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9 Best Stump Killer Of 2021 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Often after trees are cut down to free up space, the Stump left behind might grow back again, leading to problems. 

Stumps can also bother you while carrying out any landscaping or gardening work. Hence, getting rid of them once and for all is essential, and that’s why you should bring home a good Stump Killer.

But choosing a suitable product is difficult, given the availability of hundreds of options out there. So, to ease the process for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the 9 top-notch options to consider. 

Read on to know more. 

Best Stump Killer 

Our Top PickOur Top PickVPG Fertilome 32295
  • Contains triclopyr
  • Weighs 32 oz
Roebic FRK-1LB
  • Contains dichlobenil
  • Weighs 1 lb
Spectracide HG-66420
  • Contains potassium nitrate
  • Available in the form of granules
  • Contains triclopyr
  • Comes with brush top applicator
Dow AgroSciences Tordon RTU548
  • Contains a blue die
  • No-freeze formulation
BioAdvanced 704655A
  • Contains triclopyr
  • Comes in a one-gallon sprayer
Remedy Ultra Weed Killer
  • Comes in concentrate form
  • Bottle weighs 1 gallon
Southern Ag 01112
  • Contains triethylamine
  • Comes in a 1-pint canister
Monterey LG5367
  • 8.8% triclopyr content
  • Concentrated formula

  1. VPG Fertilome 32295

This product from VPG is sure to impress you with its powerful and quick action on all stumps in your garden or lawn. It is also capable of controlling the growth of many types of poisonous weeds and woody plants. Note that this stump killer is available in concentrate form and comes in a bottle of 32 oz.

VPG Fertilome 32295 32Oz Brush Stump Killer
  • Controls unwanted woody plants, vines, and poison ivy around...
  • Package Weight: 1.043 kilograms
  • Vine control: cut the vine first & treat as directed For...
  • Package Dimensions: 8.128 L x 20.828 H x 12.446 W...

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, the triclopyr content of this fertilizer is very effective in killing stumps entirely. In addition to this, it can control the growth of vines, poison ivy, and the most undesirable woody plants. As such, with this product at home, you won’t need to worry about undesirable plants and stumps spoiling the surroundings of your home. 

Furthermore, applying this product is very easy as you don’t need to dilute it with water. All you need to do is completely cover the fresh-cut surface of the stump with a paintbrush.

Plus, there are detailed instructions included to help you with the amount you have to use each time. So, you can always ensure optimal utilization and get the best results. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only drawback of using this product is that it may harm a healthy vegetable plant. So, you must be a little careful while painting the stump or the weeds and ensure that the stump killer doesn’t come into contact with the surrounding vegetation. 

  • Triclopyr kills stumps entirely
  • Effective on weeds and woody plants
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • May harm surrounding healthy vegetation
  1. Roebic FRK-1LB

Next, we’ve selected the Roebic FRK Root Killer, which is completely safe for use and comes with a superb formula. It is one of the most sought-after products when it comes to killing stumps and roots and is made to deliver optimum performance in both cases. Note that this product is available in the form of powder and comes in a jar of 1 lb.

Roebic FRK-1LB Foaming Root Killer, Clears Pipes and Stops...
  • FOAMS ON CONTACT: Exclusive Roebic Root Killer formula,...
  • SAFE FOR ALL PLUMBING: Foaming Root Killer is safe for all...
  • EASY TO USE: The granular contrate has multiple application...

Why Did We Like It?

This product is capable of killing stumps by acting on their roots through its unique formula. It contains highly effective dichlobenil which helps in inhibiting growth of new roots and thus kills the stump entirely. 

Besides, the foaming agent present in it foams on coming in contact with water and fills the pipeline with dichlobenil. This facilitates better action, with the chemical reaching the roots effectively.

Plus, this root killer is safe for use in all kinds of plumbing and will never harm the surrounding plants. Lastly, it is very easy to use since you just need to apply the powder at the base and then water the area sufficiently. Note that you should apply it at a rate of 2 oz per feet for getting the best results. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Sometimes, this root killer may not be totally powdery when it arrives but may form cakes. This might be due to differences in processing the product batches. So, do check it as soon as it is delivered. If you face a similar issue, you can request a replacement immediately.  

  • Inhibits growth of new roots
  • Foaming agent facilitates better action
  • Doesn’t harm surrounding plants
  • Easy to use
  • Powder may form cakes sometimes
  1. Spectracide HG-66420

Using this stump remover from Spectracide is one of the best ways to get rid of undesirable stumps in your garden or yard. It is perfectly safe for use and comes in a 1-lb bottle with a convenient applicator. Note that you should use this product with a brush killer for freshly cut stumps.

Spectracide HG-66420 Stump Remover, Case Pack of 1 , Black
  • Destroys stumps: accelerates the rate of decomposition,...
  • Use with brush killer: before using Spectracide stump...
  • Easy to pour: pour granules easily into holes drilled in...
  • Stump burning: once the stump has become porous, it may be...

Why Did We Like It?

To begin with, this product contains potassium nitrate that initiates stump decomposition, making it more porous. Following this it can easily be burnt or removed from the yard or garden. 

Additionally, this stump killer is quite easy to use, since you just need to pour the granules into the holes drilled in the stump. So, you don’t need any mixing or diluting of the product as in the case of liquid stump killers. 

