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Thursday 22 June 2017: Twist Of Fate Season 1 Episode 209

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya might come back as the old Pragya to trick him and make him fall for her.
Abhi says he won't fall for any trick as he knows her

Grandmother sees Pragya dressed like her real self.
They go to talk in the secret room.

Grandmother asks why she's dressed like that.
Pragya says she can't continue to pretend because Abhi hates her.
Grandmother asks why she didn't tell her about her plans.
Pragya breaks down and tells her how  Abhi accused her of not caring for Bulbul.
Grandmother says she understands and Pragya should remember that Abhi doesn't hate her but her new character.
She says it's not the right time to reveal the plan because Abhi would not be free from Alia and Tanu so she needs to stay focused and complete the task and the same Abhi who hates her now, will love her.
Pragya begs for her forgiveness and says she will come to her if she feels weak again.
Grandmother assures her that Abhi would always be hers.
Pragya says she wants to see Bulbul but her mother is always in the hospital.
Grandmother says she will do something about it.

Abhi returns to the room.
He sees Pragya's glasses and picks it up.

Pragya is about to enter the room.
She retreats when she sees him and hides behind a pillar.

She summons courage and enters the room.
Abhi is shocked to see her looking like her real self.
He gets emotional.
She hurries off into the closet.

Purab calls Grandmother.
She asks him if Bulbul is conscious.
Purab says she's not.
He asks if she spoke to Pragya and knows what she wants to do.
Grandmother says she spoke to her and told her not to do it.
Purab tells her not to leave Pragya alone as she's missing Bulbul and she's lonely.

Sarla enters the room and has tears in her eyes.
Purab panics but relaxes when she tells him that he chose lovely flowers for Bulbul.

Pragya comes out of the closet looking like the new Pragya.
Abhi asks why she changed.
Pragya puts up an attitude.
Abhi says he doesn't know why he believed she changed but he has now realised she can never change.

Tanu comes to wake Alia up first thing in the morning.
She says she had a dream that Bulbul was perfectly fine.
Alia is not interested.
She tells her not to ruin her plans with her negativity.
Tanu says she's just trying to prepare her.
Alia says the doctor already said her vocal cord is damaged.
Tanu tells her not to forget that luck is never on their side and Pragya might win.

They see Mitali listening.
She begs them to involve her in their plans.
Alia says they were planning to tell Raj she was the one who made Raj go to prison by forging his signature.
Mitali tells them to forget as she didn't hear anything.
She runs off.

Pragya is at the hospital with Ronnie.
Grandmother sends Ronnie on an errand then tells Pragya to go in and see Bulbul.

Tanu suggests to Alia that they should go and see Bulbul.
Alia says she has things to do.
Tanu says it can just be for 5 minutes because she just has a bad feeling.

Aunt Indu asks what Tanu has a bad feeling about.
Alia says Tanu thinks Bulbul will recover.

Mitali comes with a newspaper and says there is an article that says people's dreams have been turning to reality lately.
Tanu panics.

Aunt Indu says she will follow them to the hospital.

Pragya is with Bulbul.
Bulbul is still unconscious.
Pragya cries and blames herself for what happened.
She begs Bulbul to get better.

Sarla enters the room and sees her.
She asks her what she's doing there.
Pragya quickly stands up and stops crying.

Sarla warns Pragya not to come again when she's there.
She asks if she came to see how much the treatment would cost her.

Purab enters the room with flowers and tells Sarla to give them to Bulbul.

Abhi, Grandmother, Tanu and Alia come to see Bulbul.
Abhi asks when Bulbul will wake up.
The doctor says she can recover at any time but they need to be careful with her.

When the doctor leaves, Bulbul wakes up
They call the doctor back.

The doctor sees she's trying to say something.
He gives her a notepad and pen to write.
Purab reads what she wrote saying there was someone at the party who wanted to kill Pragya.

Abhi asks if she can remember the person.

Alia and Tanu panic.

Bulbul writes that she didn't see his face but she saw him burn the rope to make the chandelier fall on Pragya.

Abhi says he won't spare that person.
He tells Pragya to come with him.

Alia and Tanu leave the room.
Tanu tells Alia that she warned her about trying to kill Pragya.
Alia tells her to keep quiet if she can't come up with a solution.
Tanu tells her to make sure Vijay stays away from Abhi.
Alia tries his number but it's switched off.
Tanu tells Alia not to call her name if she gets caught.
Alia tells her to keep quiet.

Grandmother asks Bulbul why she didn't tell them someone was after Pragya.
Purab says she didn't want to alarm them that's why.

The doctor checks Bulbul and says she is still very weak.
He gives her a sedative.

Abhi is driving with Pragya in the car.
She asks where they are going.
He says he doesn't know but he wants them to put aside their differences and solve the matter as the person tried to kill her but it's not because he cares about he, it's because he is worried that someone could get into his house and harm someone.
He asks what she thinks.
Pragya says she thinks they should speak to all the people who attended the party maybe someone saw something.
Abhi thinks about it.

When they get back home, Pragya tells Ronnie to give her the names of all the guests and people who provided services at the wedding.

Abhi asks if she got anything.
She says maybe the person was not a guest and a family member.
Abhi is upset that she is accusing his family again
She tells him the decorator only got access into the house because a family member helped him.
Abhi says he would find out who helped him.

Pragya wonders if Alia is the person trying to kill her.

Abhi gathers the family members and asks if they know anything about who wants Pragya dead.
He tells them to speak up because if he finds out himself, he won't spare the person.

Ronnie runs in and says he knows who the person is.
He says the real caterer said someone beat him up that night and he had to go to the hospital; he then remembered that the person who came and pretended to be a caterer was the decorator because he imagined him without the beard.
Abhi says he won't spare the decorator.

Alia is in her room with Tanu.
Tanu is freaking out.
Alia says she's angry with Vijay for leaving so many clues.

Mitali comes n to ask for Ran.
She complains that he spends more time with them than her.

Tanu calls Raj on her phone and tells him that Mitali is missing him.
Mitali takes the phone and asks why he doesn't pick her call but picks Tanu's call.
She leaves the room with the phone.

Aunt Indu tells Grandmother that she doesn't think any member of the family will try to kill Pragya.
Grandmother says she's worried about Bulbul.
Aunt Indu says Pragya doesn't even care about her sister.

Pragya tells Abhi that a member of the family hired the decorator.
Abhi asks if she's accusing his family again.
Pragya says she has no business with the decorator so for him to want her dead, someone she offended must have hired him.
He asks how he will find the decorator.

He gets an idea and tells her to come with him as he now knows where they can find the decorator.

Catch 'Twist of Fate' on Zee World (DSTV) Channel 166) Weekdays at 8:00 pm C.A.T

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Thursday 22 June 2017: Twist Of Fate Season 1 Episode 209


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