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How to ask a girl out – Tips to win her heart as told by an actual girl.

How to ask a girl out

We’ve all experienced that feeling when nothing in the world matters more than thinking of that someone special. In our mind, we have laughed with that person, went on dates together, kissed, danced and lived the fairy tale life. But in reality, that person probably doesn’t even know you exist. It’s time that you get the confidence that is needed and let her know how you feel. Lucky for you we have the best pointers on how to ask a girl out, as told by an actual girl!

Best tips on how to ask a girl out.

Before you learn how to ask a girl out, it is important to consider the following:

1. Be yourself at all times

The right girl will stay throughout your flaws and imperfections. Don’t pretend to be someone that you are not.

2. Take your time to get to know the girl.

Make sure you know what her interests are and what she likes, really try and get to know her as a person.

3. Girls aren’t always interested in the most popular, fittest or richest guys as you might think.

A guy’s personality that is pure can win over any girl’s Heart. Here are some non-physical qualities of men that can melt the ladies hearts.

4. Make sure you are ready for a relationship before you dive into one.

Nothing breaks a girl’s heart like a guy who plays with her heart for a while and then decides that he doesn’t want to be committed to something more. If you feel like you are ready for a serious relationship, then find that girl and treat her right. Be the person you would want to date.

5. It’s always a great idea to get to know the girl first before being romantically involved.

If you get to know her and she still seems interested, then you can make your move. Most girls will decline a first date offer if they haven’t seen or spoken to you before. Girls can think of a date with a stranger as a bit dangerous and you don’t want that.


Once your heart is in the right place, and you have found the girl that keeps your mind busy, here are tips on how to ask a girl out for your first date:

1. Find out what her interests are.

Link her interests to the way you ask her out. It will make her feel special and will increase the chance of her saying yes. This is probably the most important tip. Every girl is different, it is important to acknowledge her interests. For example, imagine she loves dogs and you send your dog to deliver her a letter, that would be a smooth way to incorporate her interests.

2. Be alone when you ask her out.

Don’t ask her out in front of all her friends or anyone at all. Being alone will prevent the girl to think of what the people around her are thinking. Girlfriends have a great impact on each other. If the girl sees that her friends are laughing or reacting strangely, she will most probably decline because of their reactions.

3. Be romantic.

A simple rose and a well-dressed man is already more dreamy that a guy wearing his everyday clothes. It shows you have done some extra effort for her.

4. Do not take her on a major first date.

Take her for a simple coffee or drinks. There will be plenty of time going for romantic dinner dates in the future if she is the one. Avoid the word “date”. Just ask her for a coffee. Don’t  label it as your first date.

5. Focus on her.

Her reaction will tell you everything you need to know, so cherish that Smile if she gives you one because it speaks a million words.

6. Have the right attitude.

Approach the situation with confidence, don’t go into the moment thinking she is going to say no. A negative attitude can ruin the whole moment without you even knowing it. You are a man step up and own the moment.

7. Don’t forget to smile and make eye contact.

Remember to stand up straight and show good body posture.

8. Nothing makes a girl smile like an unexpected letter delivered to her door.

Write her a cute, special letter in your own words and let her know that you admire her. Be honest, confident and just ask her if she would go on a date with you. You can add your number for her to reply, or be a man and go get your answer face-to-face the next day.

9. Be cool with rejection.

Just because she doesn’t say yes doesn’t mean she’s not into you. She might just be busy.

10. Do some fishing and find out if she is busy before you ask her out.

Start by asking “Hey, what are you doing this Friday…” If she says she has nothing planned you know she is free.

11. Have a plan on what you are going to say before you approach her.

Nerves can make you forget what you want to say or stutter.

12. Observe her interest in you.

Before making your first move, try and find out if she is interested in you. See how she reacts around you, if she smiles a lot, touches you often etc.

Watch this quick video on how to ask a girl out if you are shy

After all these tips and tricks you should be ready to go and ask her out! Check out these romantic valentine’s day date ideas, if your date decides to say yes!

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How to ask a girl out – Tips to win her heart as told by an actual girl.


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