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A Complete Guide to Stephen King Internet Resources

Last Updated: March 12, 2017

There are a lot of Stephen King websites. Some have been created and gone inactive. Some have histories over 20 years long. King started his career in writing over 20 years before the mainstreaming of the Internet. A wealth of free resources for learning more about King and his family exist on the Internet today. This page is meant to be an ongoing guide to those websites, blogs and podcasts. Each page will be listed below, along with a link and short description.

I am obviously not going to be able to list all worthy Stephen King websites on a first, second, or even third attempt. That is where my readers come in. If you see a website or blog that should be listed here, please either comment or email me at [email protected] If I find it worthy, I will include it here.

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Websites and Blogs – This is King’s official website, so of course it is listed first. The portion of the site called “The Library” is the most interesting portion, because it appears to be an exhaustive listing of every piece of King’s writing – at least the officially published writing. It does not appear that unpublished works are listed. The website also has a frequently used message board where you can interact with a lot of fellow Constant Readers.

Stephen King’s Wikipedia Page – While I wouldn’t count Wikipedia as a “take it to the bank” or “rock solid” source of information, it has become more reliable over the years. The Wikipedia entry on Stephen King has grown to be positively huge, especially when you include all of the links to related materials found in it. It could take as long to read through all of it with the links included as it would to read a full biography. It is an impressive resource that I highly recommend.

Lilja’s Library – This website totally dedicated to Stephen King was created in 1996, at the dawn of the popularity of the Internet. It remains an active source of news, reviews, and they even have a podcast and other materials. Hans-Ake Lilja, the author of several books about King, is at the helm of this one.

News from the Dead Zone – This is compiled by Bev Vincent and hosted by Cemetary Dance Publications. Bev Vincent’s work on the publication dates back to March, 2001, but the publication itself is older than that.

Charnel House – Run by Kevin Quigley, this has been a consistent source of Stephen King news and information since 1996. The site has reviews of every novel, and a whole lot of information, including articles, essays, and interviews. You could spend hours upon hours here. Quigley is also the author of several books.

Stephen King Revisited – This is another re-read project, which is being put together over a lengthy period of time by Cemetery Dance Publications. Authors of the project are primarily Richard Chizmar and Bev Vincent, both of whom are authors of their own books.

The Truth Inside the Lie – This is not a Stephen King website, but rather it is a fan blog much like this one, only it has been around much, much longer and has a lot more meat on its bones. Bryant Burnette’s reviews of short stories in particular are downright impressive.

The-Truth-Inside-The-Lie-banner-Revival A Complete Guide to Stephen King Internet Resources
The banner currently displayed on Bryant Burnette’s Stephen King blog, The Truth Inside the Lie

The Great Stephen King Reread – This is a project over at, and it is done entirely by author Grady Hendrix. He is re-reading every Stephen King book and posting a detailed review of each. However, the project began October 18, 2012 with Hendrix’s review of Carrie, but has not been updated since the review of From a Buick 8 was completed on August 14, 2015. Hendrix is clearly a fan of most of King’s work, but is not afraid to be bluntly critical at times. His review of Christine is particularly harsh. Hendrix is also an author of at least four novels, and I have enjoyed his books quite a bit.

Dog Star Omnibus – This is a blog where the writer did his own Stephen King re-read and re-watch called King’s Highway.

Rereading Stephen King – This is yet another re-read project, which is hosted at The Guardian and written by James Smythe. I have admittedly not yet read these, but I plan to. The last posted review was Rose Madder, published on August 5, 2015. Smythe is a PhD, a creative writing teacher, and an author.

Discordia 19 – This is a Stephen King blog and more recently, a podcast focused on The Dark Tower.

The Fire Wire Blog – This pop culture news blog run by Larry Fire is one worth following because Stephen King happens to be Larry Fire’s favorite author, which means that whenever there is Stephen King news to be had, you will find it there.


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Stephen King Cast – OK, this isn’t a website, but rather a podcast. It covers, if not every Stephen King book, then nearly all of them. According to PodBean, its 151 episodes have been downloaded well over 300,000 times. I’m not sure if they count iTunes downloads or not, but suffice it to say that it is popular among King fans. The creator, Cooper O’Connor, is also an author of fiction.

losers-club1-300x300 A Complete Guide to Stephen King Internet Resources

The Losers’ Club – This is another podcast, hosted by Consequence of Sound, that I feel compelled to include here. As of this writing, they are only four episodes in. Every two weeks, with new episodes being posted on Friday, they are posting another episode covering one Stephen King book. Though somewhat light in terms of literary analysis, it is absolutely great entertainment for King fans. Each episode covers both the book and any film or television adaptations. I cannot wait to see what they do with Night Shift in Episode 5.

If I have left anything out, please leave a comment, email me, comment or message me on Facebook, or tweet at me.

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A Complete Guide to Stephen King Internet Resources


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