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2020-05-27 16:14
What to Know When Switching Internet Providers Residential internet service is a competitive business. Internet technology continues to evolve and new players are always entering the mark… Read More
2020-05-27 16:07
Expertly crafted to adapt and conform to your body, the best memory foam mattresses deliver customized support and comfort. These foam mattresses have an elasticity from polyurethane foam th… Read More
2020-05-27 16:05
Choosing the most suitable bathroom flooring can be daunting. You want your bathroom flooring to complement the rest of the home yet still withstand high moisture levels, humidity and heavy… Read More
2020-05-27 16:01
Most people think about the size of the mattress when it comes to finding a new bed. But bed height and mattress height are often overlooked as factors that affect personal comfort, body hea… Read More
2020-05-27 15:58
Homeowners must perform routine HVAC maintenance for air quality safety reasons. Scheduling HVAC preventative maintenance ensures it performs properly and prolongs the lifespan of your unit… Read More
9 Easy Indoor Plants You Can Buy Online
2020-04-22 09:00
It’s the perfect time to bring the outdoors in with some easy-to-keep-alive plants. We rounded up some of the best indoor plants that have some real moxie, need minimal watering and ha… Read More
2020-04-17 17:33
A home security system is your first line of defense when protecting your family and your property. But home security systems come in all shapes and sizes, from complex, professionally insta… Read More
2020-04-16 14:19
No matter if you’re a student, a freelancer, looking for a job or researching how to improve your finances, an internet connection is necessary. Free internet access is beneficial for… Read More
2020-04-16 14:00
When searching for a new internet provider, you’ll come across the terms cable, dial-up, DSL and fiber. DSL runs through telephone wires, while cable internet is transmitted through a… Read More
Is Now A Good Time To Start A Home Garden?
2020-04-08 09:10
Home gardening, especially among millennials, is more popular than ever. Between 2008 and 2013, there was a 63% rise in millennial gardening. Now that most of the nation is staying home to h… Read More
10 Inspiring Work-from-Home Office Setups
2020-03-27 09:00
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, most companies are shifting to remote work. As a result, plenty of people are reconfiguing their spaces and scrounging for the tools to effectively wo… Read More
How Much Equity Is In Your Home?
2020-03-22 18:15
ITTIGallery/ShutterstockUnderstanding home equity When you take the current market value of your home that you receive after an appraisal and subtract it from the amount you currently owe on… Read More
WOW! Internet Plans
2020-03-13 15:50
bbernard/Shutterstock About WOW!  WOW! (also known as Wide Open West) offers cable, fiber and DSL internet, phone and television services for customers in nine states providing se… Read More
What Is Google Fiber?
2020-03-13 15:12
Piotr Swat/ShutterstockIn the early 2000s, fiber-optic internet was not unheard of—Verizon had first deployed its Fios service in 2004⁠—but fiber-optic cable lines wer… Read More
Best Video Doorbell Cameras
2020-03-12 23:41
Forgem/ShutterstockBest video doorbell: Reviews and comparison Do you have concerns about what’s happening at your doorstep when you’re not home or while you’re sleeping? V… Read More
Nordyne Heating And Cooling
2020-02-23 23:14
Image:Breadmaker/ShutterstockNordyne, also known as Nortek Global HVAC, is a manufacturer of heating and cooling products. The company creates innovative and thoughtfully designed equipment… Read More
Heat Pump Vs Air Conditioner
2020-02-17 18:31
Living in a state with a moderate or variable climate means having multiple options for how you want to tackle the seasonal changes in weather. Most commonly, you’ll find yourself deba… Read More
Heat Pump Troubleshooting And Repair
2020-02-17 18:01
Clean off your HVAC system every time you see that it’s collected dirt and debris. Image: Shutterstock/ Christian DelbertA heat pump is one of the essential units in your home or offic… Read More
Bedroom Windows  Buying Guide
2020-02-17 17:16
Bedroom Windows Buying Guide Bedroom window treatments aren’t given much thought by many homeowners or renters. You might throw something over the window to block out light if you s… Read More
Adobe Home Security
