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Inspiring stories from around the world. A travel blog focused on movements, businesses and cool projects serving humanity.
2019-02-01 04:35
Emily built the company Lilac Pack from the ground up – a true “moms helping moms” company, providing care packages to support women in their postpartum period (the first 6… Read More
First Edition
2019-01-18 19:50
Friday, January 18, 2019 January 18, 2019 1 Currently Playing – Episode 39 After last year’s hiatus (we started a social enterprise of our own, cal… Read More
Investment Insight With Alan Grodin
2019-01-18 01:14
In this episode we dive deep into investment insight, on how to save for your future. The People Helping People podcast is back after a long break.  Over the last year, I went to Giv… Read More
“B The Change” With B Corps
2018-09-26 02:40
In this episode, Jason Moore, founder, and principal of Fulcrum Creatives, explains what a Certified B Corporation is, how companies can qualify and what it means for not only businesses but… Read More
Lighting The Way With Eleventh Candle Co
2018-05-27 05:17
Eleventh Candle Co is a social enterprise that seeks to redeem, restore, empower and equip those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction. It is a way to employ wo… Read More
2018-03-17 22:12
You’re in for a ride today. I know we’ve been digging into some serious podcasts around trafficking, but this podcast is about a different kind of traffic: transportation. Who is… Read More
Empowering Dreamers Through DACA Time
2018-01-16 02:26
Brook Kohn and Nathali Bertran brought their frustration with the DACA application process to the Columbus Give Back Hack — a 54-hour hack-a-thon aimed at developing sustainable social… Read More
Coffee That Makes An Impact & Kenny Sipes
2017-12-10 23:52
Kenny Sipes started the Roosevelt Coffeehouse in 2013 to make a social impact. He knew from the start that he wanted to build the coffee shop without any loans so that they would be able to… Read More
Racing With VETMotorsports & Pete Cline
2017-12-03 23:25
Pete Cline was racing at a semi-professional level in motorsports when an accident forced him to take a different turn.  An event in the UK had inspired Pete to enlist some veterans to… Read More
2017-11-24 22:16
When you walk around Columbus, one population you don’t encounter are the homeless, but they are here behind the backdrop of the city.  The organization Star House reaches out to… Read More
2017-11-07 03:26
For episode 19, we spoke with Ione Butler of Uplifting Content, and like the name, uplifting content is all about creating uplifting content… because the world needs more of it. (Pers… Read More
Growlers Dog Bones & Amy Noltemeyer
2017-09-29 20:28
I recently met Amy Noltemeyer at the Aspire 2017 awards, where her social enterprise, Growlers Dog Bones, took first place for Emerging Social Enterprise of the Year. Growlers Dog Bones is a… Read More
2017-09-23 20:45
I recently met Lily Vail, the Program Lead for Kiva in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve known Kiva for years as the icon for social lending abroad, making loans accessible for businesses and proje… Read More
2017-09-16 18:02
Ethan Martin and his wife started Reading for Change just a few years ago. Sitting in a coffee shop, his wife was lamenting over her previous teaching position in title 1 school, where she f… Read More
Serial Volunteering With Raj Thangavelu
2017-09-06 00:49
I have known Raj Thangavelu since we ran cross-country together in high school; he was an early inspiration in my life. Raj, who stood 4’ 10.75” tall, wasn’t the fastest ru… Read More
2017-08-20 20:56
So, I was on twitter where I follow a lot of people. Anyone I think might be interesting, and I often wonder if this accomplishes anything, as I rarely see any of these people again. A sign… Read More
Flying Horse Farms With Alexa Donner
2017-07-03 02:00
Flying horse farms is not a farm, nor do they have any horses. But what they do have is serious fun. The SeriousFun camps, formerly known as The Association of Hole in the Wall Camps, was f… Read More
TBEX: The Travel Blogger’s Conference
2017-05-17 19:53
TBEX Huntsville was this year’s North America travel blogger conference. I had no idea what to expect… to be honest, I was skeptical of going to a small town in Alabama that I h… Read More
Backstage At The Columbus Zoo
2017-04-22 21:43
Columbus, Ohio has one of the best zoo’s in the country.  When Jack Hannah inherited the zoo as director in 1978, it was a mess.  But he built it up with his charisma, vision… Read More
Discover Columbus, A Unique Destination
2017-04-15 20:13
Columbus is a unique place. First impressions: it’s small & there isn’t much happening. But living here, I’m starting to develop a deeper appreciation for the city. It… Read More
An Unexpected Chill In Brussels
2017-04-03 20:33
I have heard wonderful things about Brussels: it’s a nice modern city, easy to get around in and beautiful in the summer. From London, you arrive in just a few hours on the Eurostar. N… Read More
