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99 Super Cool Shower Curtains to Transform Your Bathroom Today

Often under-recognized and underrated in the early steps of home decorating, bathrooms are playing quite an important role when it comes to our house plan as a whole. It is a place where we can take a long soothing warm water Shower after a tiring day at work, or run a salt bath when we need some pampering.

It goes without saying that for one to find peace and relaxation in a chamber, in case, the bathroom, the place itself has to be comforting, positive and inviting. There is one small trick that can change your bathroom rapidly and inexpensively, the shower curtain!

Take a minute and thing about it, it wears out quite easily but we hardly spend time on the maintenance, it is always present and it occupies a quite big chunk of the bathroom when opened, what would be a better jump-start than changing the shower curtain?

If you don’t know where to start, worry not! I am here with some amazing ideas which could be the perfect curtain for your shower.

  1. Circus Décor Curtains

This cool shower curtain with circus characters, trained animals, the strong man and a trapeze artist retro show for its design is perfect for your kids’ bathroom. Created by Ambesonne, these shower curtains are a multicolored 2 panel set comes in a width of 180 and a length of 90 inches.

This vibrant curtain set with high-resolution 3D like images, adds a bold style statement to your bathroom and can fit in perfectly with the rest of the ambiance of your washroom. The fabric is Turkish made, neither too thin nor too thick, and is produced from high quality tight woven polyester with a silky satin feel. Furthermore, it has no artificial dyes which have harmful substances that can affect your family.

So, if you are into customizing even the tiniest little details of your home, or a fan of digital prints, then this is the one you could go for. Also, this curtain said would be brought in multiples and can be used as curtains for other rooms in the house, so that the interiors are a match.

  1. Black and White Mannequin Supermodel Curtain Set

Black and White is the ultimate color combination. People cannot get enough of it even today. It is also the first choice for all those designers in haute couture. So, if you are a connoisseur of high fashion and if black and white together is your favorite color combination, then there’s no way that you wouldn’t fall in love with this classy models-on-ramp curtain set.

The material is water proof, and the curtain set comes in a width of 69 inches and three different lengths. The digital printing results in a quite crisp image which doesn’t fade easily. So you don’t really have to bother changing your shower curtains quite often. The thickness of the material is just perfect, and the overall look of the curtain set is so chic that it can add a whole new facet to your little washroom.

Now flaunt off the fashionista in you, by reflecting your love for couture, even in your washroom and turn the heads in awe.

  1. Colorful Fashion Runway Curtain Set

Here’s another one for the fashion lovers again, only this time, a lot of colors added to it. This chic design works well with the color palettes of your towels, bathroom mats and other accessories, giving everything a luxurious feel on the whole.

The curtains are made of polyester, and are not too thick or thin, and can be dried quite easily after the shower. Also, its water proof, soap resistant, mold and mildew resistant. Coming to the design, it’s a graphic print that’s hard to fade. The curtain also comes with hooks so you don’t have to go through the trouble of visiting a store and purchasing them.

To give your washroom a different look altogether, and that too in a quick and easy way, just get this ultra modern super model curtain set and fix it in your washroom, because all those colors and gorgeousness, makes up for a great bathroom interior.

  1. Geometric Gold-lined Curtain Shower Set

Bathrooms are definitely places where you spend a significant amount of time in your everyday life. So be careful of what you choose when you are decorating your bathrooms.

If you are not into all the pomp and grandeur like the ones shown above, then you could play safe and go for a shower curtain set that’s simple and elegant, like this. This waterproof shower curtain set comes in 5 different sizes, and is produced with an anti-microbial technology. That means, the curtains are treated to resist mold and mildew, and repel water, so as to keep it clean for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, the design reflects class, and is printed with the help of a high quality digital technology, which ensures the longevity of the print. And the material is of high quality ecofriendly polyester and is suitable for machine wash. Also, the sellers are giving a full refund or return in case you aren’t satisfied with the product. So, I am sure it is worth giving a try.

