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Feng Shui for Sweet Dreamzzzzzzzzz…

Sleeping Child high resGood quality sleep is so vital for our health and happiness, but is increasingly elusive for adults and children alike. Typically, researchers will turn to the ‘mechanics’ of sleep such as biological processes, nutrition, heartbeat, the amount of REM and deep sleep cycles, the type of mattress etc.  All of these are important to help us understand the physicality of sleep…but rarely do I see the subtle influences on sleep to be analysed…

The ENERGY of the ENVIRONMENT is having an effect on your sleep, whether or not you BELIEVE it to be…

Let’s get Zen here….The Taoists experienced the world around them as a Macrocosm and the world within them as a Microcosm and practices such as Feng Shui help you to align your heart, mind and body to create a positive feedback loop with the world around you.

“The upstairs is like a different place – I wake up feeling more relaxed and no more crippling back ache that I did have initially upon getting up. I am much more positive and asked for a pay rise, which I got!” Alison Christie, Feng Shui client London, UK

The whole world has a sentience and energy that the ancient Feng Shui masters studied and experienced directly. They formed energy maps of the ‘hidden forces’ so that practitioners of this complex art could help people to heal and be more harmonious with one another.

Women are (on the whole) naturally more sensitive to the earth and environment than men are, simply because women are (in general) more receptive and not programmed for as much ‘outward’ activity as men. Clearly, both evolved men and women are now interested to learn how to balance both the feminine and masculine qualities within them to reach a fuller sense of self.

“The morning after you changed her bed position, she slept so soundly that she had to be woken up! I thought it might just be a one-off fluke, but I am delighted to say 6 weeks on that her sleep has been very much improved and we are really happy. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future requirements. Thank you so much.” Eva Hobbs, Holland Park, London, UK.

Most of my clients are women who intuit that something is not quite right at their home or work place. Some of them have the most beautiful and exquisitely interior designed homes that have made terrible Feng Shui faux pas!

My heart sinks sometimes when I see beautiful bespoke carpentry put in totally the wrong place that then dictates a really negative energy vortex in a room or a permanent vulnerability for the room’s occupant.  Or £15k spent on an incredible bespoke wall paper (in just one room) that is totally the wrong elemental resonance and is making the energy really heavy and suffocating.

“Since moving her bed to the position you suggested, she no longer stays up at night reading, but sleeps through all the time. A real success, thank you!” Sara Hannan, wife of MEP Dan Hannan, Brussels 

Clearly my work involves skill in enrolling people into new possibilities… I once asked a woman to fill in a beautiful sleek modern reflection pool and water feature she had only just had built as part of a £15k garden makeover –  the position of this water was playing havoc with the man’s loyalty towards her – she filled it in and he came back to her.

How is this all possible? How can the direction of my bed make me sleep better or a water feature position keep my husband loyal?!

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If you’d like to know more about the how and the why, I am happy to talk to special interest groups, design practices and private groups at homes in London or Gloucestershire or further afield. Or if you’d like my one on one help, please feel very free to register for a Discovery Call by filling in the simple form on the Contact Us page.

“During my sleepovers I never used to feel rested, but now I feel a lot better and the whole feel of the place has changed for the better. Everyone remarks how lovely the place is now and my client is much happier”. Carer, London, UK.

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister is a Master of Classical Feng Shui – a title bestowed on her from within a traditional Chinese lineage after 10 years of study and a gruelling practical exam. Her clients include Red Bull, Princes Foundation for Building Community, Westminster City Council (London Chinatown project), Smiley, REM (Real Estate Management UK), Bartercard and most recently an international telecoms company. She was the first Feng Shui writer for Sarah Beeny’s AT HOME MAGAZINE website, and has contributed to dozens of online articles and podcasts over the years since 2003. Her feng shui work has been featured in Red Magazine, The Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Sun, The Hong Kong Sun, Superyacht Design, Afton Bladet, Hia Magazine (the Arabic equivalent of Tatler), The Lady, Kent Homes and Gardens, Managing Partner, Corporate Communications Magazine, Metro, Fabric, Visionist Magazine, Natural Health Magazine…

She has given short talks and mini-workshops on Feng Shui in London for Neville Johnson in Mayfair, BNI Knightsbridge, RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), The Princes Foundation for Building Community, and design practices such as OPL (Office Projects Ltd) and 20-20 Design. She has given longer workshops at Homes For Good exhibition, DECO 08 in Iran, DECO 09 in Jeddah and taught students all over the world in London, Moscow, Tokyo, Breda, Amsterdam and the Isle of Wight. Her feng shui consultation work has taken her all over the world to Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Antigua, Italy, Guernsey, Ireland, Belgium, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Her book ‘The Dreams Architect – designing your life and home to support your inner luminosity” is focused on new builds and renovations and is published by California based Motivational Press in May 2016. In this work, Sarah weaves the subjects of cosmology, wilderness philosophy, vortex mathematics, environmental psychology, sustainability, biomimicry and classical feng shui and astrology to guide readers on a journey into how this is all interconnected and why the world around and within us is so powerful and why it is so important to embrace the subtle yet powerful influences of hidden energies to create lives and communities of greater harmony and hope.

“After the space clearing and feng shui consultation, Sarah gave me a written report on the house, including a short list of things I could change straight away, mainly moving desks and beds. We’ve done most of them and already the atmosphere is much calmer. The biggest difference, though, has been with my son, who had been having trouble sleeping and, like a lot of teenagers, was quite disruptive at home. Sarah found his bed was in the worst possible place for him. Unbelievably, from the very day we changed it he slept better. Sarah then arranged a space clearing for the house and in particular for his room. Even my partner, the biggest sceptic you could come across (who in fact thought I was utterly mad to even think about feng shui) feels this has made a difference not just in how well my son sleeps, but in his general humour and confidence. He also concedes that in some indefinable way, the entire house has a warmer, more tranquil atmosphere, which is definitely what we were aiming for.

PS Sarah – difference in Stevie has been quite remarkable actually. He has not had one nocturnal wandering since the bed move and since the space clearing as well is much calmer, more focused at school and so much nicer to have around. He commented the other day how much he likes being in his room now. Next thing to do is change Katie’s room . . . “ Names have been changed to protect client – **THIS WAS FEATURED IN RED MAGAZINE 2006


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Master Sarah McAllister is owner and founder of Feng Shui Agency Ltd, a UK based Feng Shui consultancy and training company with an international client portfolio and associate Feng Shui architects, Feng Shui Urban Planners and Interior Designers. She is widely regarded as an industry expert and is a sought after lecturer and consultant. She publishes a free monthly newsletter “CHI-mail!” with industry news, practical Feng Shui insight and advice for subscribers.

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Feng Shui for Sweet Dreamzzzzzzzzz…


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