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Black Mesa Definitive Edition
2022-05-25 15:44
An absolutely outstanding update to a classic game."Black Mesa is a 2020 first-person shooter game developed and published by Crowbar Collective.  It is a third-party remake of Half-Lif… Read More
RPG - Kingdom Come: Deliverance
2021-11-20 20:37
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a 2018 action role-playing video game developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.  It is… Read More
PC GAMING - The Outer Worlds (Updated)
2021-04-04 17:35
The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division. The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing video game featuring a first… Read More
2020-11-03 19:59
The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Private Division. The Outer Worlds is an action role-playing video game featuring a first… Read More
2020-10-24 23:01
"Vampyr is an action role-playing game played from a third-person view.  The player controls Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor who was made into a vampire, and whose thirst for blood compels h… Read More
SECURITY - Ransomware Hunting League Hero
2019-10-29 16:06
"The Ransomware Superhero of Normal, Illinois" by Renee Dudley, ProPublica 10/28/2019Thanks to Michael Gillespie, an obscure programmer at a Nerds on Call repair store, hundreds of thousands… Read More
PERSONAL PRIVACY - Microchipping Humans?!
2019-02-04 23:12
WTF - We already have problem with our personal data and the internet, and now we are looking into a technology that may be abused by government and outlaws?"Microchipping humans wields grea… Read More
PC GAMES - Dragon Quest XI
2018-12-05 22:38
Dragon Quest XIDragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix.  An entry in the long-running Dragon Quest video game serie… Read More
2018-11-10 19:11
My rig:  Win7 Pro 64bit DesktopXCOM 2 is a turn-based tactics video game developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in February 2016, an… Read More
2018-08-27 18:20
"Playing offense and defense in the face of cybersecurity threats" PBS NewsHour 8/22/2018ExcerptSUMMARY:  In the past 48 hours, findings have been released regarding attempts by hackers… Read More
ONLINE LIFE - $Streaming
2018-07-16 21:25
"The highs and lows of being a professional online streamer" PBS NewsHour 7/12/2018ExcerptSUMMARY:  As more people consume video online, "streaming" is the internet's version of live TV… Read More
2018-07-09 16:28
"If you have Gmail, here’s who’s scanning your inbox" PBS NewsHour 7/3/2018ExcerptSUMMARY:  A year ago, Google’s Gmail said it stopped its practice of scanning users&r&hell…Read More
FACEBOOK - Can Be Fooled
2018-04-30 18:59
"How Facebook’s news feed can be fooled into spreading misinformation" PBS NewsHour 4/25/2018ExcerptSUMMARY:  Facebook’s news feed algorithm learns in great detail what we l… Read More
2018-04-02 23:19
"Why ransomware attacks target local governments like Atlanta" PBS NewsHour 3/30/2018ExcerptSUMMARY:  Nine days ago, a cyberattack brought Atlanta to a virtual standstill.  Now the… Read More
U.S. SUPREME COURT - Digital Privacy
2017-12-04 21:55
"Can police use cellphone location data without a warrant? Supreme Court ruling could have wide impact" PBS NewsHour 11/29/2017ExcerptSUMMARY:  A Supreme Court case centering around a p… Read More
PC GAMING - Sniper Elite 4
2017-10-23 00:28
Weeks ago I installed Sniper Elite:Italia and some DLCs (Steam) on my Win7 Pro 64bit desktop.I also have Sniper Elite v2 and Sniper Elite 3.This is the best of the series from Rebe… Read More
THE RUSSIA FILE - Hacked NSA Documents
2017-10-09 22:11
"Report: Russia hacked NSA documents with aid from antivirus software" PBS NewsHour 10/5/2017ExcerptSUMMARY:  The Wall Street Journal reported that Russia obtained classified informatio… Read More
SIMULATIONS - X-Plane Flight Sim
2017-07-31 17:53
Finally done something I've been thinking about for years.  Go me a flight simulator and joystick.Way, way back I did try Microsoft's flight sim but I had only keyboard-mouse.  Fli… Read More