  1. Shower Curtains with a Valentine’s Day Gift Set Pattern

This little sheet of hearts is perfect for the newly weds or the couple that just moved in and started to make a living together. The curtain comes in a full standard bath size, that is, works well with the standard sized bath tubs and shower areas. Its fine polyester material is durable, easy to clean and water repellant. So, rest assured your shower curtain will be good to go for many long years.

The design consisting of hearts in various sizes and hues is quite stunning and is right for all those people madly in love, or if you are simply a lover of hearts. The design is made by qualified artists and is printed with a dry sublimation digital printing technology so as to ensure that the design stays on for quite a while. Also, the design is carefully printed on to both the sides so that you can use it either way.

The cool shower curtain also comes with its own curtain shower rings so that you can directly fix it to the shower rod, with no extra fuss of buying other supplies.

  1. Black and White Strip Printing Shower Curtain Set

At first glance, I thought this was a curtain made with pieces of leather suspended from the shower rods with the help of rings. Then I looked again with intent, and then it hit me that’s it is a black and white curtain with stripes that are perfectly symmetrical.

So, if you’re into perfectly shaped geometric designs, you might want to give this one a shot. It is a waterproof shower curtain of 72 x 72 inches’ width and length respectively and is made with a high-quality Turkish fabric that is mold, mildew as well as soap resistant.

The curtains come with the hooks, and the fabric is safe for machine wash. The design, which is the best part of the curtain set uses state-of-the-art digital printing technology so that the print doesn’t fade easily and the curtains last through the years.

  1. Jazz Music Décor Shower Curtain

I mean, who doesn’t love Jazz? It is one of the most soothing genres of music. Imagine lighting some scented candles, adding some bath salts to your tub and indulging in a warm bath listening to some Nina Simone! Absolute bliss, right? When just the element of music can make your time so relaxing, why not add something to up the feel a little bit by adding this Jazz themed shower curtain?

This 75×69-inch curtain set with hooks is made from a high-quality Turkish polyester fabric, which is waterproof and resists soap, mold and mildew. The high quality 3D like printing give realistic feel to the whole thing, whilst ensuring the longevity of the print, thus pampering the music lover in you.

The material is environment friendly, and can be easily cleaned with the help of the washing machine.

  1. Rustic Shower Curtain with Barn Wood Art

For all those who love everything old school, including the rustic art and the tinge of wooden design in everything, this rustic old barn wood art shower curtain set might be the right choice.

The curtains are made with polyester which is of high quality, and is available in different sizes as per your choice. The antimicrobial technology based treatment makes sure that the curtain is away from mold, mildew and other health-related threats. The material is free of any kind of smell, doesn’t harden and can be easily cleaned in the machine.

And the print is so realistic that it looks like you’ve actually placed a slim wooden wall for your shower area. The digital printing technology also makes sure that the print doesn’t easily fade.

So if you own a big house with rustic interiors, it’s high time to use the same kind of interior in the bathrooms too.

  1. Zen Nature Inspired Shower Curtain

We’ve spoken about retro art, music and fashion and love inspired curtain sets; now is the time to talk about one whose design is inspired by something that most of us adore – nature!

This pretty shower curtain fits standard bath tubs and shower areas perfectly. The waterproof nature of the material keeps the water from splashing onto the other side. Further, the curtain set is environment friendly, and is handy enough to be cleaned in the washing machine.

The beautiful design, which involves natural elements like flowers, stones, leaves and bamboo stalks, is printed with the help of a state of the art technology.

The shower curtain set is best fitted with the C-shaped curtain hooks and is quite easy to install by you.

  1. Dolphin Printer Shower Curtain Set

I’ve already established the point about bathrooms being the places of relaxation. So, while you’re at it, why don’t you arrange for something that gives you a feeling of escaping to a desert, or say, an ocean?

