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Solar Industry News & Tips On Diy Solar Pv Systems Blog
Learn about Solar Panels, Energy Efficiency, and Photovolatic Systems. Insider news and expert tips on DIY Solar Energy. How To Solar at the Solar Drop!
2020-04-21 15:00
The decision to install solar is a simple one. It will save you money so you should do it. Solar panels require an inverter to convert the DC power that they produce to AC power that your ap… Read More
2020-04-16 16:00
The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has opened our eyes to understand the importance of American farms and maintaining food supply, especially during emergencies. While Covid-19 will probably not… Read More
2020-03-27 18:41
As the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic is changing our lives, preparedness is coming to the forefront of everyone’s mind. Coronavirus is proving how fast global events beyond our control c… Read More
Enphase Ensemble Solar Back-up
2020-02-27 16:00
One of the more frustrating facts about standard grid-tied solar power systems is that they do not provide back-up power during power outages. While there are some solutions out there that w… Read More
2020-02-26 19:28
When most people think about solar, they picture it installed on a roof but that isn’t always what happens. If you have a little bit of land, chances are you have the space for ground… Read More
2020-02-18 17:00
There has been a lot of buzz in the solar industry about batteries. They are necessary for most off grid solar applications and becoming an add-on trend for grid-tied systems. You can read o… Read More
2020-02-07 01:50
Maybe your electric bills aren’t that bad, except for summer when you have to run the air conditioning. But you are the conservative type, so you set the thermostat at 80 degrees and s… Read More
2020-01-23 16:00
The biggest part of a solar power system is the solar panels themselves. With dozens of different solar panels in warehouses across the US, how do you decide which ones to get? There are man… Read More
2020-01-21 16:00
Everyone knows solar panels can save you money, but where should they go?  First, let’s discuss location on a larger scale. There is no place in the United States where solar w… Read More
2020-01-14 16:00
Fast food order takers ask “Do you want fries with that?” every time you order a burger and now solar installers are asking all their customers if they want batteries with their… Read More
Types Of Solar Panels
2020-01-09 16:00
We all know installing solar panels will save you money, that part is simple. But when it comes time to purchase your equipment, you will need to decide what type of solar panels you want. T… Read More
2020-01-07 18:44
If you are going to install your own solar, you are going to have to deal with the city or county inspector. This can be easy or it can create a lot of extra work after you thought you were… Read More
2020-01-03 02:00
So you have all the solar panels installed on your roof, your wiring is completed and the system is powered on but are you done yet? No, there is one more important thing to do. You have to… Read More
2019-12-27 17:04
Raise a glass to a successful 2019 in solar, as the final Q3 of the calendar year has proven to be the most profitable one of the decade. Heck, with a statement like that, it might be better… Read More
Choosing Roof Attachments For Solar
2019-12-17 17:00
Choosing equipment is one of the bigger challenges for do it yourself solar installers. Roof attachments seem like a minor part of the system because they don’t cost much compared to t… Read More
2019-12-13 17:00
The good news is that residential solar power systems don’t need a lot of maintenance. The bad news is if you were using maintenance as an excuse to not install solar on your home, you… Read More
2019-12-12 01:26
Choosing to go solar is easy. Everybody wants to save money, right? Choosing whether you should have a contactor install your solar or go the do-it-yourself route is a tougher decision. Yes… Read More
2019-11-20 17:00
Everybody already knows what solar panels do. They turn sunlight into electricity. But what does it do to add batteries to the solar panel system? The short answer is that the batteries s… Read More
2019-11-19 17:00
If you are installing solar to save money on your electric bill, it is going to be a “grid-tied” system. When we talk about the “grid” we are talking about the electr… Read More
2019-11-15 22:38
If you look around, you are likely to notice that more and more roofs in your neighborhood are getting filled with solar panels. Which makes sense because all those homes use electricity and… Read More
2019-11-11 21:26
Wildfire season in Southern California has become synonymous with rolling blackouts for homes relying on grid power, shinning the spotlight on microgrids as one of the best solutions to prov… Read More
Should You Go Off Grid?
2019-10-22 20:45
Let’s face it, most of us have no choice where we get our electricity from. The local electric company is your only option and when a company has no competition, they have no incentive… Read More
Sizing Your Solar Power System
2019-10-10 16:00
You know you want to install solar, but how much solar do you want to install? There are many factors to consider when making decisions about system size. The system size will be dependen… Read More
How Solar Works
2019-10-09 23:47
If you look at the roofs around you, you will see that more and more people are installing solar but what is it all about and how does it work? The point of installing solar is to save money… Read More
Electric Rates And The Benefits Of Solar
2019-10-04 17:57
Installing solar will save you money on your electric bill. There is no doubt about that. The question real question is – how much money will it save you? That can only be answered if… Read More
Grounding Overview For Do-It-Yourself Solar
2019-09-24 00:52
The grounding requirements are one of the most confusing aspects of solar installation. Grounding is also what city inspectors tend to scrutinize the most. That is not a good combination unl… Read More
2019-09-17 04:18
If you are thinking about installing your own solar, you should know that there is more to getting the job done than sweating it out on the roof and hooking up the wires. There is paperwork… Read More
2019-09-09 19:49
It is becoming more popular to install batteries with solar power systems on new installations and as retrofits. One of the questions to be answered when planning the battery installation is… Read More
Are You Qualified For DIY Solar?
