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11 Best Zoodle Maker [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

What is life without pasta?

Delicious spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine – these are the foods of the Gods. When healthy living and pasta come together, you get the zoodle. Zoodle makers are the best companions for any Vegetable-based diet, which makes it all the more important to invest in the best.

What we look for in our zoodle makers is not just the ability to dish out noodles from veggie favorites like sweet potatoes, squash and, of course, zucchini. While drawing up the best of the best, we look out for some important markers of excellence. These include ease-of-use, versatility, durability and, most importantly, safety standards because zoodle-making should be a family affair.

Kids love it, adults love it – so stop paying extra for packaged cut vegetables from the market. Read on to pick your favorite zoodle maker that will make each meal a healthy delight of professionally chopped vegetables. All this without having to go through culinary training and, of course, sliced fingers.

Top Zoodle Maker

Our Top PickOur Top Pickhstcstbl-table__imageSpiralizer 7-Blade PS-10
  • Wide range of blades
  • Lifetime no-hassle replacement guaranteed
  • A sturdy suction cup at the bottom
hstcstbl-table__imageBrieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer 712038653027
  • Attachable storage caddy for blades
  • Weighs slightly more than 0.5 pounds
  • An elaborate user manual
hstcstbl-table__imageFullstar Vegetable Spiralizer
  • Manual equipment – does not require electricity
  • Device cap doubles as a food holder
  • Dishwasher-safe
hstcstbl-table__imageSedhoom 4-in-1 Spiralizer
  • Blades are made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Blades are switched by clockwise rotation
  • Entire device made of 2 components – body and handle
hstcstbl-table__imageSboly Vegetable Spiralizer
  • 7 blades of varying sizes
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and food-grade stainless steel
  • Suction with lever
hstcstbl-table__imageKitchen Supreme Handheld Spiral Slicer ks110204ss
  • In-built blades within the mold
  • Option to slice vegetables into two different sizes
hstcstbl-table__imageThe Original Zoodle Slicer ZS001
  • Built-in blades that can julienne and make floras
  • Finger guards to maximize safety
  • Delivered ready-to-use, no need to assemble
hstcstbl-table__imageMueller Pro Multi-Blade Spiralizer MU-PRO
  • Hefty - weighing at 3.09 pounds
  • Five blades made of 420-grade stainless steel
hstcstbl-table__imageAdoric 4-in-1 Handheld Spiralizer
  • Four different blades for different shapes
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Open design accommodates different sizes of vegetables
hstcstbl-table__imageMealthy 5-Blade Spiralizer 4335496302
  • 5 blades for five different types of zoodles
  • Blades marked with respective sizes and names
  • Compatible with recipes on Mealthy phone app

spiralizing courgette raw vegetable with spiralizer

  1. Spiralizer 7-Blade PS-10

From the trusted brand Spiralizer, the Spiralizer 7-Blade is your best friend for all the noodle-making in your journey to tastier and healthier living. True to its name, there are seven blades in the box for all seven days of the week. With this, you never have to be bored rolling out the same spaghetti strands every day.

Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer, Strongest-and-Heaviest...
Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer, Strongest-and-Heaviest...
  • Quality above all - stronger than ever – Spiralizer is the...
  • Never get bored on a keto/low carb, Paleo, raw, vegan, or...
  • Raving fans! - our product has been seen on bethenny, Ellen,...
  • Why do I need This? - enjoy your meals even if you are on a...

Why Did We Like It?

The product itself does best what it is made to do – slicing vegetables indiscriminately and in record time. The vegetable holder has long spikes, which allows users to firmly place vegetables as long as 10 inches. Zucchini and butternut squash pasta aside, this is also a great tool to evenly slice potatoes to create thin chips with just the right textures.

Moreover, recipe options are endless with the wide variety of blades provided. If that isn’t enough, included with the purchase of this equipment are 4 recipe e-books that will surely give you ideas for healthy and nutritious meals.