If you’re game for the latter, then go with this shower curtain which has the image of a serene ocean touched by the hues of sunset and a pair of dolphins are diving into the deep blue waters, printed in a 3D like technology, that aims to give you the best feel of being escaped to those mesmerizing dollops of nature.

Like most of the shower curtains, this one too, is made of high-quality water, soap, mildew and mold resistant polyester. It comes in various sizes, and fits all the standard sizes of the bath and shower areas.

The product comes with the hooks, and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

  1. Coral Reef Sea Secret Curtain Set

Now that you’ve seen a curtain set inspired by the water surface, let’s venture into the depths of those oceanic waters, with beautiful coral reefs and aquatic life.

That’s exactly the kind of experience this coral reef inspired shower curtain set promises, while you’re having a calming bath. Although just an image, it is printed with a cutting edge technology to give a realistic feel.

The material used is a high-quality waterproof polyester which keeps all the mildew and mold away, making your shower curtains last longer. Cleaning the curtains is also easy, as you can just throw it into the machines for a wash. And last but not the least, it comes in various sizes as per your demand.

  1. Simple Shower Curtain Set

For all the plain Janes and Joes out there who embrace simplicity and minimalism, this shower curtain set with a natural herringbone pattern might just be what you are looking for.

It is made with 100% water-repellent polyester that keeps all the mold and mildew away. The hem with an additional weight keeps the curtain in place, not letting the water splash onto the other side while the rust resistant metal grommets on the top keeps the hooks from rusting, thus keeping it new.

As for the safety and eco friendliness of the product, an independent certification system followed by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, the manufacturing center, ensures that all the checks are conducted properly.

  1. Freak Show Printed Shower Curtain Set

If you are going through a dark grunge phase in your life and your room is full of gothic décor, then this shower curtain would be a perfect addition to your grunge interior collection.

This multicolored shower curtain is made with a fully water resistant polyester fabric and can be washed in a machine without any apprehensions. The vibrant color scheme gives your bathroom a stylish look while the curtains keep your floor clean and dry.

Furthermore, this is easy to install as all you need to do is insert the clothing hooks into the holes of the curtain and suspend it from the rod.

  1. Love You Heart Shower Curtain

Show some love to your mom by gifting this pretty pink shower curtain with a printed heart and a love message on it. What’s special about this design is that the background is printed to its last detail to give a high definition rusty wooden look, although with a pink hue to it.

The curtain is of 70 inches’ length and 69 inches’ width, and is made with a quality Turkish polyester fabric, which is water resistant. It is also eco-friendly, and is safe from all the mold and mildew as the water dries off super quickly from the shower curtains.

So, if you’re a lover of pink, or need something to compliment your bedroom theme, or just present something to the loved ones, opt for this rare combination of retro and pink wooden shower curtain without further thought.

  1. Circus Themed Shower Curtain

Circuses are super fun. They remind me of my childhood days where my dad would take my brothers and me to see all the fascinating stunts performed by the magician, gymnasts, and other animals. This amazing circus themed shower curtain is sure to take you down the memory lane, while pepping up the look of your bathroom.

The 75-inch-long and 69-inch-wide shower curtain comes with free hooks and is made of a high quality imported waterproof Turkish fabric, and is resistant of mildew, mold, and soap.

The print of the image is done with a high-end technology, so you don’t have to worry about the durability and longevity of the print.

  1. Stage Décor Shower Curtain Set

For all the musicians and rock stars out there, this is the perfect way to bring in their passionate spirit, even while they take a relaxing shower.

This stage décor curtain with a vintage background is of 69 inches’ width and 71 inches’ length. It is made out of water-resistant polyester, which also keeps away soap, mold, and mildew.

The most interesting thing about this curtain set is its design, where the guitar, speakers, and mic are printed accurately to the last of details, giving it an almost real 3D look.

The shower curtain comes with a set of hooks, which makes it easier to attach the curtain to the rod, without any external help.

  1. Beach Element Curtain Set

If beaches and its ambiance light up your mood, then you must try opting for this beach themed shower curtain set. The design is studded with the starfish and seashell prints, against the background of a pleasant white color.

