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#TOP10 – The 10 Best Books on How to Build Your Own Greenhouse

#TOP10 – The 10 Best Books on How to Build Your Own Greenhouse – Image Source


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The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse: How to Design and Build a Net-Zero Energy Greenhouse (Paperback)

Fresh, local nutrient-dense fruits vegetables are hard to find in winter in cold climates. Growing warm-weather crops like tomatoes, bananas, avocados, and other perennials is nearly impossible using conventional structures. The solution for millions of backyard and small-scale commercial growers is self-heating solar Greenhouses.

The Year-round Solar Greenhouse is the one-stop guide to designing and building greenhouses that harness and store energy from the sun to create naturally heated, lush growing environments even in the depths of winter, covering principles of solar greenhouse design and siting, glazing material properties and selection, controlling heat loss, ventilation, and construction methods. Additionally, an in-depth section covers sustainable ways of heating the greenhouse without fossil fuels, including using thermal mass and storing heat underground with a ground to air heat exchanger.

Variations include attached solar greenhouses, earth sheltered greenhouses, plus integrating hydroponics and aquaponics. More than a dozen case studies from across North America provide inspiration and demonstrate specific challenges and solutions for growing year-round in any climate.

Grow your own food, anytime, anywhere using the power of the sun!

Lindsey Schiller is a greenhouse designer and with co-author Marc Plinke, co-owner of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions. Lindsey has designed, toured and helped build hundreds of energy-efficient greenhouses spanning small residential structures to acre-size commercial facilities.

Marc Plinke is an inventor-innovator with a PhD in engineering who has focused his engineering mindset on building innovative, energy-efficient and smarter greenhouses, with the intention of enabling people to grow their own food sustainably and year-round.

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How to Build Your Own Greenhouse: Designs and Plans to Meet Your Growing Needs (Paperback)

Unlock new growing opportunities and increase your property value with an outdoor conservatory. In this illustrated guide, Roger Marshall shows you how to build our own greenhouse using simple, easy-to-follow techniques. Covering everything from selecting a site to glazing glass, Marshall includes tips on laying a foundation, construction materials, ventilation, and much more. Whether your goal is to stretch the growing season or create a lush space for a year-round hot tub, you can build the greenhouse of your dreams. 

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Secret Greenhouse of Survival: How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse (Secret Garden of Survival) (Volume 2) (Paperback)

This is the ultimate sustainable homestead and prepper greenhouse, but purposely doesn’t look like it. Imagine a greenhouse that heats your home in the winter; and heats your water; that grows five times more food per sq. ft. than a hoop house; that provides food for you and your family all year long; where your food grows in 3 dimensions; where you never have to use fertilizer; where you never have to use pesticide, and where you can grow exotic foods (i.e. citrus or coffee trees in New England); that allows you to start seedlings in the spring; that hides your solar electric system; and that can house your small animals or incubate chickens and ducks. All disguised to look like a porch on your home, so that desperate and hungry passersby would have no idea that you have food growing there. This greenhouse does all that. This book is a simple, straight-forward, step by step approach to creating your own Secret Greenhouse of Survival, and it’s easy and cheap to build! Written by Rick Austin, the Survivalist Gardener, the author of the #1 Best Selling book in Garden Design- The Secret Garden of Survival- How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest.
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How to Build a 12 x 14 Hoop Greenhouse with Electricity for $300 (Paperback)

The most innovative, functional Hoop Greenhouse Grow your own organic vegetables and enjoy fresh flowers late into the winter and early in the spring with your sturdy, homemade hoop greenhouse. This is a spacious sun room and greenhouse. 7 foot center ceilings and 168 square feet of floor area give you plenty of room to grow a huge abundance of veggies, fruits and flowers. Add to your growing space with hanging plants and tiered shelves. You can even grow small fruit trees inside! Start your seeds early for bumper crops, fully protected from early frosts or freezes Grow warm weather crops and flowers before winters over in the new year, and keep them growing well into the cold weather near the end of the year. Includes 37 clear, close-up photos of the step-by-step construction process
  • Super sturdy with reinforced EMT. Proven to stand up to heavy snow and high winds
  • Comes with complete Material Lists, Scale Drawings and Detailed Directions
  • Easy directions and photos for building, leveling and squaring the base frame
  • Includes detailed cut lists for lumber, pvc pipe and plastic sheeting
  • Can be built by one person in a weekend or two people in a day
  • No construction experience needed. Plans are clear, step-by-step, with lots of pictures.
  • Few tools needed
  • Lumber cuts are simple; or you can have them done for you at the lumber yard.
  • spacious- 12 feet wide by 14 feet long (168 square feet) with a 7 foot center ceiling
  • You can double the size by simply adding another hoop greenhouse butted up to the first
  • Complete instructions to run electricity to the greenhouse for a space heater, or a fan for cooling if you like
  • Includes details for turning to inexpensively turn it into a super insulated greenhouse for a year around garden

Added BonusIt’s even easier to disassemble and then reassemble, in case you want to move to a new house and take it with you, or relocate the greenhouse to a different location on your property. Want to know more? Scroll up to the upper left of the page and click on theLook Insidefeature

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Gardener’s Solar Greenhouse: How to Build and Use a Solar Greenhouse for Year-Round Gardening (Paperback)

