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Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair w/Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and USB Charger

The BestMassage Long Rail Massage Chair is the one you are looking for. It is a great product, worth paying $399.99 for. Let’s see what features this product can offer.

Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair...
  • Massage the skin surface to release fatigua,recover...
  • Maxmum load of backrest:90KG
  • The armrest is designed with a convenient phone slot,making...
  • Unique 3D surround sound enables you enjoy both music and...

Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair w/Wireless Bluetooth Reviewed

Description and Benefits 

This massage chair is a basic model, fit for anyone who is not looking for specific massage programs or techniques. It massages the body by gently working on your skin surface. The massage can help relieve fatigued muscles after a long day of work. Its intensity helps relax your bones too, recovering your flexibility and agility.

The product is developed as per the general interests of customers. It follows the dimensions of a human with average physique, keeping the size compact yet comfortable. The chair’s backrest can bear a maximum standard weight of 90 kg.

  1. Remote Controller with a Pouch

It can be quite tedious to hold onto a remote controller while you are getting massage done, or to keep a look out for it lest it is misplaced around the house. A similar uncomfortable thing can be experienced with foldable screens attached to the armrest. This chair brings you a controller inbuilt in your armrest, with an accompanying phone slot.

  1. SL-Track Design

The massage chair has a unique shape to fit your back snugly. It follows the SL Shape Curved Rail design to fit the fluid shape of a human body. The S shape supports your back and provides a relaxing massage. The L shape extends this relaxation to your thighs. Thus, it provides a comfortable and an effective full body massage from your neck and shoulders to your thighs.

  1. Multiple Massage Styles

There are three massage methods built into the system – knocking, kneading, and a combination of kneading and tapping. These massage techniques are simulated to replicate that of a masseuse, giving a human-like massage experience and comfort. You can also control the strength of the massage, increasing and decreasing the intensity as per your comfort.

  1. Adjustable Massage Posture

The massage chair has a special feature that shapes your hips. Thanks to the four airbags fixed on the sides of the chair, the alternating action of inflation and deflation swings the hip muscles, toning them into a healthy shape. It also relieves the pressure of pelvic bones and muscles, and your lower back. Who needs a gym when you can relax at home getting a massage AND a toned body?

  1. 3D Music Surround System

Music is a great way to relax your mind. Hence, it would make most sense to relax your mind along with your body. The chair is equipped with a 3D surround sound, connectable by Bluetooth. You can choose a soothing playlist on your phone kept in the phone slow on your armrest, connect it to the massage chair, and sit back enjoying your mind and body massage.

  1. Easy Mobility

The chair can be relocated easily, with the help of a hidden wheel.  The lightweight and compact size of the chair makes it suitable for both residential and office use. The chair comes fully assembled, in one piece, so you do not need to assemble it yourself.

Other Specifications 

  1. Mode of the Product: BM-3E58
  2. Voltage Input: 110 – 120 V
  3. Power: 45 W
  4. Frequency: 60 Hz
  5. Maximum weight capacity of backseat: 90 kg
  6. Noise of the Machinery: Less than 55 dB
  7. Net weight of the Chair: 30 kg
  8. Gross weight of the Chair: 37 kg
  9. Design Standard of Safety: Class I
  10. Minimum Pressure of Airbags: 0.025 – 0.03 MPa

Precaution: While unpacking, notice that the center of gravity of the chair is supported on the casters. Make sure the chair is not reclined backwards over an angle of 30° while moving it forwards and backwards.

Pros and Cons of the Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

  • single unit that does not require assembly or disassembly, compact and sturdy build, size fit for smaller spaces
  • easy to operate in the dark, control panel with audio response
  • massage methods and duration are completely in your control
  • hip swaying airbags help tone the shape of your waist and buttocks, while releasing the stress from your pelvic muscles
  • great quality/price ration
  • chair lacks the complex massage methods found in costlier models
  • does not provide massage above your neck and below your thighs, it also does not provide a heating pad for deep tissue muscle relief
  • massage intensity of this chair is neither high, nor low, the massage speed cannot be adjusted according to your necessity
  • remains in the upright position and does not recline during a massage session, that does not decompress your spine entirely and as effectively as zero gravity featured products do
  • can easily accommodate people from smaller to average size, but not the ones with a bigger body structure

Note: The product description does not mention if the massage chair has a Shiatsu massage technique as mentioned in the name. It also does not provide any details about included warranty, return policies, and post-sale advantages. However, there is a 3-year protection plan available for an extra $20.30. Do not forget to ask your dealers about it before you buy the product.

Customer Opinion of the Product 

The customer reviews vary from average to very good. The cost of the massage chair is definitely the biggest reason why people with minimum spa requirements prefer this product. This product is also great for those who cannot spare a lot of space in their rooms, as the small size fits perfectly in any corner.

It is not a suitable product for medical purposes like easing chronic muscular pain, or for the elderly. However, if your kids want a massage chair to relax or sleep in, this product is quite reliable. Most people have bought them for their toddlers and teenagers, and been satisfied with its service.

Final Thoughts on the Product 

You might be having a few mixed feelings about the BestMassage Long Rail Massage Chair. The biggest plus point is that the chair is very affordable and functional, and the biggest negative is that you keep wishing for more. It does not promise a lot of features, but it most certainly delivers the features that it advertises.

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Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair w/Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and USB Charger


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