The material is eco-friendly, water resistant and can be cleaned off by wiping with a damp cloth. Since it is also mold, mildew and soap resistant, you are spared from any smell coming out from the cloth.

It also comes with 12 hooks, which can be easily fixed to the shower rod by yourself.

  1. Christmas Snowman Shower Curtain

If you want to keep the festive spirit, irrespective of the holiday season, then you must definitely install this snowman shower curtain in your bathroom.

It fits all the standard sized shower spaces and bathtubs, and is made with a waterproof polyester fabric. It is easily cleanable and comes along with a set of plastic hooks with which you can suspend it from the rod.

The curtain is sure to live up your spirits, especially if you love snow and Christmas. However, since it is white in color, the transparency of the curtain may differ based on the amount of lighting you have in the bathroom.

  1. Purple Ombre Shower Set

Ombre has been in vogue for quite a while now. I mean, how cool does a transitioning gradient look? So, if you are looking to make your bathroom in sync with the theme of your house, especially if your walls and décor have purple as a major standing element, then you can go for this purple ombre shower curtain set to compliment the look of your shower area.

This ombre curtain is made of good quality imported Turkish Polyester which is water resistant. It’s dimensions of 75 inches’ length, and 35 inches’ width makes it perfect for all the standard bathtubs.

The coloring scheme of the curtain set is vibrant and does not contain any dying substances that are harmful to your health. Also, the fabric is easy to clean and can be easily washed with the help of a washing machine.

  1. King Kong Themed Sloth Shower Curtain

Who needs King Kong when there’s an animal much cuter, leaning from a huge high rise, protecting you from prying eyes, when you are bathing? If you are someone who puts laziness before everything else, then this Sloth bear and King Kong fused shower curtain set is the perfect match to be your shower time companion.

Now, you can slowly take a bath, and relax down, sipping on some Chardonnay or reading a book, while your soul animal Mr. Sloth makes sure that you have your privacy in tact.


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  1. WakeyWakey! Bacon and Bathey!

I’d definitely be wrong if I’d say that there are not a lot of bacon lovers out there. In fact, the love for bacon has been so deep instilled in a many a man, that they actually dream of this delicious strip of meat at all times.

If that’s the case, you should go for a shower curtain with a life-size picture of bacon printed on it. I mean, who wouldn’t love to take a shower looking at the most mouthwatering meat in the world?


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  1. The Clueless Shower Curtain

I swear I have never seen something so confusing and clueless, yet a shower curtain that’s so awesome like this. If you are someone like me, who embraces the weird craziness in life, then something like this would be an insane way to chill out while you relax in the bath.

I mean, have you ever seen a giraffe with a sunglasses and a sword happily swimming the ocean on the back of a shark? How cool is that!


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  1. The Shower curtain we all want

Burger, cat, and taco are foreboding a background of galaxies and mysteries of the universe – how can something get better than this? This amazing shower curtain has something we all like. Be it the purry kittens, a big fat burger, the sumptuous Mexican tacos, or the endlessness of the universe.

I am sure the designer made this to make the day of any person stepping into the shower much more awesome, by catering to his likes. I mean, I’d definitely have a smile on my face if I get to look at something like this everyday.


More details

  1. Shower Curtain for the Comic Lovers

Anything with a picture or reference remotely relating to the comics hold my attention. If you are someone like me, then this is definitely a great idea to amp up your shower space. All that bright colors and that lettering with a retro dotted background is just an amazing way to reflect all the nerdy traits in you, even during the time of showering.


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  1. Shower Curtain Matching Your Bath Mats

When you are going shopping for the bath mats, try and look for the shower curtains in the same color and pattern. This will give co-ordination to the complete washroom, this giving it an elegant look.

The light teal and white striped curtains are one of the combinations you could go for while decorating your bathroom spaces.