The setup was completed in a jiffy, and it can be easily assembled even by those who might not be too tech-savvy. Straightforward and easy-to-use, the end result is always thin and even. After use, the blades easily come off and can be run under the sink. Using a brush to clean it, as per manufacturer recommendation, effectively gets the job done as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

It is hard to find any faults of this product, and the raving reviews stand as a testament to it. However, it is worth noticing that the suction cup may not be compatible with all surfaces. Built-in storage is also limited as it can only accommodate 3 blades.

  • Strong and durable even though it is made of plastic
  • Provides a set of blades for differing widths and shapes
  • Easy to assemble and quick to use
  • Safe to handle
  • Limited storage
  1. Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer 712038653027

Another popular zoodle maker and spiralizer on the market is the Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer. It is a popular pick by many reviewers for its sturdy make and the strength with which it is able to prepare vegetables. Developed over many years, this product is an upgraded and improved version, and it shows!

Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer: Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty...
Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer: Strongest-and-Heaviest Duty...
  • STRONGEST YET & QUALITY ABOVE ALL: No expense was spared in...
  • GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY: ✅ 7 blades to make a wide...

Why Did We Like It?

Similar to our topmost recommendation, the Brieftons version of the 7-Blade Spiralizer provides the perks of downloadable recipe ebooks and a policy that covers buyers with lifetime hassle-free replacement. Although there is a marked difference in size, the strength and durability of this product cannot be doubted.

Fast and efficient – this zoodle maker effectively cuts down prep time for a range of recipes and meals that are not limited to pasta noodles. What it lacks in size, it makes up for by creatively adding storage units to the product itself. The Brieftons 7-Blade Spiralizer contains a storage tray that comes with an air-tight lid. This tray doubles up as a catcher for the cut vegetables – how neat!

That’s not all; the new 7-blade model has taken great care to optimize user-friendliness. This is most apparent in their well-designed and thorough user manuals, and responsive customer care service.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The suction cup remains an underlying issue with the products in this range. While the cup does hold on to granite and glass, it is useless on wooden surfaces. Moreover, for some users, the effectiveness wears off even on compatible kitchen countertops.

  • Compact and easy to store
  • Comes with an elaborate user manual
  • Helpful and responsive customer care service
  • Storage for blades acts as a container that can be used to catch cut veggies
  • Suction cup is unstable
  1. Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer

The Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer has a genius design – although it is compact, it is built to make optimum use of all its features. It differs from our previous two recommendations in terms of design – this one is handheld and manually operated. To add to it, there is no reason why this zoodle maker can’t be taken out to picnics and camping.

Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - 4 in 1...
Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - 4 in 1...
  • Compact and cleaning is a breeze - unlike large units which...
  • Functionality with ease - 4 options to fulfil all of your...
  • Mess-free storage solutions- the Fullstar spiralizer comes...
  • Keeping you and your family safe - we know our stainless...

Why Did We Like It?

Bigger is not always better! For those who have smaller kitchens or smaller storage spaces, this pocket-sized zoodle maker is ideal. Small families, students, and those who live alone will surely find this nifty little product quite useful.

But don’t be deceived by the miniature stature of the Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer – the super sharp and sturdy blades can chop up approximately 4 zucchinis in a matter of 5 minutes!

Now, we know that bigger spiralizers require a tray for catching the finished food – concern for tidiness becomes even more important in smaller kitchens. This handheld device, luckily, incorporates the food storage into its design. As the food is worked by the cap above, the strings of fruits and vegetables fall below into the cup.

Also, this product is priced reasonably – given that all zoodle makers essentially serve a single function, which it does efficiently.

What Could’ve Been Better?

If the Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer sounds too good to be true, we must tell you the shortcomings of this adorable, little zoodle maker. Owing to its small size, twisting the cap to make noodles is a serious workout for the wrist. For the same reason, the length of the noodles is comparatively less satisfactory.

