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Make your own Luck with “The Path of Chi”

I found myself explaining these concepts to a lovely Feng Shui client of mine in London a few weeks ago, who I have closely supported since 2011. So, I felt that it would be useful for readers of my blog to hear as well.

Feng Shui is only for people who take responsibility for their lives.

It’s definitely about empowering yourself, by attuning to good energy as much as possible, and minimising negative chi.

Its definitely NOT about blaming your space or your circumstances for your life!

So, let’s get back to basics, what is CHI and how can it help me along my path? Wait a minute, what even is my path and can Feng Shui help me find it?

All of life is a matter of Perspective and the perspective of the ancient teachers of Chinese metaphysics says that life comprises of three forces:

Heaven influence 33.3% of our ‘luck’

Heaven is vast and uncontrollable, and unless you are a highly evolved human being, I doubt you consciously birthed yourself here in full awareness and ‘on time’… so, our time of birth is something that is under the domain of Heaven influence, and refers to our astrology – what were the cosmic conditions when we took our first breath, and how did that affect us and how does it continue to affect our energy levels.  Key take away here is:  Certain times, climates, colours, careers, relationships etc. suit some people better than others, based on our unique Chinese astrology (very different from Western astrology).

Human influence 33.3% of our ‘luck’

Who we are born to (royalty, entrepreneurial rockstars, teachers, regular folk, terrible parents, brilliant parents, financially poor, spiritually rich etc. etc.) and who we grew up with and who we have as peers is all part of the Human influence on our lives, and so is HOW WE THINK. This is a hugely powerful influence because our thoughts create our reality.

Earth influence 33.3% of our ‘luck’

This is our environmental influence – do we live in a detached house surrounded by nature, vibrant energy and water features or do we live in an apartment in the city, a terraced house in a village? How supportive is our physical and energetic environment?  Earth luck is the Feng Shui influence on our lives.

So, it is my consulting experience that EVERYONE wants to increase their luck in some shape or form. The very word LUCK means different things to different people. For some it is synonymous with general happiness, and for others it is a feeling of things going their way.

So how specifically does Feng Shui help increase luck?

Well, there is more to Feng Shui than meets the eye. Much more.

I incorporate the Chinese Horoscope (Heaven Luck) of the client into my Earth Luck (Feng Shui) recommendations, which gives me precise ‘pressure points’ within the house to work with in a way that helps the person living there, because they manage the energy flow in the house – and I am talking much more than common sense ergonomics. Am talking about precision positioning to the exact degree out of 360.

I also once again use the Heaven Luck (Astrological Timing) for client to take specific actions on a day that supports their horoscope energy and the goal they have in mind. It’s all very proactive, as you can see.

Sound too conditional or contrived for you? That’s fine, its not for everyone. I get it. You want there to be no ‘heady’ work and just pure energy connection. Well funnily enough, within the yin & the yang of everything that is actually what we end up achieving – pure energy connection. Because to be connected does actually take SOME form of focus or discipline (and I mean that in a joyous rather than arduous/worthy way).

Mould the ‘unmanifest’ to manifest the desired outcome.

Creating from nothing. Ideal for entrepreneurs who often create out of seemingly thin air.

Then I often make sure that clients understand the Human aspect, and this is something I work more closely on with people now, via Skype coaching calls. How we APPLY ourselves and who we listen to, is really important. Then I combine this intentional aspect with WHEN to take the right actions, and if you are not yet certain, we’ll also look at how to identify careers/decisions that suit your natural energy.

We have a lot more control than we recognise (or accept) – we have control over our mind and emotion and mood etc. We don’t have control over other people or events, but we do have control over what we attract towards us and how we respond to events and what we learn from events and mistakes.

So, there you go. I also described the Chinese Horoscope as being like a play – you are the main character (your day Master element) and other characters come onto the stage (your life) at different times (year/month/day etc), and they all create either favourable co-creations with you or not so enjoyable! For example, those born in the year of the Rabbit are either wildly enjoying this year 2017 of their opposite the Rooster and being really productive and innovative or they are crumbling under constant setbacks. Few will be having a so-so year.

KNOWLEDGE is POWER…but only when you APPLY IT.

That’s why I generally only work with those people who are going to be proactive and apply themselves, take action on my recommendations and have the courage to look within themselves.

If you’d like to get a handle on the cosmic characters within your celestial movie script! please do get in touch.

From humble apartments & small houses to stately mansions, eco builds and period townhouses, I have helped people and children sleep better and have more energy all over the world. Let me help you! Schedule a Discovery Call now!


Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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Make your own Luck with “The Path of Chi”


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