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This is what 432 Park Avenue makes so expensive – a luxury skyscraper for New York with video

The address 432 Park Avenue in buzzing Manhattan, New York City, is an new build residential Skyscraper which is overlooking the near Central Park. 432 Park Avenue was originally proposed in 2011 to be 396 meters high but later was topped by a few more meters. It is now soaring 425 meters high. The building was developed by the CIM Group and also Macklowe Properties with 104 apartments. The Construction began back in 2012 and was finally completed in December 2015.

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The new skyscraper structure of 432 Park Avenue required the demolition of the old 495 Room Drake Hotel. On the plot, which was purchased for $ 440 million in the Year 2006 the Developers CIM Group and also Macklowe Properties, the hotel (which was built in the year 1926) was demolished. The footprint became fast the most valuable development sites in the city of New York. this is due to its location: 432 park avenue is located between East 56th and 57th Streets on the west side of Park Avenue.

Now after completion, 432 Park Avenue is third highest skyscraper in the United States of America. Also it is the tallest residential skyscraper in the entire world. It follows as number two behind the new One world Trade Center but is in front of the famous and much older Empire State Building.

Height of 432 Park Avenue

At the day of writing this blog, 432 Park Avenue is currently the second tallest building in the City of New York and the number fifteen in the list of the tallest buildings in the entire world. It is planned that, by the middle of 2018, the Tower in 217 West 57 Street and also the Skyscraper in 111 West 57 Street will be at a similar height. With 425 meter the 432 Park Avenue’s footprint is “just” approximately 2,800 square meter. The rooms offer 12.5 foot ceilings. In October the tenth the building reach its official height. Therefor making it the highest rooftop in the city. Due to the small footprint, the tower has one of the highest height to width ratio of about 1,15, compared to any other skyscraper in the world.


In November 2016, (14th of November) the building revealed the new permanent nightly illumination scheme regarding to its mechanical floors.

While designing the building the architect Rafael Viñoly was inspired by a bin (which was designed by an Austrian Designer). At least this is what the official version is. If it’s true – we don’t know. The 432 Madison Avenue Skyscraper 84 floors. Each of them equal about 769 square meter. Every side have 6 square windows. The interior design is by Deborah Berke and the company Bentel & Bentel. Bentel & Bentel is also responsible for the design of Eleven Madison Park and also the Gramercy Tavern. As usual the structure is hold by larger columns at its base than the upper floors.

432 Park Avenue’s Apartments and also the amenities

Inside the skyscraper the apartments feature high ceilings and also a wide range of sizes. Starting from 32.6 square meter to a huge six bedroom with seven bath penthouse, which is also including a library. It is sold for $95 million to real estate mogul Fawaz Al Hokair. The special amenities inside the skyscraper rang from a 3.7 m golf training facility and private dining to screening rooms.

It is reported that the first sale of the building was done in January of 2016 for the apartment 35 B in exchange of 18.116 million dollar which is a bit more than the asking price of 17,75 million dollar. Next to the apartment 35 B are ten more apartments available at the time ranging from 17.4 million dollar to 44.25 million dollar. The apartment 35 B is covering 370 square meters which is one half of the 35th floor of the building. It contains three bedrooms and also 4,5 bath. As mentioned earlier each face has six 3 by 3 meter big windows. For 35B they are facing south and also west and offer views of the Central Park.

432 Park Avenue’s Engineering

As usual the structural core of the tower is build by a 9,1 meter square reinforced concrete core with 76 cm thick walls which the engineer, Silvian Marcus describes as the backbone of a body. Inside the reinforced concrete core are the elevator shafts and of course all the building mechanical services. The outer structural skin structural skin is composed of a grid of 3 ft 8 in (1.12 m) wide columns and equal width spandrel (horizontal, exterior) beams of reinforced concrete that encloses the symmetrical “basket grid” of window openings. The columns begin with a depth of 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) at the bottom of the tower, to as little as 20 in (51 cm) at the top. This building structure allows all of the interior space to remain full open for the complete length of 8,2 meters between the shell and the core.

The design of the facade was formed by pouring concrete in place by using 14,000 psi and white Portland cement and cast around the pre-assembled full floor cages of steel form work. Every of the 85 floors offer a height of 4.72 meters from floor to floor with 25 cm thick floor slabs to dampen the wind loads. Having said that the upper floors have slabs up to 46 cm thick adding more mass. To help reducing the wind load the windows are open at parts of the mechanical floors. Inside these mechanical floors the services for the 6 floors up and six floors down are housed there. In addition to that two mass dampers are located at the top of the tower to help damp the motion.

Critics of 432 Park Avenue

Unfortunately and despite its success, not everybody agreed with the artistic value of the skyscraper. In all the 432 Madison square has received mixed reviews from professionals and laymen.

By some new york city residents the building is seen critically because they believe it represents New York’s increasing cost of living and ostentatious wealth.

The skyscrapers architect Rafael Viñoly commented himself that: “There are only two markets, ultra luxury and subsidized housing.”

The architecture critic of the New York Magazine, Mr Justin Davidson comments on the building and describing the building as nothing more than just stacked cubbyhole units. He also is questioning the creative value of the building.

In the end: This are anyway just opinions of individuals.

The 95 million dollar worth Penthouse of 432 Park Avenue

The buzz is building up now and yes as mentioned the 432 Park Avenue is really the highest residential building in the western world. It is located at 432 Park Avenue between 56th street an the 57th street. The last “drops” of concrete were poured about three years after the start of the construction. Now the skyscraper is reaching a topping height of 1396 feet. It is higher than the famous Empire State Building with 1250 feet and also higher than the Chrysler Building with 1046 feet without its spire. It is also the highest rooftop in the city of New York.

For the one who can afford just 95 million dollar for a penthouse a breathtaking and also remarkable view awaits the lucky owner at 1271 feet up in the sky. For all who can’t afford 95 million dollar there are good news: On the website of the building you can find virtual views which are starting at 558 feet.

As described earlier the tower with its 104 apartments offer way more than other skyscraper:

Starting with private elevator landings, huge 3 meter by 3 meter windows and heated bathroom floors you can also buy a climate controlled wine cellar.

Residents of the luxury tower 432 Park Avenue can also be treated in other private amenities, including a restaurant, an outdoor terrace and also of course a gym. There is also a pool and massage therapy rooms. So Residents and their guests don’t have to leave the building at all and have all amenities at their fingertips. The gym for example is located at the 14th floor and is managed by the celebrity trainer Jay Wright’s company The Wright Fit. Also on the 14th floor: a yoga room, a screening room, also an executive boardroom and a billiard room. Two floors up meanwhile, on the 16 th floor, an indoor swimming pool is located. The restaurant of 432 Park Avenue will be catered by Michelin starred chef Shaun Hergatt jut for residents and their exclusive guests. The restaurant is designed by Bentel and Bentel and is located a few floors below the gym on the entire 12 th floor.

Availability of the 432 Park Avenue

If you are interested in an Apartment in this incredible skyscraper, please check the tower’s website.

Construction time lapse of 432 park ave

All images courtesy of DBOX for CIM Group/Macklowe Properties

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This is what 432 Park Avenue makes so expensive – a luxury skyscraper for New York with video


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