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Bring Life to Your Home Using Modern Furniture Colors


Now that the cold months are fast approaching, it is a nice time to renew the look of your home. One of the many ways to do this is through Color. Incorporate color in your décor through modern design furniture, accessories, and furnishings.


Every color has character and a definite effect on our emotions and thinking. So, remember to practice caution when choosing Colors. Let us find out how colors affect people.


  • Blue

Blue is a mystical color and related to water and the heavens. It is a calming and inspiring color. It induces sleep that makes it the best color to use in the bedroom. The dark shades of blue like navy or royal are associated with nobility, tradition, and security.

Tip:  Use blue in the bedroom if you have insomnia.


  • Red

A Chinese color, red represents happiness. To attract prosperity and luxury, use shades of scarlet. Scarlet also stands for romance and passion. It can be overstimulating, though, so avoid overusing scarlet, particularly in the kitchen, where it encourages you to overindulge.

Tip:  A red accent chair or red mirror is enough to brighten your living space.


  • Yellow

Yellow brings warmth, optimism, and vastness. Connected to the fire element, it encourages conversation and stimulates appetite. The downside of yellow is that it can bring about anxiety and nervousness.

Tip:  Have yellow in the dining room to create a convivial mood while dining.


  • Green

Infuse tranquility and freshness with the color green. Representing the element of wood, brown symbolizes vitality, new beginnings, and growth. It has become a popular choice in interior design lately, owing to the call of environmental groups for a clean environment.

Tip: Use the color green on your patio, home office, or on window treatments.


  • Orange

Exciting, bright, and cheerful is orange. It stimulates social interaction, agreeable conversation, and even appetite. Orange is regarded a good choice for healing lung disease and other physical illnesses.

Tip:  Paint your cupboards in orange. Have a dash of orange in a kid’s room or in any room occupied by a sick person.


  • Purple

Feel like a king or queen with the color purple. Sophisticated and mysterious, purple encourages balance and meditation. Deep shades of purple symbolize aristocracy, wealth, and dignity. Lighter shades of purple, on the other hand, establish a romantic, sensual mood.

Tip: Use purple bed linens for that romantic feel.


  • Brown

An earth color, brown symbolizes Mother Earth. The color brown strengthens supports, provides security, and fosters peace of mind.

Tip:  Best to use in the living room or a man cave.


  • Grey

Grey stands for naivety, conservative-ness, and neutrality. It is the color of compromise, as it is neither white nor black. Grey becomes dramatic and mysterious if it gets closer to the color black and lively and illuminating if it gets closer to color white or silver. Most fashion-forward interior decorators implement the color grey for a modern, urban feel.

Tip:  Get that modern, urban feel in your living room by having a grey modern leather sofa.


  • Black

Modern, mysterious and quirky is black color. It is the trademark of introspection and indicates contracting energy and stillness. It symbolizes elegance, quiet luxury, and power.

Tip:  Build interest and a cozy feel by placing textured throw pillows on your a black modern sofa.


  • White

Physically and spiritually, white represents purity, cleanliness, and innocence. It helps make a room look larger, as it reflects light. White is in fashion, as you can see in modern furniture designs.

Tip:  You can see this in white modern dining sets, modern living room sets, and modern bedroom sets.


Learn what color suits you best before implementing it to your home. With various colors used in building modern furniture, it is easier to combine colors in a room for that personalized look!

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Bring Life to Your Home Using Modern Furniture Colors


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