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  1. Ruffled Shower Curtains

Try and add some class to the shower curtains by giving them a makeover. Don’t just go for a plain shower curtain with holes for the hooks, or the digitally printed ones. Instead, try opting for the ones with some ruffles sewn at the bottom. This shows that you have actually given some thought to designing the shower spaces of the home as well, and not just the living room, bedrooms, and the kitchen.

After all, a cozy bathroom does make for a lousy day!


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  1. Tiffany Fade Chevron Pattern Shower Curtain

Chevron patterns are known for their elegance and can easily add to the beauty of your washroom. This zigzag shaped shower curtain by Rexlambo is made from 100% water resistant high-quality polyester and can help you personalize your bathroom as per your taste.

What makes this curtain stand out is its buttonholes which can be manipulated according to the need and hung easily.

  1. Hearty Black, White and Gold Star Shower Curtain 

If you are looking to include a Wow factor in your bathroom with the help of a shower curtain, then this is it. This lovely curtain works well with all the standard bath tubs and shower areas, and can be easily cleaned thanks to its high-quality, water-resistant polyester fabric.

  1. Shabby Chic Laced Shower Curtain

There is no written rule established that showers don’t need extravagant décor and upholstery. If you have a home that oozes Victorian charm, then you must perhaps go for this ruffled shower curtain embellished with beautiful lace, which leaves the whole ambiance in the washroom absolutely ravishing. For the lovers of sheer, lace and elegant, this will be the right pick for the shower curtain.

However, you must make a not of the change in transparency levels according to the lighting.

  1. Ingrid Beddoes ‘Believe’ Desert Quote Shower Curtain

For all the lovers of literature and inspirational quotes out there, being able to look at this ‘Believe’ shower curtain by KessInhouse every time they bath would be nothing short of bliss.

It is simple, elegant and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing. The soothing tranquility in the picture will not only help you relax during the bath time but can also help you feel fresh and inspired throughout the day. Amazing, right?

  1. The Thinker Funny Shower Curtain

This is a classy way to turn your bathroom’s humor quotient up a notch. Featuring a person in his most primal thinking state, now you are going to have permanent company while you do your thinking on your commode. This simple design leaves a lot to the thought, literally, so that you may get started to think on your own.


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  1. Funny Pig Shower Curtain

Oink Oink! Revisit the kid inside you, with this curtain featuring a cute, pink pig enjoying a bath. Take a trip back in time with this whimsical pig. I mean, who can stay grumpy when you have this little guy around. With its bright color pattern, this curtain is a must have if you happen to have kids around. Rest assured, you will be reeling in this little pig’s cuteness for quite some time, after you use it to drape your shower area.

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  1. Peek A Boo Dog Shower Curtain

Looking for some naughty fun? Give your guests a creepy time in the bathroom with this Peek A Boo curtains. With those huge binoculars, you can be assured that your guests will be uncomfortable about their privacy to the maximum levels. Add to that, the cuteness of our peeping tom, this curtain gives your bathroom a perfect blend of naughty and fun!


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  1. Unicorn Silhouette Shower Curtain

If your kids have a bathroom of their own, this is the perfect go to shower curtain for you. Start building your kid’s world of fantasy by introducing them to the most glorious animal of them all, the Unicorn! Also if you know someone who is a kid at heart, try gifting them this, watch as they turn into a kid again, drooling over their most favorite animal of all times.


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  1. Mona Lisa Chewing Gum – Shower Curtains

Give a big boost to the humor quotient in your bathroom with one of the funniest concepts around. This meme turned shower curtain is guaranteed to get lots of laughs from your guests. This curtain acts as a 3 in 1 combo – an art masterpiece, an attention grabbing meme and a lovely shower curtain which gives a comforting ambiance to your shower space.


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  1. Circus Elephant Shower Curtain

Does the memory of your childhood visits to the circus still bring nostalgia back? Why not bring circus home? Gets this shadow shower curtain of an elephant balancing on top of a ball? Apart from being one of the most impressive tricks the circuses had up their sleeves, this curtain also has a very sober color pattern, which gives your bathroom an elegant feel.


