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Lockdown Entertainment Ideas

Lockdown Entertainment Ideas

Lockdown Entertainment Ideas

Have you gotten tired of your usual daily routines of waking up, having a cool or hot bath, eating, and sleeping? Do you want to spice up your days at home and create something really fun with these Lockdown days? I have to tell you, we are all tired of doing these same things all week long.

It can be really boring to wake up and the only fun thing around is your phone. You pick it up, open your Facebook, or Instagram, or Snapchat and all those other social networks but you don't ever seem to be getting as much pleasure as you want from being there anymore. You want something more refreshing, something you can invest your time and energy into and get the most out of your daily endeavors

Embedded in this article is a list of some Lockdown Entertainment Ideas that you can engage in, whether you're alone, with your lover, or with your kids. You can spice up your activities at home and make the best of the lockdown period and have something more worthwhile to do with your time. Here are some entertaining activities that you can do:

Bouncy castle

Looking for a great way to have fun with your kids? Then don't look over this muscle exercising and really exhilarating fun idea. They come in several colors, shapes, and sizes that you can choose from, depending on the size of your premises or compound. It is a good way to share a fun time with kids and relieve yourself of boredom. So If you're looking for a scintillating time with your kids, while at the same time working your muscles out, you surely have to try the bouncy castle. It is fun and it is exciting.


There are thousands of movies and shows off of Netflix that you may have missed while you were spending the most of your days working your joints off, trying to meet up with the everyday struggle and life. This is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and your days better. Log in to Netflix and knock yourself out with exciting and thrilling old and new movies or shows. You know you can't hit the cinema right now, well, the good news is, Netflix lets you have your own cinema inside your home.

Cake baking

Are you a cake lover who wants to enjoy eating those soft, creamy, and sugar-filled yummies but due to the lockdown you're unable to order some? Why don't you consider baking some for yourself? If you have no experience baking cakes, don't worry, there are tons of instructions and cake recipes online that you can bake your cake with. Who knows, this might even be your opportunity to become a real-time baker. It is a brilliant lockdown idea.


It can be pretty tiring and boring if you live alone and have a game that you have to play alone because you can't have friends over. Don't worry, most of today's games come with features that let you connect with various other gamers who can either be your friends or people you've never even met. Games like FIFA, PES, Call of Duty, Battle of two amongst others, come with this feature. So, pick up that console and break out of the norm.

Write a book

If you're somebody like me who's totally deep into writing and exploring my imaginative capability, then you should consider putting your imaginations on paper. One thing that the lockdown has done for so many of us is, it has given us so much time on our hands to do as much as we can. The things that the world before the pandemic denied us of, we now have good enough time to be engulfed in them. In the past month, I have written two short storybooks and I will start a new one in no time. Why don't you pick up your computer, your pen, your phone or whatever it is you write with and get right to work? You would be glad you did.

Learn an instrument

A lot of people may not regard this as a money-making skill to learn, what they don't know is, it doesn't always have to be about money. I remember picking up the old, rusty guitar at the corner of the house three years ago, going on YouTube to learn to play, today I am grateful I took that step, I have been able to write some songs that I upload on my YouTube channel, as well as on my Instagram and Facebook pages. That old piano is just sitting there, waiting for somebody to come and make some beautiful sounds out of it. You'll have a lot to impress your friends with when all this is done, learning an instrument will go a long way in achieving that.

Have a karaoke night with family

If you're looking for lockdown Entertainment Ideas to engage in, and you've not thought of some that you could do with family, then you probably should give it a thought now. Family is everything, but before the lockdown, we never had enough time to be with them and do the fun things that we would love to do with them. A Karaoke night will most definitely bring out the fun in everyone and lighten up the atmosphere in the entire building. The interesting part is, you don't even have to spend anything to have a beautiful karaoke night, all you need is a sound system, which you probably already have, and then, family, which you most definitely already are stuck with. It would be extremely fun, try it out.

Engage in a fitness challenge

Now, a lot of people believe that you have to weigh a lot of pounds or have a big belly (which is actually cool for some people) to start a workout routine. This is quite false because fitness has more to do with being healthy and fit than it has to do with weight. Whether you're slim or corpulent, you can still take part in a fitness challenge, you can take part in some social media fitness challenges with expert trainers. Come out of the lockdown with the type of body that you've always admired. Join a fitness challenge today.

Learn a new language

Have you always admired a particular language and you just hope you would get a chance to learn it so that you can easily communicate with people or friends who speak that language? Well, here's your opportunity. You can take a free language course online, read some books about the culture, and try to speak it. By the time the lockdown is over, you'd be super fluent in the language that you'd almost be mistaken for someone who's actually from that country.

Redesign your home

A lot of people may not give so much thought to this, but honestly, you can make your house look crazily different just by moving some things from one position to the other, by taking out some of those boxes that are no longer useful, by deep cleaning the entire house to give it a whole different outlook. When your friends visit after the lockdown, they would almost not recognise that it's your home. You can also change lightings and decorations and make them look entirely new and different.

These are only a few of some of the really cool and fun lockdown entertainment ideas, there are tons of others that you can do. So many things you can churn out of your mind, you just have to think about it. You can even get an app that allows you to connect with several friends through video and have drinks together. It would totally be worth your while.

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Lockdown Entertainment Ideas


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