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Sound Memories
2023-01-10 20:25
Just a short post about my recent memory of a sound. With your mind's eye think about the following sounds.not pleasantcommon soundshocking soundNow that I have you thinking of sounds a… Read More
2022-12-29 21:24
Ending of the week, weekend. Ending of the year, year end. Unless you are in a business meeting, “year end” does not come up often in conversation. Instead, we say new year and f… Read More
Love And Mercy
2022-12-05 19:19
When I'm feeling sadI simply remember my favorite thingsAnd then I don't feel so badI admit that mind trick has worked for me a few times. Seems lately it doesn’t work quite as well. M… Read More
Every Picture Tells A Post
2022-10-28 19:50
Do you remember when there were blogs that just posted pictures of stuff? That was so pre-instagram. I'm not joining another source of distraction so these pictures will be shown here. … Read More
2022-10-15 22:16
Don't need no credit card to ride this train. That's a bit long for a post title. However, it's a good line for a song.The power of love can move people to act in good ways.It's strong… Read More
Bloggin Me Softly
2022-09-30 05:08
Time for a tune post? I grabbed this picture over at She Who Seeks blog.Those of us my age, enjoying the songs of our past (as in Classic Rock) probably remember the song "Killing Me Softly… Read More
Notes Passed To Future
2022-08-23 16:10
Help me if you can,I'm feeling downAnd I do appreciate a comment I foundHelp me, enjoy a post by a clown Won't you please, please help me?Too much to monitor and things are breakingHistory… Read More
Internet Distraction
2022-08-14 16:32
An internet distraction lead to learning a new word. New word for me. It's now trending. She-who-takes-squirrel-pics showed me an example of this activity but we were both unaware of the ter… Read More
Society Broken
2022-08-02 20:31
I recently read the following in a news report: “Elected officials are also turning book banning into another wedge issue in the culture wars.”The word “war” gets dil… Read More
Searching For Something To Say
2022-07-11 19:19
Feeling like I ought to sleep Spinning room is sinking deep Searching for something to say Those words were playing in my headphones when I thought, yes I feel that way. Ok, m… Read More
Cheers, The Billing Team
2022-07-01 20:53
If you have any questions about this invoice, (some not toll free prefixed number) Toll-Free for help.Just got an email from "the billing team" at a software company that I thought might not… Read More
Happy Father's Day
2022-06-19 15:58
Another Father's Day. They certainly mean more after becoming a father. Watching the younger fathers interact with the grandkids adds yet another dimension to the celebration. I fi… Read More
2022-05-23 02:40
My guardian angel is still hanging with me and we keep on keeping on. Honestly, I’m very doubtful about this guardian angel thing. But if I have one, no need to piss him or her off. E… Read More
One Word Too Many Meanings
2022-05-05 22:16
Maybe you don’t give a shit. Maybe you find my blog the shit.Whatever. What the shit?Shit you say.Yes you are correct. This post is about shit slang. Have you seen the pile of poop emo… Read More
An Odd Activity
2022-04-24 21:18
This fool on the hill sees many odd activities as the world spins around. I don't profess to judge what is and what isn't odd. Also, over the years what was odd before doesn't seem so odd an… Read More
2022-04-11 20:37
I still enjoy youtube. More than a decade ago (wow those decades just keep adding up) I enjoyed youtube even more by making and posting videos. I've created a few in the last few years but n… Read More
Roy Rogers Is Riding Tonight
2022-03-24 21:46
Roy Rogers is not riding tonight. He died in 1998. This post is about the song "Roy Rogers" that was recorded on Elton John's double album "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". PBS has a series… Read More
Still Have It
2022-03-20 21:11
I thought of this post title and wrote it down. Then the next day as I started to write the post I forgot what the "it" was.I still have many things while I don't have other things. As you j… Read More