2020-02-07 19:17
What is Adobe Home Security? Photographicss / Shuttershock Abode home security came on the scene in 2014. In 2018, it became majority-owned by the Italian tech company, Nice. Nice is an ind… Read More
Best Internet In New York City
2020-02-07 19:06
Find the best internet in New York City by comparing providers and prices. If you’re looking for the best internet providers in NYC, it’s not as simple as Googling “intern… Read More
2020-02-05 22:49
A well-designed patio can become a second living room for your home, so it’s important to make smart design choices. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is what to use… Read More
Fiber Internet
2020-02-04 22:09
Image: wavebreakmedia/shuttershock Fiber internet is a type of broadband internet service. It works by fiber-optic cables converting to light electrical signals, carrying data and sending t… Read More
Comfortmaker Heating And Cooling
2020-01-31 19:04
Image: John Royal/Shutterstock Comfortmaker Heating and Cooling Comfortmaker Air Conditioning & Heating has been in business for 100 years. The company provides an array of heating and… Read More
How To Reduce Bad Ping While Gaming Online
2020-01-30 20:18
Gaming these days is wildly popular. In fact, there are around 2.5 billion gamers in the world, utilizing games on smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PCs. This number shows that gaming is… Read More
Heat Pump Vs Furnace
2020-01-19 20:02
Heat Pump vs Furnace If you’re in the market for home heating, you have two main choices: a heat pump or a furnace. At one time, this was a fairly simple decision based on climate. If… Read More
Ductless AC Buying Guide
2020-01-12 21:54
Ductless air conditioning units are a great alternative to installing new ductwork in older homes, which can cost upwards of $5,000 for larger homes. While ductless AC units are more costly… Read More
Best Pella Replacement Windows
2020-01-12 21:39
S_Photo / Shuttershock Keeping a home comfortable in all seasons and weather conditions is the goal of every homeowner. This often means installing efficient HVAC systems, like furnaces and… Read More
Goodman Heating And Cooling
2020-01-12 21:05
Your return grills, or the covers on your vents, could be to blame for your A/C issues. Image: Mile Atanasov/Shutterstock Goodman Heating and Cooling Since 1982, Goodman Heating and Cooling… Read More
What You Need To Know To Prepare For A Move
2020-01-03 22:38
The excitement of moving into your new dream home takes a back burner, temporarily, to the overwhelming feeling of anxiety that packing up the contents your home and moving them all to anot… Read More
Doorbell Cameras Buying Guide
2019-12-17 22:18
panuwat phimpha / Shuttershock Doorbell Cameras Buying Guide As you might’ve noticed on social media, doorbell cameras are rising in popularity, . If you’re considering one for… Read More
Best Ductless Heating And Cooling Systems
2019-12-17 21:52
Best Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems: Reviews and Comparison When it comes to heating and cooling your home, central air conditioners and furnaces aren’t the only two options. Du… Read More
Heat Pumps Buying Guide
2019-12-17 19:51
GSPhotography / Shuttershock For years, homeowners bought air conditioners and furnaces separately to cool and heat their homes. Today, heat pumps are gaining popularity because they can in… Read More
Best Furnace Brands Of 2019
2019-12-17 19:28
Image: C5Media/Getty Images If a new furnace is in your future, you’re likely wondering what makes the best furnaces stand out from the competition. When considering how to reduce you… Read More
York Heating And Cooling
2019-12-17 18:44
Image: Jo Ann Snover/Shutterstock Based in York, Pennsylvania, York International Corporation is an HVAC company founded in 1874. The corporation initially manufactured ice cream machines b… Read More
Trane Heating And Cooling
2019-12-16 20:04
Trane has been a trusted provider of heating and cooling products for more than 120 years. Today, the company offers products including air conditioners, gas and oil furnaces, and heat pum… Read More
Best Internet In Winston-Salem, NC
2019-12-16 17:02
Best internet in Winston-Salem, NC Find the best internet in Winston-Salem, NC by comparing providers and prices. How to find the best internet in Winston-Salem, NC Winston-Salem is a burge… Read More
Best Internet Providers In Raleigh, NC
2019-12-16 16:57