2019-09-05 01:01
Every professional solar installer started off with no solar experience. Does this mean every twelve-year-old strong enough to swing a hammer should embark on a do-it-yourself solar project?… Read More
Best Battery Types For Solar
2019-08-06 23:12
Installing batteries with solar is necessary on off-grid systems if you want power at night and also becoming more popular on grid-tied systems. Choosing what type of batteries to install ca… Read More
Optimize Your Solar Production
2019-07-24 23:06
The price of solar panels has come down significantly but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try to get the most energy possible from them. The key to optimizing solar panel p… Read More
Solar Panel Certifications Demystified
2019-07-17 18:27
With dozens of brands of solar panels on the market, choosing which one to buy can be a conundrum. One of the things you that may help you navigate this field is to understand the various ce… Read More
DIY Solar Safety
2019-02-04 17:00
Solar saves you money. Installing it yourself is a great way to save even more money. But that only works if you don’t end up with an emergency room bill because you weren’t care… Read More
Is It Safe To DIY Solar?
2019-02-04 17:00
Solar saves you money. Installing it yourself is a great way to save even more money. But that only works if you don’t end up with an emergency room bill because you weren’t care… Read More
Planning Your DIY Solar Installation
2019-01-15 20:55
Whether you are a professional installer or a Do-It-Yourselfer, planning ahead is the key to a hassle-free solar installation. The planning should start with system sizing. Before you pu… Read More
Do Batteries Make Sense With Solar?
2019-01-09 17:00
We all know installing solar makes sense, but should you install batteries with it? In a grid-tied system, the solar produces electricity which will save you money on your electric bill… Read More
Flat Solar Rebates Stir Up Controversy
2019-01-08 01:33
A new method to calculate solar rebates in San Antonio, Texas has stirred controversy between home installers and CPS Energy, the region’s energy supplier. Until recently, CPS Ener… Read More
2019-01-03 17:00
Everyone knows solar panels are a good idea but are there certain ones that are a better idea than others? The answer is a resounding yes. Let’s take a look at the new QCell Q.Peak DUO… Read More
The Go Green Solar Difference
2018-12-13 19:00
Everyone is selling the same solar equipment, but which distributor you choose can make a world of difference. If you have doubts about that, ask Tony Panos in Desert Haven, Texas. Tony cou… Read More
2018-11-28 02:44
It could save you money or it could cost you more. It could be easy or it could be hard. Do it yourself solar is more than just strapping on a tool belt and swinging a hammer. There’s… Read More
Pennsylvania Seeks More Sun In 2019
2018-11-26 23:40
The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the U.S. Department of Energy has thrown down the gauntlet for Pennsylvania, encouraging the state to produce 10 percent of its electrici… Read More
2018-10-22 23:36
Solar is a great idea. But is it a great idea to install it yourself? That depends on your skills. The first set of skills that should be discussed are safety skills. There is a reason why s… Read More
Does Tilting Solar Panels Make Sense?
2018-10-09 00:19
A solar power system will generate the most energy if you optimize the orientation of the solar panels. But, does that mean it worth it to tilt the solar panels on the roof? First, let&rsquo&hell…Read More
Solar As An Investment
2018-10-01 15:00
By now everyone knows that solar can save you money on your electric bill, but let’s take a deeper look at solar as an investment. On average, a 6kW system that costs about $15,000 aft… Read More
What Solar Can And Can’t Do
2018-09-25 18:45
People have a lot of misconceptions about solar, often due to misleading marketing tactics by solar companies. If you are going solar, you should know the facts so you have realistic expecta… Read More
2018-09-17 17:00
Yes, you should buy solar panels, but… Should you buy solar panels that are made in America or solar panels that are made in China? We live in a modern world that operates on a global… Read More
2018-09-10 21:24
We all know the benefits of going solar. The solar salespeople knocking on your door and calling you incessantly have made it clear that a solar power system will quickly pay for itself by s… Read More
2018-08-28 22:37
A common question people ask when making the decision to go solar is how will having solar affect selling the house? The first thing to note is that according to a few independent studies, s… Read More
New Solar Cell Technologies
2018-08-22 23:31
Over the years, we have seen the standard monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules increase in wattage per square foot, but they are getting close to the maximum possible efficiency on… Read More
Why Go Solar Now?
2018-08-14 19:26
You know solar is a good idea. You see the systems on your neighbors’ roofs and you may have even heard them brag about the savings on their electric bill. So why are you waiting? Now… Read More
2018-08-09 23:02
Over the years electric bills have gotten more complicated. It is important to understand how you are being charged for your electricity, especially if you are trying to calculate your payba… Read More
2018-07-26 00:43
Once you have chosen to go solar, the very important question arises. How many solar panels do I need? The first part of this is to figure out how many Watts of solar you need. This will de… Read More
60 Cell Vs 72 Cell Modules
2018-07-17 00:14
When shopping for PV modules, you must choose between 60 cell and 72 cell modules. The extra cells mean extra wattage and while many people make the assumption that more is better, this isn… Read More
2018-07-05 18:54
With so many options on equipment, it is easy to get lost in the decision making process. One of the most common customer questions is the difference between microinverters and a system like… Read More
2018-04-26 20:00
Professional solar panel installers live by the phrase “measure twice, cut once,” to avoid waste and get things right the first time. But that may not work for a smart amateur. A… Read More
Gifts For Solar Enthusiasts
2018-04-14 00:24
Solar enthusiasts are individuals who promote green energy by advocating for or simply practicing alternative energy use. That said, solar devices are pretty easy to come by and you’d… Read More

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Solar Industry News & Tips On DIY Solar PV Systems


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