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Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 10:32 02 Aug 2020
It’s so hot right now. I thought it would be getting cooler. It felt as if autumn was coming. Clearly I was wrong. We try to spend time outside every day (except the weekends, when we… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 06:34 01 Aug 2020
Just a few days ago we all started feeling sick. It was an ordinary cold, really, not too bad at all, but we immediately began to feel scared it would be Covid-19. For two to three days we f… Read More
Evergreendishes · 10:14 29 Jul 2020
Poha Idli is another easy dish to prepare for the busy mornings. They are soft, bright smiling white and  delicious. It is ideal  to serve as breakfast menu. It is easy to prepare… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 17:14 20 Jul 2020
Today we went on a little outing (by bus). Because it was about 30 ° hot and I hadn’t slept for very long, I’m now completely exhausted. If I hadn’t been, I would proba… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 05:28 18 Jul 2020
I’ve decided to temporarily use a few other blogs I have here on while my sister is working on getting our personal wordpress ( homepages up and running. There&rsq… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 16:01 17 Jul 2020
I haven’t always liked tea. Maybe five years ago, I would have said that I really didn’t like it. Then for some reason I decided to try flavored tea (and some herbal tea) and fou… Read More
Okra And Baby Potato Stew
Purpledragonfly · 15:23 12 Jul 2020
Do you believe that okra should never be cooked moist? This okra and baby potato stew will make you re-evaluate that belief! When simmered in a flavorful tomato curry, okra and potatoes g… Read More
Butter Garlic Green Beans
Purpledragonfly · 13:31 04 Jul 2020
Butter garlic green beans – a quick and easy side dish to go with your meals. Here’s a step by step recipe with pictures. This recipe uses the French bean or haricot vert. Y… Read More
My Cooking Journey · 19:22 21 Jun 2020
  Summer is a great time to explore different juices and this Spicy Watermelon Juice is the perfect recipe to beat the heat with the seasonal fruit. Summer is a great time to explore di… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 08:53 21 Jun 2020
Today, I read the morning paper online. There were primarily two things that struck me. One: one man wrote in his column about the ’hug greeting’. It will have to go, so like my… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 09:46 19 Jun 2020
Today it’s Midsummer. It’s a major holiday around here (in Sweden and Finland, particularly) but since we don’t have access to any cabin/cottage or even a house of our own… Read More