CYBER WARS - Impact Of Worldwide Attack
2017-05-15 22:47
"Analyzing the impact of the worldwide cyber attack" PBS NewsHour 5/13/2017ExcerptSUMMARY:  Nearly 100 countries around the world worked to restore services after a massive cyber attack… Read More
MEDIA - Instagram
2017-05-08 18:20
"How Instagram pictures the world" PBS NewsHour 5/1/2017ExcerptSUMMARY:  A startup no longer, Instagram boasts 700 million monthly active users and counting.  As it grows, the free… Read More
GAMING - No Man's Sky
2017-03-12 01:38
"No Man's Sky is an action-adventure survival video game developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.  The game was released worldwid… Read More
CYBER WARS - Protecting Consumer Data
2016-10-31 22:26
"FCC chief outlines new plans to protect consumer data online" PBS NewsHour 10/27/2016ExcerptSUMMARY:  There are new rules for broadband providers when it comes to collecting and sharin… Read More
COMPUTERS - Before Apple Or IBM
2016-09-13 21:20
Osborne 1My very first computer:Tandy (Radio Shack) TRS-80 Model 1 (aka 'Trash 80')64k memory80x25 Mono Monitor (no graphics)2 x 8" 180kb Single-Sided Floppy Drives1200 baud ModemCassette Pl… Read More
CYBER WAR - NSA Code Breach
2016-08-22 20:08
"Analyzing the NSA code breach in the context of recent cybersecurity events" PBS NewsHour 8/17/2016ExcerptSUMMARY:  On Saturday, programming code for National Security Agency hacking t… Read More
PC GAMES - Hacker Evolution Series
2016-07-29 22:08
Ever wanted to see what it's like (or be) a Hacker?  Then you should get Hacker Evolution, a single-player simulation game from Exosyphen Studios.  Available on Steam.From their si… Read More
2016-05-02 15:59
"Cisco Finds Backdoor Installed on 12 Million PCs" by Eduard Kovacs, Computer Help Forums 4/28/2016UPDATED:  Cisco’s Talos security intelligence and research group has come across… Read More
FBI NEWS - Ransomware
2016-05-02 15:30
"Incidents of Ransomware on the Rise" FBI News 4/29/2016Hospitals, school districts, state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, small businesses, large businesses—these are… Read More
2016-04-29 15:40
Just have to comment on paying attention to the domains you receive eMail from.Got an eMail reminding me 'to confirm your account' on a site I never heard of.The domain was ""IR… Read More
2016-04-25 20:52
"This online pioneer sees a future where everything is internet" PBS NewsHour 4/21/2016ExcerptSUMMARY:  In the 30 years since Steve Case co-founded AOL, the global tech landscape has se… Read More
2016-04-25 20:52
"This online pioneer sees a future where everything is internet" PBS NewsHour 4/21/2016ExcerptSUMMARY:  In the 30 years since Steve Case co-founded AOL, the global tech landscape has se… Read More
2016-04-25 13:21
"Blocking Ad-Blockers May Be Illegal in the EU Thanks to the Cookie Law" posted by Rich-M on CHF 4/23/2016NOTE:  You must be a member to post on CHF (Computer Help Forums)A letter from… Read More
SECURITY - ESET Smart Security
2016-03-23 15:18
Due to the proliferation of ransomware, as a previous article points out, I have decided that I (and everyone else) need better protection.  I have been using ESET NOD32 AntiVirus for y… Read More
2016-03-07 15:32
"Ransomware attack takes down LA hospital for hours" PBS NewsHour 2/29/2016This highlights the need to use good Anti-Virus utility AND do an image backup of your entire system AFTER running… Read More
2016-02-28 16:02
I have posted about Hardware Monitor (HWMonitor) from CPUID before (a long while back), but it has been updated.Reminder, HWMonitor works using the monitoring functions of your motherboard a… Read More
2016-02-04 17:32
I just realized I posted about the 'Song From Fallout Fan Word' which is Fallout 4 but have not posted in general about Fallout 4.Here's my take on Fallout 4: OUTSTANDINGI've been playing fo… Read More
2016-01-16 16:15