Song For Ukraine
2022-03-10 03:26
Typically I think of parodies as funny or sarcastic. I found this more serious parody for the Ukrainians suffering because of a senseless invasion. I hope this tragedy comes to a quick… Read More
Words Thoughts Or Thoughts Words
2022-02-28 05:23
What is coming right up, will be left up to you or in other words it is still up in the air. Add your comments below. Do words create thoughts or thoughts create words? Whatever.&n&hell…Read More
Clinically Proven
2022-02-09 17:38
Does a product label stating that the "lotion is clinically proven to improve the health of dry skin" make a difference in your purchase decision?Maybe I should start a nameless clinic.&nbsp&hell…Read More
The Great Pretender
2022-02-01 00:04
Oh yes I’m the great pretender. Pretending that I’m doing well. My need is such, I pretend too much.  Pretending a little helps you visualize accomplishing yo… Read More
Door Nails (the Door Nailed It)
2022-01-19 04:06
It seems odd that we use a door nail to judge some dead thing. Sooner or later Is that the same as any day now? Time will tell but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Of course t… Read More
Musical Thing
2022-01-09 20:50
A quick post about this Google thing called the Blob Opera. It's interactive but given my limited musical abilities I wasn't able to do much with it. It suggests you create your own songs.&n&hell…Read More
Because There's Something In The Air
2022-01-01 03:38
The something is the new variant of COVID-19 virus, omicron. While in the car the other day I listened to "Something in the Air". I immediately thought of our ongoing pandemic. We… Read More
More Favorite Things
2021-12-20 04:03
Is it easier to name your favorite things or your most disliked things? I don't know. Maybe it depends on your current mood. Sometimes a favorite thing is related to a disliked thing. W… Read More
2021-11-27 20:48
While searching for oxymoron examples I came across this: “Words can not express my limited vocabulary.” Wet Creek would not be very distinctiveAfter our orderly confusion of Tha… Read More
The Conversion Doesn't Work
2021-10-29 22:16
Win a free trip to the land of milk and honey.Now typically every grocery store has milk and honey, so do we already live in the land of milk and honey? Also, do any of you know of a popular… Read More
And Now
2021-10-10 16:16
Bear with me Just a minute or two and it will come to me. Problem is will I recognize the original it or will I just go with a new it. Whatever. 2021 minus 1971 equals ? Yeah simple a… Read More
Turn Around
2021-09-20 21:03
There is someone walking behind you,turn around, look at me.There is someone watching your footsteps,turn around, look at me.   Don't look now. I'm right behind you. Boo!&nbsp&hell…Read More
Feedback Can Be Amazing
2021-09-14 17:22
Back in the sixties I was amazed by Jimi Hendrix’s innovative use of feedback to create his unique sound. This post isn’t about that type of feedback that I enjoyed then. It&rsqu&hell…Read More
Draft -  It's Always Something
2021-09-07 22:58
Such as forgetting to remove "draft" from the post title.  Well it's over now. I'm fine again. Anxiety seems to creep up on me as I age. Is it those life experiences that didn't go… Read More
2021-08-07 21:09
You really can’t fill your mind to the full level. There’s always room for more knowledge. Now, I’ve certainly become overwhelmed too often. The chaos of nature sometimes c… Read More
Boring Stories Of
2021-07-20 18:36
Of my blog? Of my life? Hey, boring is very subjective so watch your labeling.Same three colors all day every day.Before you read further, deeper with growing anticipation, here’s my… Read More
Watch Out Now, Take Care
2021-07-06 21:15
Watch out for technology messing up your day. According to this report, a driver in Iowa trusted the GPS directions more than the road construction signs.Please Do Think and Drive That stru… Read More
Running Down A
2021-06-15 22:11
Running down a dream ? Sometimes I wonder if I'm running down a blog. Do you heard the crickets? running down to a Blues Brothers cover band concert Just today I came across (I don… Read More
Up For A Tune?