Furthermore, this product doesn’t produce any foul odor that might seem disturbing to you while you’re usit it. For applying it, you just need to make 1-inch wide and 12-inch deep holes in the stump and pour around 4 oz of the granules into each hole.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only disappointing aspect about the product is that it takes longer to show the results. Depending upon the size of the stump being treated, it can take several weeks to months for the stump to decompose fully. So, you’ll need to be a bit more patient if you choose to go for this stump killer. 

  • Initiates stump decomposition
  • Easy to apply
  • Produces no foul odor
  • Perfectly safe for use
  • Takes longer to show results
  1. Bonide 274 Vine & Stump Killer

If you have limited time in your hands, this Vine & Stump Killer from Bonide will be the perfect option to go for. It lets you entirely kill all the stumps in your yard or garden and also comes with a brush-top applicator. Note that this concentrate product is available in bottles of 7.2 oz.

Bonide 274 728639280241 Vine & Stump Killer, 1, Brown/A
  • Bonide # 274 8 ounce, concentrated, vine & stump Killer
  • Kills vines & stumps without harming desirable plants
  • Keeps stumps from re-sprouting after cutting, effective &...
  • Brush-top applicator makes applying easy & accurate

Why Did We Like It?

What we liked the most about the product was that it removed the stumps once and for all. Thus, the problem is not only eliminated, but is also prevented from recurring. So, you will notice that the stumps are not regrowing as in the case of ordinary products. And behind this magic is its high triclopyr content. 

Further, you get a brush-top applicator with the product, which enables optimal utilization and easy application. Plus, you can be rest assured that this stump killer won’t affect any surrounding desirable plant. 

Moreover, a small booklet of instructions provided along with it enhances its ease of use. That’s because the instructions are written very clearly and are detailed wherever required.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We observed that the capacity of this stump killer is smaller considering its price. In fact, you’ll find higher quantities of other competing products available for the same cost. Thus, we felt its capacity should be increased to make each bottle last longer. 

  • Removes stumps once and for all
  • Enables optimal utilization
  • Is easy to apply
  • Doesn’t affect surrounding plants
  • Capacity smaller than other products
  1. Dow AgroSciences Tordon RTU548

Get superior results each time with this Tordon RTU548 herbicide from Dow AgroSciences. It contains powerful ingredients that work to remove the toughest of stumps much quicker. Believe us when we say, this product wouldn’t fail to impress you a bit. Note that this stump killer contains a blue die and is available in bottles of 2.4 lbs.

Dow AgroSciences RTU548 Tordon RTU Herbicide QT Size
  • Effective: Kills cut stumps on fence lines&non-cropland...
  • Superior Results: Keeps more than 20 woody species at bay....
  • Easy-to-use: No-freeze formulation keeps the product flowing...
  • Instruction: No mixing or measuring is required, and you can...

Why Did We Like It?

There are a lot of stump killers available that become less effective whenever the temperature is extremely low. But you wouldn’t face any such problems in the case of this product, as it comes with a special no-freeze formulation. Thus, it will flow freely even during very cold weather. 

What’s more, you can track the decomposition of the treated stump very easily, thanks to the blue dye contained in the product. And it also ranks high in terms of ease of use as no measuring or mixing is required. All you need to do is pour the stump killer into a squirt-applicator, and you’re good to go. 

Furthermore, it is suitable for as many as 20 species of woody plants and successfully prevents resprouting for all of them.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only downside of using this product is that it’s highly potent and can damage surrounding desirable plants to some extent. So, you need to be cautious to ensure that the other plants don’t come in contact with it while in use. 

  • Tracking the treated stump is easy
  • Needs no measuring or mixed
  • Effective on 20 species of woody plants
  • Acts equally well during very cold temperatures
  • Can damage surrounding plants
  1. BioAdvanced 704655A

Our next pick for you is this BioAdvanced Brush Killer that helps you fight back strongly against the undesirable stump in the yard. Specially designed to remove the most stubborn brushes and stumps, this product is available in a convenient spray bottle of 1 gallon.

BioAdvanced 704655A Triclopyr Kills Kudzu, Poison Ivy and...
  • SPECIAL FORMULA: Special penetrating formula, kills even the...
  • BRUSH KILLER: Kills Kudzu, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak,...
  • RESULTS: Start seeing visual results in 1 - 6 weeks
  • RAINPROOF PROTECTION: Rainproof in 4 hours

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, we loved the penetrating formula of this product that makes sure the toughest of stumps are killed entirely. What does the trick is the efficient combination of triclopyr and triethylamine. 

As for its applicability, it is effective on more than 70 types of brush, stumps, and weeds. And you are sure to see the results within 1 to 6 weeks, which is quite fast compared to other average products. 

Additionally, this brush killer becomes rainproof within just 4 hours of application, so the water won’t be able to wash it away in most cases. Note that you should apply the product to a freshly cut stump to get best results. Lastly, the spray bottle form makes the application very quick and easy. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product works quite well in removing stumps, it is not safe for use around pets and children. That’s because it contains several powerful chemicals which can have detrimental effects on them. So, make sure you don’t keep children and pets in the vicinity while using the product. 

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9 Best Stump Killer Of 2021 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]


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