.

You’ll have an ultrasound every month! Yep, every single month as long as you don’t miss it on purpose.

You can of course request fewer ultrasounds if you wish.

There are the usual scans:

13 weeks, 20 week anatomy scan, and the rest are just to check everything is progressing well and to say hi to your baby! Between 26 and 30 weeks you’ll be offered a 4D scan which will show your baby in incredible detail. I opted out of this, but for many it’s a highlight.

5. I’m not an invalid, I’m just pregnant!
Nigerian pregnancy is seen as a natural, healthy state to be in. You won’t be treated like an invalid.

” This was a breath of fresh air after giving birth in Turkey where doctors view pregnancy as a life threatening situation, requiring medical intervention and superstition to see you through unscathed”. A Nigerian facebook friend told me.

In Nigeria, you’re presumed healthy and able until proven otherwise, and the monthly ultrasounds mean your OBGYN will be on top of any complications that may arise,so you see??

6. Now in our days, Caesarean births are most common,perceived as the fastest way to deliver,Even though in most cases its 50/50.

Nigeria to start with is not immune to the trend of scheduled c-sections that is sweeping the globe.

A 2014 article in The Guardian says that 70% of women covered by a private medical scheme opt for a c-section. That is incredibly high.

7. Draw your Ears and hear me,”Choose your OBGYN wisely”.

With c-sections being so Rampant, it follows that doctors tend to either assume that is what you want, or gently encourage you to have one
(it’s easy to schedule a c-section during working hours).

If you want a natural birth, and by natural I mean vaginal way out 
(with or without an epidural) you’ll have to do your research well.

Simply Google doctors in your area, read reviews on mommy networks, or chat with the doctor directly to get a sense of how committed he/she is to your natural birth. Referrals will help you greatly, but take everything you read with a pinch of salt, all births are different and just because one person had a bad experience doesn’t mean you will. Keep your wits about you as you make your choice, and listen to your gut.

8. Pediatricians are thorough.

Your new baby’s pediatrician will most likely visit your baby a few hours after birth. He/she will talk to you about the importance of vaccinations, mainly BCG (against tuberculosis, which is quiet compulsory in Nigeria) and Vitamin K. Everything is negotiable, so if you’d like to wait a few days before immunize your baby, that is your choice. Be firm in your decision. Follow up visits and immunizations are scheduled directly with your pediatrician.

There is an option to visit a clinic in your area for subsequent vaccinations, and they will be free, however, my aunt always either took her kids to their pediatrician or had them done at home.

9. Help is affordable.

Hiring a nanny or a cleaner to help in the home is normal in Nigeria. This seems to be quite a sticky topic with experts who feel weird having someone working for them, as if it’s some sort of master and slave arrangement.

I can assure you it is not! The domestic service sector is a large part of the economy, and in a country where unemployment hovers at 30, maybe 40% a job as a cleaner or nanny means food on the table back home.

If you choose to hire a domestic worker, think carefully about what you need.

Do you need someone to help around the house and occasionally watch the baby, or do you need more of a nanny who will do light housework?

Most domestic workers do both.

The best thing is to get a referral, but you can also place an advert on Gumtree .

Be very specific in your requirements, and don’t give a phone number as you’ll be inundated with calls.

I got more than 50 emails in response to the advert I posted on Gumtree.

Interview as many as you like. Ask tough questions. Try to get a sense of the type of person they are.

Do a one or two day trial to see how you get along. It’s important you click.Many domestic workers live in.

Some Houses in Nigeria often have domestic quarters either attached to the main house, or elsewhere on the property.

If this is sounding all a bit surreal, don’t fret, it’s completely normal! You can choose what suits you though: live in, live out, full time, part time. Just be clear from the start.

If you opt for a live in position, you will be responsible for buying her food. If you choose live out, you’ll have to pay transport costs.

10. Paperwork is not complicated like the stress of getting a birth certificate abroad.

Getting your new baby’s birth certificate is pretty straightforward! You can fill out the paperwork at the hospital, and you’ll get a birth certificate in a few days.

You officially have thirty days to register the birth of your baby!!

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See 9 reasons why you should give birth here in Nigeria.


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