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3 easy and effortless ways to quickly and massively boost your health

PiMag Waterfall

With winter approaching us in Northern Hemisphere, I felt inspired to create a dedicated blog piece to health and wellbeing technologies, so that you have the knowledge you need to keep healthy this winter.


Even though you have your fair share of rain in some climates(!), especially Europe, you can still get dehydrated easily, as central heating goes on and dries the air out in your house or office space. You can remedy this with drinking more water of course, but no just any water. 

Not all water is created equal. Nowadays trendy hotels have ‘Water Menus’ offering various types of mineral water from throughout the world and we are becoming more discerning about water quality. Worries and lack of control over what is being put in our municipal supply has people turn to installing their own water purification devices to clean out heavy metal residues, pesticides and other toxins.

The Nikken philosophy is to make technologies that offer easy and instant help to people, so while there are plumbed in options available in the USA that I can procure for you, many people enjoy the hassle free use of a countertop system such as the Nikken PiMag Waterfall dispenser (see photo top left) which has a convenient push operated ‘tap’ to dispense your water – ideal for the office and also for the kitchen or home office. You can find out more here:

PiMag Waterfall

If the above link doesn’t work (sometimes they default to a main Nikken site) then please go to:

And then navigate to SHOP NOW then Water then PiMag Waterfall

Already have a good water filter?

PiMag Optimiser


But does it magnetise and enliven the water? Most filters on the market just clean or at best condition the water, but the PiMag systems enliven and re-mineralise tap water. You could consider the PiMag Optimiser  (right) which creates a whirling vortex in the water to re-energise it – you see water isn’t supposed to be stagnant. It is supposed to be moving through a waterfall or river or babbling brook…as it moves over rocks and pebbles it also picks up natural earth magnetism – another property that Nikken cleverly puts back into our water.


Another really really important aspect of creating a healthy environment is to consider the quality of your internal air. Often this is more polluted than outdoor air, due to the use of cleaning products, paints, fabrics & plastics that off-gas etc. Plus there is all the dead skin, dust, moisture from breathing, germs that circulate in a home or office.

Luckily, there is an easy solution in the form of the Kenko Air unit, which purrs almost silently in the background, not only filtering your air but also creating very healthy negative ions so that your space feels like the air from after a thunderstorm or as if you are walking through a forest during the daytime and breathing in all the oxygen enriched air.

Clients of mine have used it and experienced a reduction in air borne illnesses in the office, and asthma sufferers absolutely swear by it in terms of reducing their symptoms.

I am an asthma sufferer and noticed a marked improvement since using the Nikken air filters in my home and office. Thank you for recommending these Sarah – they are well worth the investment.”  Malcolm Terry, businessman London

Kenko Air Filter & Ioniser

Kenko Air

If the above link doesn’t work (sometimes they default to a main Nikken site) then please go to:

And then navigate to SHOP NOW then Breathe then Kenko Air


An additional benefit of the KenkoAir filter is that it helps to reduce electro smog static in the air, because of the negative ions (these are positive for health!) it emits to counteract all the positive ions (these are negative for health!) emitted by electronic devices, wifi, printers, gaming consoles, TVs etc.

You can also increase your natural magnetic earth energy by increasing the amount of magnets you have near you – let me explain a little.

With much of cities and even gardens overlaid with concrete and paving etc. it is increasingly difficult to connect with the Earth’s natural magnetic energy, which is actually vital for good health. Remember those days at the beach or sat in a meadow having a picnic with friends? Doesn’t the world seem to resonate with a depth of peace then, that is somehow lacking from our homes and offices almost entirely. This is because electromagnetic smog depletes the earth energy further and is particularly the case for people living in high rise apartments and penthouses.

How can you increase your magnetism? 🙂

It’s so easy. Nikken’s ‘passive’ technologies mean all you have to do is sit or sleep on ’em, drink and breathe ’em or wear them!

Naturest Kenkopad

Naturest KenkoPad is a fantastic mattress topper (you can use it on any size mattress as they come in standard sizes of single, double, King etc. but can be custom made to your specific dimensions) that contains a cornucopia of wellness tech – from tiny magnets to ceramic fibres and anti-bacterial fabrics… it brilliantly deals with issues of microscopic mould that many mattresses suffer (and that you can’t see!) caused by moisture released at night. The KenkoPad’s patented design has a special circulation design to create air pockets that dry up the moisture we release, and all sorts of other clever features.


If the above link doesn’t work (sometimes they default to a main Nikken site) then please go to:

And then navigate to SHOP NOW then Sleep then KenkoPad

Kenko Dream Quilt

Quilt, Mattress & Pillow ‘Sleep System’

This mattress topper can be used as a single product but works even better when used with its companions in the Sleep System – the Naturest Pillow and the KenkoDream Quilt (this is amaaaazing… I love mine). The pillow has beads in it which you can take out to suit your requirements for a firmer or softer neck hold and like the mattress topper and quilts, the beads contain magnetic arrays which help to increase circulation and relaxation while you sleep.

Naturest Pillow

The benefits of improved circulation are more efficient detoxification throughout the body and speedier recovery for athletes who have high performance demands on their body.

Plus there are a whole range of wearables like watches and jewellery that also help to create a really healthy micro-environment for you to keep you safe & protected from modern-day stresses.

KenkoDream Quilt

If the above link doesn’t work (sometimes they default to a main Nikken site) then please go to:

And then navigate to SHOP NOW then Sleep then KenkoDream Quilt

Naturest Pillow

If the above link doesn’t work (sometimes they default to a main Nikken site) then please go to:

And then navigate to SHOP NOW then Sleep then KenkoDream Quilt

I hope you have found this post interesting and informative. You can order directly from those links by following the onscreen instructions to create an online account.

Any problems with ordering online or any queries please do get in touch and let us know so we can help you. You can use the Contact Us form or call us on 0844 848 4099 or for overseas callers +44 131 440 7638

Feng Shui Agency Ltd has been a distributor of Nikken products for over a decade, and helped many people to enjoy the benefits of these astounding products.

Love, Sarah x


Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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3 easy and effortless ways to quickly and massively boost your health


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