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Know How to Smell Changes of Perfume Over the Time

You must have often come across to Perfumes or perfumed products that tend to change their fragrance. Sometimes it happens with a Perfume that you tried before and now it smelled different or with a scent that you kept with you for a long time and it does not smell the same as before. There are several reasons behind a perfume changing its scent, which can be subjective as well as objective.

The subjective reason for perfume change of smell:

Our olfactory senses work 24/7 without stopping. They accumulate smells, learn and keep the memory of it stored in the brain. However, with time, our preference tends to change or the brain starts ignoring it. It can be understood as the case of our nose between your eyes. Your eyes can see it, it is there right in the middle, but your brain orders to ignore it and then you see the whole picture.

Your olfactory senses, especially the smell also tend to ignore scents it smells every day, this is the reason why perfume experts suggest that one should keep changing their perfumes. Moreover, with time, you develop an interest in other fragrances or it can alter with your mood. A scent which you loved with your heart doesn’t seem to make you feel comfortable at some point. This happens to everyone. All you have to do is, change your fragrance to the one that attracts your senses by trying out the perfume samples online in India.

The objective reasons for perfume change of smell:

In the objective reasons, there are a couple of reasons that tend to play a lot of role in the fragrance change and the major one is how you store your fragrances. Most of us tend to be a little carefree about the storage of the perfume and that causes all the damage. Perfumes are delicate compositions that tend to change their colour as well as a fragrance if they are exposed to any climatic or atmospherical factors.  

  • Keep them away from light and heat: Never store your perfumes in direct contact of light and heat. In case, you have direct sunlight on your dresser. Remove your perfumes from there. They thrive in cold dark places so make sure to place them in a safe space away from light and heat.
  • Humidity is a killer: Never store your perfumes in the bathroom. We know it is convenient for you but it will destroy your perfumes with all the heat and humidity. Keep your perfumes in a cool, dark and dry place to make them lasting.
  • Keep them in an upright position: Never store your perfume horizontally this can cause pressure buildup in them affecting their fragrance. Store them in an upright vertical position

Apart from this, perfumes are quite reactive compounds that can alter with a given period of time. Hence, if you are planning to keep that perfume for a very long time, you need to rethink about it. Certain kind of perfumes tends to react more than others. Perfumes with citrus oils, alcohol and such highly reactive substances tend to go bad quickly. However, the perfumes with natural oils, oriental perfumes, amber or balsamic perfumes can survive for decades to come.

You can prevent your perfume from changing its scent by keeping it away from direct sunlight or sudden temperature change or pressure change.

Keep these things in mind if you want to avoid your perfume from changing its scent. Also, make sure to buy them from trusted online perfume store after trying out the testers if you wish to avoid the fake ones. Once obtained, finish the perfume in the said period mentioned by the brand, that expiry date is there for a reason.

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Know How to Smell Changes of Perfume Over the Time


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