2021-05-26 19:14
Having one of those days that leaves you wanting some old weird song? Maybe you have a feeling for your Ouga Chaka Ouga Ouga Ouga Chaka.Is your life a rock?  (click here to let the rad… Read More
Walk, Don’t Run
2021-05-23 01:56
Actually the advice is stop walking and back away slowly. Click on pic to read the wonderful adviceThe various “tips” I read at the start of my short hike just about stopped me… Read More
Duck Cave Horse
2021-05-14 03:00
On the first part of the journey, I ducked into a cave.Now I'm being followed.And now someone is horsing around with my hat.You see, I've been on a trip with a horse with a hat. La La L… Read More
Best To Move Along
2021-04-30 19:12
I’m still thinking about recent events that felt like tripping and falling into a mental ditch. I’m not going to describe any of the details since mentally falling down is probab… Read More
Crystal Balls And Other Things
2021-04-09 15:52
Crystal balls and other things I don’t have. There are many types of balls to bounce, throw, and roll. Even better than your mother’s meatballs or my aunt’s rum balls are… Read More
Imagination Runnin’
2021-03-20 02:36
A few months ago I wrote, “ dreamland floating up stream or in any direction is no problem. You can float anywhere your inner imagination wants to take you.” Float, fly, a… Read More
Reprise A Parody
2021-03-09 04:49
I first posted my parody of "Witchcraft" back in 2015. Here's the rerun (reread?).     lighten up relax If I was Frank (and had his band) I would sing, “come blog with me&rd&hell…Read More
Legend Of Lisleman
2021-02-22 23:10
Don't worry about me. I'm alright. If the past is any indication, my plan will go flittershitters quickly. Bus ride gone flittershitters Change, switch, flip this topic. New terms everyda… Read More
Long Time Since
2021-02-02 22:04
Just like you don't need to run a blog to read blogs, you don't need to join TikTok to watch a Tiktok video. Last October I found this and honestly I don't remember how I stumbled onto it.&n&hell…Read More
Answer To Last Week's Puzzle
2021-01-24 05:05
 57968 Now your problem is to figure out what the puzzle you were trying to solve. Isn't that how life works. So often before you get to finish one puzzle, another one is thro… Read More
2021-01-14 22:26
For more than four year many of us felt like we had nowhere to hide from the constant abuse of our country Trump has inflicted. Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide from you babeJust can't get aw… Read More
Vacuum Energy
2021-01-02 22:00
I typically lack energy to vacuum. Hey it’s a new year, I should be recharged. Oh, but we are not simple rechargeable batteries. (Although I have learn some people are on Lithium) Vacu… Read More
2020-12-13 23:32
December is the season of hope, joy, sharing, and maybe goodwill. December 2020 I guess might be more like December 2018. I don’t have any personal information about 2018 since I… Read More
Nobody Told Me
2020-11-20 23:27
Nobody told me there'd be days like theseStrange days indeedstrange days indeedenough alreadyDo you remember John Lennon’s song (recorded in 1980 but released posthumously by Yoko)? Th… Read More
2020-11-13 22:54
Friggatriskaidekaphobia comes from Frigg, the Norse goddess of wisdom after whom Friday is named, and the Greek words triskaideka, meaning 13, and phobia, meaning fear. People that take the… Read More
On The Road To Civility
2020-11-07 19:46
Civility comes from the word civis, which in Latin means "citizen". The last few days of post-election counting and dishonest White House statements reminded me of the Black Knight scene i… Read More
Next Sunday
2020-10-28 20:16
It must be getting early, clocks are running late. You’ll be able to say that this coming Sunday morning. The clock will be running 1 hour late. It’s that unnecessary time change… Read More
California Burning
2020-10-22 16:18
All the leaves are burntAnd the sky is greyI've been for a walkOn a fall dayI'd be scared and burningIf I was in L.A.Trying to step upTree adviceI guess changing the lyrics of the hit song… Read More
Float Up Stream
2020-10-05 20:51
When I wake up early in the morningLift my head, I'm still yawningWhen I'm in the middle of a dreamStay in bed, float up stream (float up stream)Floating on calm waters is relaxing. If you w… Read More
Phonics Ain’t My Thang
2020-09-23 21:34
Diphthong - It’s NOT wearing your thong into a hot tub. It does sound a little like that though. What’s going on, you ask.   Recently I woke up with a rhyme i… Read More
Not Rolled Over Yet
2020-09-15 21:45
Life is a rock but the radio rolled me rock on or on rock?How often have you been between a rock and hard place? The less that happens the more I can sleep like a rock. Paul Simon… Read More