  • Does not depend on electricity or batteries
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Food holder is integrated into the design
  • Value for money
  • Strenuous on the wrists over longer periods
  1. Sedhoom 4-in-1 Spiralizer

Small but effective – this understated spiralizer by Sedhoom does not kid around! This product is definitely compatible with all who are downsizing, yet do not want to part with their pasta machines. With four settings that can produce noodles of different widths, this zoodle maker comes at a throwaway price but lives up to its name.

Zucchini Spiraler Veggie Spiralizer Sedhoom 4 in 1...
Zucchini Spiraler Veggie Spiralizer Sedhoom 4 in 1...
  • Unique Design: After repeated testing and comparison,...
  • 4-in-1 Blade: This veggie spiralizer is a combination of 4...
  • High-quality Materials: The spiral blade is made of...
  • Simple Operation: This zucchini noodle maker is divided into...

Why Did We Like It?

There is quite a lot to like in a low-maintenance zoodle maker that does what it promises!

For starters, the sharp blades easily churn out thinly sliced noodles from a piece of vegetable in under a minute. While the thickness remains the same, noodles can be made of four different widths with this tool.

An interesting feature that’s often overlooked is the lid at the top which keeps one safe. More so, it allows produce to be cut until the very end. Compared even to the 7-blade spiralizers, this helps the Sedhoom Spiralizer reduce waste.

About the size of a mug – this compact zoodle maker, or spiralizer, does not cause any inconvenience in terms of kitchen storage. Without much to assemble, this is great for everyday use – you need just take it out, and it is ready to slice vegetables.

If you love it as much as we do, it would surely help to know that it fits easily inside a lunch bag, and can be carried to work to spiral out fresh summer salads to order!

What Could’ve Been Better?

This handheld zoodle maker ranks below some of its counterparts for the sheer fact that it does not come with any container to collect the fruits and vegetables that it cuts. Apart from being the messier alternative, it shares the drawback of being a tad tiresome, due to the small-sized handle.

  • Sharp and effective blades
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Safe lid helps to reduce waste
  • No provision for catching produce that has been cut
  1. Sboly Vegetable Spiralizer

A relatively new entrant to the Spiralizer game, the Sboly Vegetable Spiralizer learns from what others had been doing wrong. With added features for user-friendliness, this one is definitely a top contender.

Sboly Vegetable Spiralizer, 5-Blade Zoodle Maker Zucchini...
Sboly Vegetable Spiralizer, 5-Blade Zoodle Maker Zucchini...
  • Prepare Your Veggies In No Time. Sboly vegetable spiralizer...
  • Meet All Your Needs With 5 Blades. The 2mm blade to make the...
  • Safe To Use and Easy To Clean. Sboly has designed a strong...
  • No More Mess On The Counter-Top. The zoodle maker comes with...

Why Did We Like It?

More often than not, it’s the small things that make all the difference!

There is no doubt that the 7-blade spiralizer from Sboly has perfected the science behind making noodles out of vegetables. What gives it a special touch are the tidbits that come with the package.

In the box, you will find 5 blades of varying width, a suction pad, a container to catch sliced produce, and even a cleaning brush.

That being said, look out for the special feature in the suction pad. It comes with a lever that has to be turned to firmly hold down the contraption in place. So, it is safe to say that there will be no more sliding when you are slicing.

Likewise, extra care has been taken to maximize user-friendliness. The container that catches the sliced veggies is of one of the best sizes on the market and can hold a generous amount. And before we forget, special props to the designer who thought of labeling the blade containers.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Fitting and aligning vegetables on the holder may require some practice. Even if done properly, the center of the vegetables remains un-spiraled. This equals vegetable waste of about half an inch in diameter. Of course, you may add these to their soups and salads to minimize waste.

  • Lever feature on the suction cup
  • Labeled containers for different blades
  • Long vegetable container
  • Educational user manual
  • Wastage of produce
  1. Kitchen Supreme Handheld Spiral Slicer ks110204ss

The makers from Kitchen Supreme bundle up a set of useful goodies with each order of their Handheld Spiral Slicer. Not just a kitchen tool for do

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11 Best Zoodle Maker [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]


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