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Trending Products to Sell Online in 2017

On the Internet, you can reach buyers from other countries across the world. If you are selling a product that is Trending favorably, you are bound to make some revenue and enjoy tidy profits. The items indicated above are great to sell online in 2017. Are you planning to engage in some e-commerce? These are the products to sell and make a fortune.

1. Waterproof phone cases
The common problem faced is water when using the smartphone. People have lost their phones to the water in pools, pails of water and other watery locations. In response, the waterproof phone case was invented. There are such cases for various types of phones. The case allows you to interact with your phone normally while giving it 100% protection from water. It is a trending product for this year. Clicking Pictures under water is also possible as they provide 100% protection.

2. Fairy lights
Fairy lights are very small, white LED bulbs. They glow in a warm way and can decorate any living space and make it cozy. They are applicable in outdoor spaces and indoor ones too. You can hang fairy lights in your living room or your bedroom. They make great gifts for people who are fans of indoor decoration. They are also superb as holiday decorations.

3. Matcha Powder
Sticking with the natural, organic health products, Matcha powder is another item that Internet users are going crazy about.Matchaaids in weight loss too. Matcha is a fine powder made out of milling green tea. It is popular due to its ability to deliver the effects of green tea in a more intense way. There are currently various flavors of Matcha powder which you can sell for a tidy sum online.

4. Drones
These futuristic, flying devices have really grown in popularity. They are being accepted in the fields of recreation, photography and footage recording. They come in various sizes. Some are small and others are large with up to 6 rotors. They are currently trending and show no signs of slowing down into 2017. They are definitely an item you can sell for a profit online.

5. The charcoal face mask
This is an interesting product that is currently trending. The charcoal face mask is one of the most popular beauty items. It is made of activated charcoal. This ingredient has positive effects on the skin and improves it. These masks are Instagram friendly. Moreover, they have a pitch black appearance that wearers love to show. You can definitely make a profit by selling them online in 2017.

6. Men’s fashion accessories
Today, men are just as fashionable as women. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for some accessories to boost their outfits. Wooden accessories are in top trend this year. Examples of these are bow ties, cuff links, and pocket squares. Bold colored accessories are highly popular and are commanding attention all over social media and fashion websites. Men are searching for these items and you can sell them for a profit online in 2017.

7. Gluten-free products
Gluten is an ingredient in processed foods that is undesirable due to its unhealthy effects. Thus, manufacturers are releasing gluten-free products for the masses. They are labeling these items as ‘gluten-free’. Interestingly, consumers are very enthusiastic about buying gluten-free products. The interest is so much that the market of gluten-free products is currently worth in excess of $5 billion annually. Get a piece of this pie by selling gluten-free products online in 2017

8. Enamel pins
This fashion item has been in trend. This little cute pins adds the pop of color and are quirky at the same time. You can accessories it on clothes, bags, collars, backpacks etc. This is because they are essential ornaments and can accessorize any outfit hence they are in demand. You can put any sort of design or logo on them and pin them on. They are very popular.

9. Electronic cigarettes & E-liquid
Known simply as e-cigarettes, they are currently enjoying tremendous fame online. They are a self-contained device that you can use to vape. This is to inhale the vapor that contains flavored nicotine. It is battery-powered and is quickly replacing the cigarette. E-cigarettes are gaining massive popularity and were even featured in an article in Forbes Magazine. Due to the growing acceptance of electronic cigarettes, they are destined to be a trendy product for online shoppers in 2017.
E-cigarettes and e-liquid go hand in hand. One of the most important parts of an e-cigarette is the e-liquid that holds the flavor and the nicotine stimulant. This liquid is available in various capacities and flavors too. People even have the option to order ingredients and mix up their own e-liquid flavors. E-liquids are bound to enjoy the same popularity online as e-cigarettes in 2017. Thus, they are a good product to sell online for a profit.

10. Coconut oil
A new era of online buyers searches for products with prefix ‘organic’ or ‘extra virgin’ or ‘natural’ products. One of such useful product in coconut oil which has numbers of benefits and uses.Examples of these are skin moisturizing, shaving, cooking, body scrubbing, as lip-balm, remover for makeup and treating bites made by bugs. Due to its collection of healing properties, coconut oil is one of the trendy products online in 2017.

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Trending Products to Sell Online in 2017


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