2020-09-10 18:36
Once again remembering the enormous sadness that filled that September day and lingered like a dirty film on the days that followed. Flight 93 National Memorial  Wondering.&nb&hell…Read More
No Sympathy
2020-08-29 22:53
Please allow me to introduce myselfI'm a man of wealth and tasteI've been around for a long, FOUR yearsStole many a man's soul and faith Yes, I've been watching the RNC coverage combined wit… Read More
2020-08-06 18:20
All I can say is that my life is pretty plainI like watchin' the puddles gather rain This pandemic still has many still working at home. I’m not working at home but retired at home i… Read More
2020-07-19 22:55
From Sound of Silence:And in the naked light I sawTen thousand people, maybe morePeople talking without speakingPeople hearing without listeningPeople writing songs that voices never shareN… Read More
Words Found
2020-07-14 17:58
crisp scents mingle on a dewy summer morningTry to guess where I found those sensory words.I didn't find those paint-a-picture words strung together in a book or a play. No some marketing/ad… Read More
2020-07-03 23:13
Have I told you of my squirrel days?Mixed nuts are the best.Once upon a time, ... Oh yeah some background. (just curious do you often start explaining something or telling a story and interr… Read More
I'm Just A Blogger In A Web Of Confusion
2020-06-21 01:10
If I could sing, my wish would be to say, "I'm just a singer in rock'n'roll band".their blog would have been fun to readRecently, I replied to a blog comment with: “Don't sit on those… Read More
Whatever NOTICE #2
2020-06-02 15:59
A Few Clowns Short's first notice was issued back in 2015. It's still in effect but given these uncertain times I believe it prudent to reissue it. Effective 2015-10-28 2020-06-02, NOTICE IS… Read More
Searching For Words
2020-05-30 02:06
Life around me continues to move on.Of course this is critical. If life didn't continue this blog would stop. Life would not notice but a few of you might.My keyboard creates the letters jus… Read More
Holy Grail
2020-05-09 17:51
I’ve never looked for it but there’s a corner in our basement that would be a great place to start your search. I’m certain you could find a few common grails in our collec… Read More
Best Of Times The Worst Of Times
2020-04-08 14:21
Best of times? Maybe if you look hard enough. We are fine. I’m still a dreamer of dreams. My recent dreams have entertained me with odd situations and unexpected people appearing in u… Read More
Mouse Tales
2020-03-30 00:55
Warning: this post contains words about mice killing and a personal injury. So if you’re a mouse lover/hugger please browse on. It takes all kinds to make the world turn in a good way… Read More
Down The Rabbit Hole
2020-03-22 03:36
I've always enjoyed reading and visiting libraries. About a week ago I was planning to stop in and pickup a another book. The library was closed until further notice.  I didn't think th… Read More
What If’s Two
2020-03-06 03:12
What if I post another “what if” post? Well, you are reading the answer to that easy question. Oh my last “what if” post was last year. (here’s the link)what if… Read More
One Of Those Days
2020-02-27 22:16
Twirl - maybe it could be the next twitter.wait a minute, where am I?I found and copied this curvy curve from The Math Less Traveled blog post Read More
2020-02-21 18:14
I bought a ticket to the worldBut now I've come back againWhy do I find it hard to write the next line?Oh I want the truth to be said. NOT my backyardThis post begins with words from the 80'… Read More
Don’t Look Back
2020-02-12 22:46
Too late, I already did. It was More Than A Feeling. Many pundits talk about the bar being set high or low. Some days I just want to sit at a bar. Thinking of low bars, consider this. I&rsqu&hell…Read More
Windmills Of Your Mind
2020-02-03 21:51
Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheelNever ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel...Like a door that keeps revolving in a half forgotten dreamWindmills spinning… Read More
King Of The Road Has Taken The Last Exit
2020-01-06 04:19
The long and winding road has come to a dead end. Think about it. We all have a dead end at our finish line. Ok, not everyone thinks of roads. How about dots? If you gave me all the dots I w… Read More
Wordlessly Watching
2020-01-02 02:59
Thank you falettinme be mice elf agin! Thanks to Sly and the Family Stone for that phonetic spelling. Wordlessly watching He waits by the window And wonders Wordless activities fail to contr… Read More
I Am Feeling A Little Peculiar
2019-12-20 02:07
I heard a suggestion once that I should go outside and scream really loud. I don’t want to worry the neighbors with my screams. I would be annoyed if they acted that way. “Feelin… Read More