All You Need To Know About Londoners
2017-03-26 00:02
London is the premier international city. You can walk down Oxford Street and easily hear 10 languages in 10 steps, because people come from everywhere and anywhere. (I used to think New Yor… Read More
How To Get The Perfect London Night Shot
2017-03-19 20:03
I love photography – and have been snapping shots since my first digital SLR in 2004. (Well, before that I shot some 20,000 photos on whatever digital camera I could find.) There are 1… Read More
2017-03-12 22:49
If you consider your average day – be it at work, school, or home – you most likely wake up each day and go through a pattern you’ve been through many times before.  W… Read More
Volunteering Abroad With Samaritans
2017-02-26 19:54
I volunteered with the Samaritans for 5 years during my time as an expat in London at the Central London branch.  They are a wonderful organization that exists to reduce suicide by offe… Read More
Belize & Communal Eating
2017-02-18 20:44
Staying at the Thatch Caye resort in Belize was my first experience with communal eating. The meals are fun — with such a small group (there were about 12 of us), and no menu choice (t… Read More
Belize & The Art Of Doing Nothing
2017-02-12 01:47
Thatch Caye is a cozy resort off the coast of Belize — a small island, with 10 – 20 guests, where you may walk from one end to the other in 25 minutes. (And if you stay there lon… Read More
Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship
2017-01-28 19:47
One of the first observations when traveling through the Moroccan countryside is the lack of billboards and advertisements.  A US highway has so many signs, billboards and noise constan… Read More
Silence In The Moroccan Desert
2017-01-22 19:52
Our trip had a false start: my wife’s visa was incorrectly stamped to begin only on the second day of our trip, so the airport sent us home for a day, instantly squeezing our 5 day 4 n… Read More
Bremen: Oh-My!
2017-01-14 16:11
My year in high school as an exchange student in Bremen was challenging, even though the experience was invaluable. One of the most difficult parts was my host mother. I stayed with a large… Read More
Bremen & Boredom
2017-01-07 20:49
Bremen is not a boring city. It may be small, but it has a huge soul, complete with a gothic town hall in a pedestrian zone buzzing with life and delicious German bakeries.  They’… Read More
Bremen: The Year Abroad
2017-01-02 19:04
The year was 1993 – I was 16, and I flew to Germany. My sister’s friend was an exchange student, who spent a year in my small town of Avon, Connecticut.  At the end of the y… Read More
2016-11-28 04:01
There are certain turning points in your life. My first trip to Jaipur, India, and the 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat was one such point. In 2004, my company had essentially gone bankru… Read More
2016-06-11 02:30
My first two hours in India were the most terrifying in my life. It was January 2005, and I had just landed in Delhi. A colleague at business school was organizing this trip for a Vipas… Read More
2016-06-06 02:58
Part of the reason I started this blog was because I got tired of the news (especially with this current election cycle), and I wanted to discover inspiring projects from around th… Read More
2016-05-27 01:32
In searching for cool causes in Wales, we discovered Peter’s Pies, a staple pie baker from Caerphilly, just outside Cardiff.  They have a strong social aspect to their business he… Read More
2016-05-19 15:23
The UNA Exchange started as an international volunteering movement after the First World War. This transpired when the Swiss pacifist, Pierre Ceresole, sought to bring young people toge… Read More
2016-05-13 01:23
Vipassana meditation is something that I practice in my daily life. It is the meditation to cultivate self-awareness, and the capability to observe the sensations in the body without reactin… Read More
2016-04-06 16:38
I love to travel. Part of the reason why I chose to showcase Paris first is that it was one of the first cities I visited abroad. When I lived in London, hopping around Europe was as easy as… Read More
2016-03-13 18:30
The Seva Café in Grasse, France serves a cuisine based on love and sharing. But this French cuisine has its roots in Berkeley, where it started as the Karma Kitchen.  Karma Kitch… Read More
2016-03-07 23:49
Where you live makes such a difference. The environment where you live feeds your vitality hence, a worn down cramped and dirty place drains you energy almost as quickly as you can find it… Read More
2016-03-01 23:48
2015 was a year of Syrian refugees. There was so much news about whether to let people in, or to keep them out, but little word came about from the organizations that actually supported them… Read More
2016-02-26 23:36
No one says Bon Appétit better than the French. I love this story about the French comedian Coluche having a little idea of finding sponsors to open a free soup kitchen in Paris in… Read More

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