Book by Wolf, Ray
List Price: $2.98
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How To Build an Eco-Friendly Greenhouse: Reduce Reuse Recycle (Paperback)

Producing plastic is a cheap and straight forward process, however the disposal and decomposition of such materials is cumbersome and costly. Producing plastic is harming our environment primarily due the harmful elements that comprise it. The concept of integrating plastic within a structure in a natural setting would appear to be incompatible. However this manual for making your own greenhouse offers a fresh perspective on re-using everyday materials such as the plastic bottle to be creative. Our in-depth guide to making an eco-friendly greenhouse is not limited to its structure. The technique adopted can be applicable to anything else that you may be interested in constructing. The book gives you a photographic and artistic account of how this was put together. There are useful tips and recommendations to enhance your eco-project as much as possible, making it both efficient and effective. This guide to making an ecological greenhouse can be a source of inspiration for any DIY project, encouraging others to build and tell their stories.
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Build A Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: Under $3.50/Sq Ft. (Paperback)

Have you ever wanted to build a geodesic dome greenhouse but didn’t think you could? Have you been detoured because of the cost? Maybe you’re not handy at building things? This book shows you how to make your dream a reality. This book will show you how to easily build any size geodesic dome greenhouse. Using simple tools, and the help of one or two people, you can build a beautiful greenhouse like the one on the cover. All the math is already done for you and you don’t need to make any fancy angle cuts. The dome is made of 1½” Schedule 40 pvc and is very strong. The covering is UV rated and will withstand wind, rain and snow. At a cost that blow you away! So don’t wait any longer. Build your dream greenhouse and start growing your own veggies!
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How To Build a Backyard Greenhouse (Paperback)

The fall season is here and rapidly leading the way into winter. We recently began growing our own garden and would like to prepare a few plots to continue growing throughout the winter months. What would you suggest as a cost effective method of accomplishing this task?” During the spring and summer months, people can get their gardens growing outdoors with relative ease, if they have a green thumb that is. Nature provides the soil, water in the form of rain, and light from the sun. It also provides varying degrees of darkness on a daily basis as the seasons run their courses. In several northern tier regions, the temperatures are already beginning to drop drastically, especially at night with fluctuations plunging more than 20° F from day time averages. This can be detrimental, or downright lethal, for plants that are left to fend for themselves without the benefit of warmth. If you want to be able to grow food the whole year through, then it is imperative you build yourself a backyard greenhouse. A backyard greenhouse does not have to be expensive, nor does it need to occupy an enormous amount of space. The greenhouse plan provided in this eBook is very cost effective. Once completed it will provide ample space to grow a few plots of off season groceries. Get started today before the snow begins to fly! Keep Confident & Survive, Tristan Trubble
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Black & Decker The Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses, Updated 2nd Edition: Build Your Own Greenhouses, Hoophouses, Cold Frames & Greenhouse Accessories (Black & Decker Complete Guide) (Paperback)

Find all of the most up-to-date information you need to design and equip your own greenhouse, all in one place!

Black & Decker Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses is a new edition to the popular Complete Guide to Greenhouses & Garden Projects. Laser-focused on building greenhouses for the home gardener, it’s the most complete title on DIY greenhouses you’ll find anywhere. Featuring full-color step-by-step photos and comprehensive how-to instructions, the book features full plans for structures that are designed to extend the gardening season. From ornate, Victorian style greenhouses to basic cold frames, you’re sure to find a project that meets your needs and fits your space. In this new edition, you’ll find several new plans to expand the range of options, including a geodesic-dome greenhouse, a custom greenhouse with a fieldstone foundation, more kit greenhouses, and even a super-efficient greenhouse built completely form upcycled building materials- the greenest greenhouse you’ll find!

Black & Decker Complete Guide to DIY Greenhouses gives an updated look at new materials and products, along with tips for siting and orienting, helps you make good design choices. Complete sections on heaters, ventilation and watering systems show you how to set up and operate your greenhouse for maximum benefit. Building a greenhouse, even a relatively complex “stick-built” style is a surprisingly easy DIY project and one that is sure to delight any gardener in your family.

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Greenhouse: Build your own Greenhouse and create your amazing garden (2 in 1 boo (Paperback)

The Beginners Choice for Greenhouse Construction Greenhouses provide a chance for growers to grow crops that will not fail them, even when the climatic conditions change. Different crops require a different kind of climate in order for them to grow well to the harvesting time, which are all provided inside a greenhouse. Greenhouses today are becoming quite useful because of the increasing cost of food. If you have your own greenhouse, you will not have to worry about spending so much money on foods that you can comfortably grow in your own garden. The key to getting the most out of your greenhouse is making certain that you have a perfect greenhouse of the right size and structure and one that will serve your needs for a very long time. Why Learn About Greenhouses? To Understand the Need To Understand the Benefits To Know What You Need To Deal With Food Crises To Have Fresh Food All The Time To get The Most Out Of Fruits and Vegetables To Enjoy Good Results When You Grow Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn… What Green Housing Entails Requirements for a Functional Greenhouse Getting Started in Its Construction Materials Needed Considerations To Make Controlled Climates Systems Needed Strong Greenhouses Much Much More!
List Price: $7.99 USD
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#TOP10 – The 10 Best Books on How to Build Your Own Greenhouse


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