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50 Awesome Animal Sculptures & Figurines For Home Decor

Been itching to go on an animal safari, or take a trip to the farm? With a bevy of animal sculptures decorating your interior, you can bring the jungle and grasslands to your front door. Celebrate the majesty of the panther, with a decorative Sculpture in black Swarovski crystal. Teach the kids how to chill, with a bendable wooden monkey hanging off their front closet. Take a pen off your new office companion – a wooden, open-mouthed hippo. Get creative and animal-happy with our top 50 selection of animal sculptures, statues and figurines.

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Panther Figurine: Crouching tiger, hidden panther. Gift your office desk the ornament of a lifetime, with these cool cats holding down your paper.

$1,075BUY IT

Panther Swarovski Crystal: Panthers spell luxury, and this Swarovski sculpture is no exception. Descending down a ledge of black spot granite, its Moroda crystal beams bronze and metallic blue.

$2,100BUY IT

Modern Leaping Panther Figurine: Want it bluer than blue? Made in France from full lead crystal, this panther is fully crafted by hand.

$113BUY IT

Golden Jaguar Figurine: Who’d want this jaguar to change its spots? This resin cat statue is coated in black glass and gold.


Fluid Cheetah In Motion: Cast in resin with an antique silver finish, this cheetah runs from aristocratic hunters.


Steampunk Cheetah Statue: Feeling animalistic about your steampunk home decor? This antique brass cheetah uses Victorian gears, valves and hinges to convey her prowess.


Crouching Lion Statue: Throw bad business to the lions, with this silver king of the jungle straddling your desk.


Bronze Lion Sculptures: Prefer to celebrate the lion’s majesty instead? This ten-inch statue would look a treat inside a bookcase.


Firefox Figurine: Before Google Chrome, there was Firefox. Bring this long serving browser’s mascot to life, with this handmade fox figurine in red.


Glass Fox Figurine: Make foxes out of glass. Containing no dyes, paint or decals, these pure glass sculptures inspire your inner cunning.


Walter Bosse Brass Fox Figurine: Viennese master Bosse wanted his bronzes to create happiness. Exhibiting perfect patinas and polished, golden surfaces, they come resplendent and delightful inside velvet bags.


Wolf Wine Bottle Holder: On the hunt for a unique wine holder? This thirsty grey wolf can be at your assistance.

$260BUY IT

Wolf Head Sculpture: Think outside the square for your next sculpture. Originally sold in English galleries, these ceramic polystone heads by designer Matt Buckley make striking feature centrepieces.

From $150BUY IT

More Animal Busts: Using the same resin and stone, Buckley extends his range to include the lion’s mane, gorilla’s snarl, tiger’s roar and more.

$270BUY IT

Miniature Plywood Eames Elephant: Legendary designers Charles and Ray Eames have been long influential. These elephants exhibit their famous mastery of plywood, in a 3D form.


Cute Red & Black Ceramic Elephant Figurines: When the owners are away, the elephants will play. These black and red ceramics would look great amidst the kitchen shelving.

$168BUY IT

Elephant Figurines By Jonathan Adler: Pick up some pieces of elephant decor. These trunked creatures are designed by Adler, handcrafted in Peru out of high-fired stoneware.


Polar Bear Family Figurine: Go further South with these Antarctic polar bears, handcrafted as a family in eggshell white resin.


Polar Glass On Ice Blown Glass Figurine: Want to see a balancing act? This dancing-on-ice-cubes polar bear is handmade by Kevin Prochaska. Made with hand-blown glass, borosilicate crystal and 24-carat gold, its gold foil trim ensures it’s a piece to remember.

$125BUY IT

Kay Bojesen Monkey: Monkey around with this Scandinavian find. Made in Denmark from a classic 1951 design, its 31 parts in limba wood and teak form a major Danish television personality.

$198BUY IT

Jonathan Adler Gorilla Figurine: After another Jonathan Adler piece? Pared back to the gorilla’s most basic form, this stoneware ape is given texture by artisans.


Bronze Rhino Sculpture: Step it up a level with a sculpture in bronze. This sleeping rhino is 100% handmade, investment-casted and polished.

$116BUY IT

Kay Bojesen Hippo: Born in 1955, these funky desk organizers are a classic in Denmark. Pop them inside a Scandinavian office to collect your stray pens.