2019-12-05 22:25
There's a lot of serious stuff going on lately. I'm a big believer in balance. Here's a small attempt to inject a bit of silliness into the world. Our adult daughter who enjoys her Christmas… Read More
My Local Universe
2019-11-30 03:46
Wow, I almost failed in posting here during the month of November. For about three quarters of the month (BTW I encourage the use of fractions in blog posts) my wife and I were on the road a… Read More
Nocturnal Notes
2019-10-27 22:16
The opposite is diurnal notes but those daytime notes are nothing special.Now I'm not saying that I blog at night. I have done most of my post writing as a daylight activity. Having a thoug… Read More
C'est La Vie
2019-10-20 01:09
Here at A Few Clowns Short we don't speak French. I don't really know much of it. I learned long ago that a direct one-to-one translation is not always possible. C'est la vie means that's li… Read More
I Often
2019-10-10 22:03
I often tell myself …Then before I even get to the real meat of my latest insight, - self replies, “you talking to me again? Go ask someone who cares to listen.” I start t… Read More
Parody Of Rhyme
2019-10-01 21:39
I thought of updating an old nursery rhyme while in the shower today. The one involving an egg having the unfortunate last name of Dumpty. The poor guy had a thin skin and liked walls.Then i… Read More
Notes Of Thought
2019-09-24 17:23
I can’t recall anyone ever telling me I write too much. This observation should provide motivation to write more. Yet my motivation withers. just a short note can mean alotI don’… Read More
My Favorite Things
2019-09-16 20:56
Raindrops on rosesAnd whiskers on kittensBright copper kettles and warm woolen mittensBlog postings tagged as memory flingsThese are a few of my favorite thingsToday I've been going back int… Read More
2019-09-04 16:22
Oh before I go off on a tangent, I have a brief announcement: Lisleman is hereby the Emperor of Ephemera. on the rocksGreat title don’t you think? I’ve had a few titles during my… Read More
Searching For Something
2019-08-23 04:25
I know I'm searching for somethingSomething so undefinedThat it can only be seenBy the eyes of the blindToo many words for a T-shirt? I've had conversations with strangers because of what wa… Read More
By Definition
2019-08-17 04:28
Extraterrestrial - of or from outside the earth or its atmosphere. Pardon me while I back up. (danger! old man backing up give me some room) Long ago, I went to Catholic grade school. It mig… Read More
Floor Still Needs Sweeping
2019-08-11 18:26
I look at the floorAnd I see it needs sweepingStill I don't how to play the guitar. But I have this blog so there's that.Since the floor still needs sweeping, let's play a song in honor of t… Read More
I Was Thinking
2019-08-06 17:02
I was thinking. That's my best answer to the inquiry of what have I done all day. I love to see oats in cookiesMy body is still above the grass therefore I blog (apologies to Descartes).A be… Read More
Not Applicable
2019-07-28 20:36
N/AI'm just not sure what this post can be applied to so perhaps it is just not applicable.I hate filling out forms. Being able to select N/A speeds up the chore. However, nobody wants to fe… Read More
Home On The Range
2019-07-22 19:37
...where seldom is heard a discouraging word..."Recently we made a purchase (actually I was informed about the purchase but no need to get into minor details) of Google's home gadget called… Read More
Better Than A Sharp Stick In The Eye
2019-07-18 00:09
Even a dull stick in the eye hurts more than I want to know. But what about eyes in song titles? There are plenty of moose be doneMy old ears have listen to many songs about these ey… Read More
Sometimes I Just Don't Know Better
2019-07-11 02:09
I'm going to blame it on the heat and sweat dripping into my eyes.If the following pictures from the past suggest anything at all, please let me know. Recently I ran across this science proj… Read More
Contagious Smiles
2019-06-26 17:58
Breathe, breathe in the air Don't be afraid to care Leave, but don't leave me Look around Choose your own ground Long you live and high you fly And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry An… Read More
Help I’ve Been Mulled Over
2019-06-15 19:57
(Notice - This blog is rated M for Mature. Subjects and opinions covering: aches, sore muscles, the world going to hell, my body going to hell, why hell doesn’t exist, fake facebook, o… Read More
What If Fun
2019-06-07 02:11
Before we get into this post, I want to be clear that this "what-if" post will avoid thinking about personal what-if's. I've wasted too much thinking and emotional energy on my own what-if's… Read More

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