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The Lotte World Tower (롯데월드타워) in Seoul – Can you really see North Korea?

A few weeks ago we wrote about the Lotte World Tower in Seoul in south Korea. Till then a few new details emerged so we thought we share them with you. To start at the beginning:
The Lotte World Tower (that’s its full name) or in Korean: 롯데월드타워, is a 123 floor, and 555 meter super tall skyscraper located in Seoul, South Korea. On April the 3rd of the year 2017 it was opened to the public. At the Moment it is the tallest skyscraper building in the OECD and also the 5 th tallest skyscraper in the entire world.

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  • The history of the The Lotte World Tower
  • The height of the The Lotte World Tower
  • Floor Plans of the The Lotte World Tower
  • Urban Exploration of the The Lotte World Tower skyscraper
  • The Architect of the Lotte World Tower skyscraper
  • The Second Lotte World
  • Are there any Problems at the Lotte World Tower skyscraper?
  • More Issues during the Lotte World Tower construction
  • The Observation Deck of the Lotte World Tower: Seoul Sky
  • Do not mix up the Lotte World Tower with the Busan Lotte Town Tower

Lotte World TowerThe history of the The Lotte World Tower

It took over 10 years, 13 years to be precise of planning and also the preparation of the building site to get the final approval to start construction of the Lotte World Tower by the south Korean government November in the Year 2010. In March 2011 first activities started on the building site of the Lotte World Tower with first groundbreaking activities of piling and frame assembly. Finally at the New Year 2016 the LED Screen pixel of the facade showed “2016”.

On March 27, 2016, the first break in and climbing incident occurred. When the tower was still under construction, two Russian photographers Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov climbed to the top of the crane and took pictures and a video. The two entered the Lotte World Tower construction site in Seoul without permission. Due to public’s awareness of potential North Korean agent attack, security was notified immediately about this intrusion. Korean News reports lashed the enterprise’s public image as well. Finally on the April 2, 2017, Lotte shot off lots of fireworks to celebrate its official opening.

The height of the The Lotte World Tower

Prior to the final phase of external construction, the Dia Grid lantern-shaped roof structure was completed. constructed with steel counterparts the roof structure was constructed with steel counterparts that are each 12 meters high and weigh about tons. The mentioned counterparts were made up of bent metal panels that are 6 cm thick. The tall skyscraper itself is 120 meters high. Approximately 3,000 tons of steel parts, a high-precision 64t tower crane, high-precision GPS alignment systems and highly skilled welding technicians were used in the construction of the roof itself. The roof structure of the Lotte World Tower is engineered to withstand its weight without reinforcing pillars, and endure earthquakes up to a magnitude of 9 under the Richter magnitude scale and winds up to 80 m/s. The Lotte World Tower is nearly double the height of Seoul’s former tallest, Three International Financial Center (284m).

Lotte World TowerFloor Plans of the The Lotte World Tower

The special exterior of pale colored glass was inspired from Korean ceramics and porcelain and also calligraphy and features accents of metal filigree. The Skyscraper, which is located near Seoul’s Han River was planned to contain retail outlets on the floors from 1 to the floor 12. Followed by offices from floor 14 to the floor 38. You can also buy a private residence between floors 42 – 71. The Luxury seven star Hotel is located between floor 76 and 101. private offices from (105-114) and public access floors between floors 117 to 123 with an observation deck. At the base of the building, the ten-story Lotte World Mall has already been open since 2014, and is a popular destination in the city, drawing 28.2 million people in its first year. That’s the equivalent of one out of every two South Koreans.

Urban Exploration of the The Lotte World Tower skyscraper

In the year 2016, the two Ukrainian and Russian explorers Vitaly Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov from the youtube channel Ontheroofs, climbed the under-construction Lotte World Tower through stairs. The explorer Vitaly Raskalov then free-climbed up the crane on the tower’s top. The on youtube published video was viewed over 3 million times as of middle of 2017. Following the climbing incident the office of the Lotte World Tower skyscraper banned both from the tall skyscraper.

The Architect of the Lotte World Tower skyscraper

The architecture company Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (in short KPF) is located in the USA. It provides and designes architecture, interior, programming and master planning services for clients in both the public and private sectors. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) is one of the largest architecture companies in the world. It is currently one of the largest in New York City. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates are responsible for the special look and design of the 123 storey high skyscraper Lotte World Tower making it the 6th tallest skyscraper in the world. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) is also responsible for the architecture of the Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai, China.

lotte world towerThe Second Lotte World

Next to the Lotte World Tower is the Lotte World located which is a mix out of a department store, hotel and the world’s biggest indoor adventure park. The Skyscraper is extending the Lotte World with shopping mall, cinema, aquarium, concert hall, department store, duty free shop and many more facilities.
The Lotte World Tower is surrounded by multiple buildings and various facilities. It’s a mega project with unprecedented dimensions for Korea. The original idea to build such a building dates back to 1989. In the end the building bill is about 3.8 trillion KRW (3.4 billion USD). The building is constructed by the in house Construction Company Lotte Engineering & Construction.