$348BUY IT

Kay Bojesen Bear: Want a bear, but don’t want it cuddly? These hand-crafted figurines hit the mark – or you can find cheaper replicas at AliExpress.


Minimalist Pig Figurine: Take a twist on the classic piggy bank. Handmade in Russia with native linden wood, it’s a great gift for your little one learning to save.


Oscar the Dog by Hans Bolling: Another Danish creation, this wooden dog almost comes alive. Able to sit, crawl, beg, stand and sulk, Oscar’s iconic form has let his personality shine through the decades.

$165BUY IT

Kay Bojesen Dachshund: Want something more static? This walnut wood dachshund adds character to your bookshelf.


Balloon Dog: Bring your carnival memories home. Inspired by culture-spoof artist Jeffrey Koons, the original form of this cast resin dog sold for US$58.4 million.


Ceramic Minimalist Cat Figurines: Love cats instead? Buy this family of four for your kitchen or hallway table.


Sleek Cat Figurine: Love minimalism and cat decor? This porcelain kitty faces away from your gaze and towards interior style.


Kay Bojesen Painted Zebra: One of Kay Bojesen’s first exotic animal sculptures, this 1935 design is still hand-painted to this day.


Jonathan Adler Llama Figurine: Have a Peruvian or Bolivian to buy for? Buy them the animals they recognize, in these matte-glazed sculptures of their highland friends.

$145BUY IT

Geometric Deer With Copper Horns: Feeling your hall table could hold something deer? This sculpted white Bambi with resplendent copper horns makes the natural seem refined.

From $51BUY IT

Deer Herd Pieces: Get the whole flock. These white ceramic prancers stretch their necks, eat and relax upon your holiday mantelpiece.


Abstract Minimalist Ceramic Deer Figurines: Looking for something a tad more minimalist? This muted-hue set of three create comfort in numbers.


Jonathan Adler Deer Figurine: Make your deer more artistic. Designed by the prolific sculptor Jonathan Adler, its ceramic-based, matte-glazed form could easily grace your dining room table.


Minimalist Abstract Deer Figurines: For something more whimsical, you can’t go past these monochrome figurines. Hand-polished, hand-crafted and moulded in resin, they’re a perfect wedding ornament or motif for two.

From $76BUY IT

Giraffe Figurine: Go deeper in the jungle with these long-necked giraffes. Available in black or white, their resin finishes speak geometry.


Handmade Giraffe Figurine: Get the sculpture all the neighbourhood will talk about. Sculpted in metal and braided in iron, these handmade giraffes make a striking orange centrepiece.


Metal Bull Sculpture: Put the bull inside the china shop. This iron-bar bull is painted brown and red for rustic effect.


Bull & Bear Figurines As Bookends: Bring the world’s metal bulls and bears together, to safeguard your book collection.

$100BUY IT

Metal Wire Horse: Love the image of a horse running wild? So did this Maryland, USA designer, who used a strand of aluminium wire to handcraft this creation. Stand its weather-safe form outside.

$158BUY IT

Minimalist Horse Drinking Water Sculpture: Capture the graceful elements of nature. This sculpture of a horse drinking water, made with photosensitive resin, reminds us the simplest tasks can be the most metaphoric.


Unicorn Figurine: If you can be anything, always be a unicorn. Cast in pewter with a Swarovski crystal middle, this mythological creature is beloved as much by Silicon Valley corporates as it is by little girls.


Ceramic Seahorse Figurine: Add to your nautical home decor with this ceramic seahorse, a perfect sculpture for beside your washstand table.

$154BUY IT

Octopus Figurine: After an animal-inspired tea light holder? Add to your octopus home decor with this aluminium and iron lantern-bearing creature.

From $20BUY IT

Hand-blown Glass Tropical Fishes: Looking for an ornament for beside the bath? Choose from a wide array of these hand-blown glass fish.


Minecraft Animal Figures: Get nerdy with your sculptures. This pack of six includes a passive and pixelated pig, sheep, cow, chicken, ocelot and tame wolf.


Dragon Knife Sculpture: Introduce the underworld to your interior, with this unique knife statue. Crafted in polyresin, its painstaking detailing could have a place upon your bookcase.


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50 Awesome Animal Sculptures & Figurines For Home Decor


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