Comparing providers and rates can help you find the best internet services in Raleigh, North Carolina. Companies including AT&T, CenturyLink, Spectrum, HughesNet and Viasat provide inte… Read More
How To Find The Best Internet In Durham, NC
2019-12-16 16:54
How to find the best internet in Durham, NC Home of Duke University and its famous basketball team, Durham is the fourth-most populous city in North Carolina, with a population of about 275… Read More
Hardwood Floors: Understanding Your Options
2019-12-13 21:08
Image: Lumber Liquidators Hardwood Floors Buying Guide Hardwood floors are one of the most popular types of flooring, increasing the resale value of homes and beautifying them in the proces… Read More
Best Internet In Charlotte, NC
2019-12-13 19:48
Find the best internet in Charlotte, NC, by comparing prices and providers. Charlotte residents benefit from strong competition among internet providers. In fact, the city is one of the most… Read More
Comfort Aire Heating And Cooling
2019-12-13 14:53
Comfort Aire Heating and Cooling Comfort Aire offers a variety of HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications. The brand was established by Heat Controller Inc. to manufacture a… Read More
Best Home Security Cameras
2019-12-12 21:57
Global demand for security cameras is increasing. Research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics projects spending to reach $8 billion in 2019. Many people feel safer in buildings with out… Read More
Bathroom Window Buying Guide
2019-12-12 21:35
Image: Astronaut Images/Getty Images Bathroom window buying guide Changing your bathroom window can help you maximize available light while maintaining privacy. When choosing a bathroom win… Read More
Best Replacement Windows
2019-12-12 20:01
Regfer / Shuttershock Best Replacement Windows: Reviews and Comparison Finding the perfect replacement window for your home can be tough, especially when you have so many options to choose… Read More
The Benefits Of Double-Pane Windows
2019-11-22 20:44
You’re curled up on the couch in your living room on a cold day, and suddenly feel a draft that makes the hair on your neck stand up. The window isn’t open, but it’s allowi… Read More
7 Easy Steps To Speed Up Your Internet
2019-11-22 16:46
There are almost 4.4 billion active internet users — about 57% of the global population. That means millions of people are surfing cyberspace, accessing the internet at the same time… Read More
Find Verizon Internet Plans In Your Area
2019-11-14 15:57
Image: Branislav Nenin/Shuttershock About Verizon Internet  Verizon Communications is a global communications company that was formed on June 30, 2000, from a merger of Bell Atlantic C… Read More
Shop Spectrum Internet Plans Near You
2019-11-12 22:35
  Image: fizkes/Shuttershock Spectrum Internet Service Spectrum, also known as Charter Spectrum, is a subsidiary of Charter Communications. Spectrum offers residential cable TV, intern… Read More
Find AT&T Internet Plans Near You
2019-11-12 22:05
Image: wavebreakmedia/shuttershock AT&T Internet Service For fast speeds, nationwide hotspots and customer rewards, AT&T Internet is an affordable option for consumers looking for a… Read More
Shop Xfinity Internet Plans Near You
2019-11-12 21:44
Image: SFIO CRACHO/Shuttershock Xfinity Internet Service Xfinity is the TV and internet service arm of their parent company, Comcast. They sell internet, television and cable and voice call… Read More
Find Suddenlink Internet Plans Near You
2019-11-12 21:10
Image: pikselstock/Shuttershock About Suddenlink No matter what you use your internet services for – whether it’s gaming, streaming, or simply checking email – you need an… Read More
Hardwood Vs. Laminate Wood Flooring
2019-10-29 16:00
The flooring of a home is one of its defining features. Wood flooring remains one of the most popular options, as it is a naturally inviting, beautiful and timeless material. While older, mo… Read More
Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas
2019-10-29 16:00
There are so many kitchen flooring options available that it can feel difficult to find the right one. When making your decision, you’ll want to consider two factors: function and dura… Read More
Easy Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas
2019-10-28 16:00
Do you love looking through the latest design magazines for kitchen decorating ideas, but don’t have the time or budget for a major remodel? We’ve got some quick and easy decorat… Read More

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