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How to Improve Your Coordination Skills

Do you ever get jealous of your friends’ killer dance moves? Are you constantly tripping over your own feet? Have you got a tendency to drop and break things? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, you could very well be suffering from a condition called reduced proprioception.

Don’t worry; this isn’t a condition that you need to stress yourself out about. Basically, it means you aren’t keenly aware of your body movements, which in turn means that you lack balance.

If you don’t want to be blighted by this common plight any longer, you simply must make an effort to Improve your Coordination Skills. Advice on what you must do to succeed with this endeavour can be found below.

Perform tasks with your eyes closed

Closing your eyes is an effective way to increase your overall balance and Coordination levels. Once you close your eyes, you lose the visual cues that your brain uses to study and read your surrounding environment.

This forces your brain to work harder, which in turn results in you become more attuned to your surroundings. Ultimately, this increased focus level will help you retain more control over your body movements going forward.

Of course, you can’t close your eyes when performing tasks that may endanger you. Whatever you do, don’t shut your eyelids while driving, ironing, or chopping up food using a sharp knife! You should only ever take on this coordination-boosting challenge when you are in a safe, secure, and hazard-free environment.

Give skateboarding a go

Skateboarding is one of the very best physical activities that you can embrace in your attempt to improve your coordination skills. When you take on this challenge, you will force your eyes, hands, and feet to work together simultaneously.

Putting your body under this amount of pressure will push you to achieve an increased level of balance, which in turn will help you to improve your overall proprioception going forward.

Make no mistake about it; if you have no previous skateboarding experience, you will be likely to fall off your board a fair few times! Should you decide to give this demanding yet rewarding sport a go, then it’s imperative that you go above and beyond to keep yourself safe.

First and foremost, this means investing in a quality skate helmet UK. With this safety measure in place, you will be able to push your skateboarding skills to the limit safe in the knowledge that both your skull and your brain will remain protected.

Learn a dance routine

Dancing is another physical activity that is proven to increase coordination, balance, and proprioception. Like skateboarding, dancing requires you to use multiple body parts at one time. This forces your brain to coordinate numerous muscle groups simultaneously, which ultimately helps to improve your body’s overall capacity for sequential movement.

For advice on how to become a better dancer, be sure to check out this insightful article.

If you’re serious about improving your coordination skills, you must heed the advice and guidance laid out above.

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How to Improve Your Coordination Skills


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