Now that my PC Desktop rig is powerful enough I installed "Tomb Raider 2013" (Steam) and WOW what a game.This is the first time I've seen a console game that was very well ported to PC.&nbsp&hell…Read More
2016-01-04 16:31
"Will a new cybersecurity law make us safer?" PBS NewsHour 12/29/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  Folded into the massive spending and tax cut bill was a significant and controversial new law on cy… Read More
2015-12-28 16:03
As my followers may know I am a big-time PC game player.  My latest game is Far Cry 4.I also have Far Cry 2 & 3 and Far Cry 4 is the hardest because of one mission; "Death from Abov… Read More
2015-10-31 21:11
(Right-hand Pic edited to my arrangement)My old Android (Google) was dying, so I just got an Apple iPhone 6 iOS9.I found out that if you are running iOS9, Android has a Move from Android to… Read More
2015-09-28 20:42
"Inside the British government’s sweeping cyber surveillance program" PBS NewsHour 9/26/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  For years, the British government has reportedly tracked and stored bi… Read More
2015-09-28 14:21
"Lenovo in the News Again for Installing Spyware on Its Machines" by Manish Singh, Computer Help Forums 9/24/2015Despite launching a number of interesting products this year, Lenovo has perh… Read More
2015-09-07 14:19
"Microsoft steering Windows 10 users away from non-Microsoft browsers" by Cindy E, Computer Help Forums 9/6/2015Microsoft is aggressively pushing its new web browser, Edge, to Windows 10 use… Read More
2015-08-04 14:41
"Windows 10 violates your privacy by default, here's how you can protect yourself" by Conner Forrest, TechRepublic 8/4/2015ExcerptUpon installation, Windows 10 defaults to some pretty seriou… Read More
2015-06-24 14:54
"Programmers are copying security flaws into your software, researchers warn" by Laura Hautala, CNet 6/23/2015Many software developers are cribbing code, and its flaws, that someone else cre… Read More
2015-06-08 15:11
"With a series of major hacks, China builds a database on Americans" by Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post 6/5/2015China is building massive databases of Americans’ personal information… Read More
2015-06-04 14:13
"How Google's gesture control technology could revolutionize the way we use devices" by Conner Forrest, TechRepublic 6/3/2015Soli, Google's new gesture technology, would allow users to inter… Read More
2015-04-20 18:51
"The hack attack that takes your computer hostage till you pay" PBS NewsHour 4/18/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  Ransomware, a type of software that computer hackers use to hold individuals' data… Read More
2015-04-13 16:38
"How can we return privacy control to social media users?" PBS NewsHour 4/7/2015ExcerptSUMMARY:  What’s the cost of being constantly connected through social media?  A new bo… Read More
2015-03-02 16:24
COMMENT:  What is most important to security is which OS is the most targeted.  Microsoft is still the most popular and therefore the most targeted."Apple, Linux, not Windows, most… Read More
2015-02-25 16:43
Here my latest Speed Test on my Win7 Pro super-rig using AT&T U-verse broadband.Here's the DU Meter results while viewing this post and some YouTube videos Read More
2015-02-25 16:10
THE PEOPLE ARE WINNING!  To understand, see short video at bottom."F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama" by JONATHAN WEISMAN, New York Times 2/24/201… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
The title of this article is slightly misleading to non-techies.  NO single entity controls the WEB.  The issue is who assigns the Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing and assigning o… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
"25 years on, still adapting to life tangled up in the Web" PBS NewsHour 3/12/2014ExcerptJUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  The World Wide Web turns 25 years old today.  The date marks the… Read More

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