Are there any Problems at the Lotte World Tower skyscraper?

Beside the prestige to the Lotte Group and also to the Capital of South Korea, Seoul doubts developed about the skyscraper project. After the South Korean ferry called Sewol sand in April of the last year. Horribly killing 304 people the incident was deepening public mistrust in the south Korean government’s safety policies. The investigators revealed collusive ties between the ferry operator and regulators. Also widespread negligence around safety rules were revealed this enabled the dangerously overloaded ship to set sail with hundreds of teenagers on board. The crew of the ferry Sewol abandoned its passengers unfortunately there were just a few functioning life rafts. Another part plays the South Korean Coast Guard which failed to mount an effective rescue operation.

The horrible ferry accident revived South Koreans’ memory of another disaster that exposed problems with the Korean corporate culture. Another part in the chain would be the 1995 shoddily built Sampoong Department Store in Seoul collapsed. During this accident over 500 people were killed. It is one of the world’s worst building catastrophes. In the wake of the ferry incident, civic groups and local news media put the Lotte group under intense scrutiny. After small sinkholes appeared in the Lotte World Tower neighboring districts the residents wondered if the Lotte world tower was to blame. Also the decreasing water level at a nearby lake raised concerns even though the city had had to refill the lake regularly with river water before the construction began, a task since taken over by the Lotte Group.

More Issues during the Lotte World Tower construction

During construction the Lotte Group faced several drawbacks during the construction and accidents haunted the project:

  • The flight routes for a nearby military airport had to be changed.
  • During the skyscraper construction, there was a fire during the construction where luckily nobody was hurt but it took the firefighters a considerable amount of time to get the fire under control.
  • The Seockchon Lake lost water during construction without any obvious reason.
  • The Lotte Group has lost their duty free shop license for the Lotte World Tower but only temporary.
  • Two mentioned famous urban explorer gave Lotte World Tower unwanted PR by gaining access to the construction site and climbing up to the top.
  • Unfortunately two people died and over five people got hurt in the construction process of the skyscraper.

The Observation Deck of the Lotte World Tower: Seoul Sky

lotte world towerThe highest observatory of the Lotte World Tower is located on the 123rd floor. Korea’s only double-deck elevator called Sky Shuttle Elevator that moves in 10m/sec. speed and Sky Deck that will amaze you with instantaneous worder will provide the marvelous nighttime view of Seoul. Even more: you can look down through a glass bottom check this link for opening times and tickets for Lotte sky (the Lotte world tower observation deck) On the 117th to 123rd floor the visitors can enjoy view above Seoul. The opening hours are from 09:30am to 11pm and a ticket costs 27,000 KRW for adults, 24,000 KRW for children (from 3 to 13 years).

Do not mix up the Lotte World Tower with the Busan Lotte Town Tower

The Busan Lotte Town Tower which is also known as the Busan Lotte World Tower. The Skyscraper is 108-floor, 510.1 m (1,674 ft) on hold Busan, South Korea. The tall skyscraper is planned on a building site next the the Nampo-dong station on Busan Subway Line 1 .
The skyscraper is the center of the new planned Busan Lotte Town. The construction of it is planned to carried out in 4 phases:
At first the department store was completed in 2009. The second phase, an addition to the department store, was completed in 2010. The third phase is a market and a cinema, which was completed in 2014. The last phase is still outstanding: the 107 story skyscraper including a luxury hotel, an observation deck, offices, and cultural facilities. The design of the skyscraper is designed to resemble a standing ship, in reference to the city’s harbor.
The tower will have parking space for 2400 cars. containing in the skyscraper (floor 1-8), followed by offices floors 9-58, the residences (floors 59 to 81), a luxury hotel (82-105), and public access floors (106-108) with an observation deck.
In September, 2013, the construction works were stopped due to the lack of funding. Lotte Group plans toe restart the construction once the funding is sorted. For now plans are to start building again in 2018.

We really hope you enjoyed this skyscraper blog post about the Seoul located Lotte world tower. Please feel free to click below or on the right side for more skyscraper blog post. If you would like to read more about Seoul and the Lotte world Tower, feel free to click yourself to our other skyscraper blog post of the Lotte World Tower.

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The Lotte World Tower (롯데월드타워) in Seoul – Can you really see North Korea?


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