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  1. Vintage Red Truck Shower Curtain

Steer away from the conventional curtain styles, with the Vintage Red truck shower curtain. If you or your loved one happens to be a fan of vintage cars, this design would fit perfectly you shower curtain need. Printed with a woody masculine background, this shower curtain adds a complete vintage feel to your bathroom. So shower away with your all masculine vintage beauty from Anderson’s Garage.


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  1. Jellybean Giraffes Shower Curtain

Have you heard of the latest fashion trend in the giraffe world? Why not witness it first hand with the Jellybean Giraffes Shower curtain. Find a vibrant and colorful addition for your bathroom in this beautifully colorful curtain. The yellow background of the curtain adds an additional funkiness to the overall theme. The curtain would make a very good gift for someone who is still a kid at heart.


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  1. Funny Goat Farm Shower Curtain

This humorous goat farm shower curtain takes a very simple design idea, and takes it to next level by inserting clever imagery and a funny tag line. This curtain is bound to be amusing to the guests in your house, as they get used to its subtle sense of humor. A jute bag theme background gives it a rugged look which serves as a cherry topping to its already minimalistic design.

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  1. Hot Red Lips Shower Curtain

In mood to spice up your romantic life? Add this Hot Red Lips Shower curtain in your bathroom to take the mood to the next level. Designed to transform the ambience of your shower space into a duo of romantic and naughty, this curtain is an absolute eye catcher. Apart from creating a romantic setting, this curtain is also an artistic masterpiece, which is ideal for a re-modelling of your shower space.


More details at

  1. Ferm Living Shower Curtain – Spear

What’s special about this shower curtain that’s designed in a perfectly symmetric geometrical pattern in multiple hues is that unlike almost every curtain in the article, it is made with cotton and coated with acrylic.

Embellishing your bathroom with this shower curtain would give it a modern and minimalistic look that soothes your mind.


More details at

  1. Black Fabric Shower Curtain

This plain black shower curtain doesn’t need to boast about it design or everything, but grab the attention of anyone with its finest elegance and sophistication. It is designed with a slight sheen, complemented with tuxedo pleats at the above.

The material is waterproof as well as has mold, mildew and soap resistance and is available in other solid colors like soft brown and midnight brown.

  1. Black and White Triangle Shower Curtain

Like I said, I love black and white. And this pattern is those colors at their finest. It’s modern, chic and extremely sophisticated. And that insanely attractive triangular pattern will jazz up any shower space, without any other embellishments. What’s more, the fabric used to make the curtain is cotton, which is later covered in a fine acrylic coating to make it water resistant.


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  1. Aquious Glitter Shower Curtain

Glitter and Sequins are not just for dresses and other craft projects. If used carefully, they can also make for really awesome shower curtains. For instance, like the one shown in this image, which is designed by Lisa Argyropoulous. She chose a high quality polyester fabric and covered it in teal colored sequins which reflect the aquatic theme without any hard guesses.

If used in bathrooms with light hued monochromatic walls, it adds the right amount of brilliance and beauty to the whole space.

  1. Fabric Black and White Shower Curtain

This horse themed black and white shower curtain designed by Paul Thomas is something that will be liked by every equestrian lover. Made with pure cotton and completely hand screened, this simple yet elegant shower curtain welcomes you as you jump into the bath to take a shower. Naturally toned washrooms and shower spaces will complement this curtain perfectly.


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  1. Slate Horizon Striped Shower Curtain

This stylish and futuristic look of the shower curtain can definitely be accredited to its bold stripes in multiple solid colors. It’s aesthetically pleasing and works with any kind of bathroom décor as long as you are going for simple, and not something flashy. This pure cotton curtain is perfect for those who yearn for sophistication in their house décor.


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99 Super Cool Shower Curtains to Transform Your Bathroom Today


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