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Sbmade Blog is one of the most popular websites in the world.We also include New Data Of Technology and some other important information on the site.
How To Install AddThis Code In Blogger
2019-07-19 10:24
Today we are talking about the most important thing our blog really needs.This allows you to post related posts, share buttons, and more to add to your blog.Most of the information on the bl… Read More
How To Secure Your Facebook Account
2019-07-19 10:24
Let's see how anyone can protect our facebook account and save our account How to create our facebook account.Not just our facebook account, all accounts is personal.That means a account mus… Read More
How To Setup Free Domain To Blogger
2019-07-19 10:24
Today, something else is important.We will tell you how to get a free domain exactly on our blog and how to add it to our blog.We used to put a lot of tutorials on blogger once before.Here.O… Read More
Youtube Video Play In Facebook With Vtofb
2019-07-19 10:24
Just how to make youtube video right on facebook, it's easy to play with a button so you can play it easily.You usually share YouTube videos with facebook.You can take good results from what… Read More
How Do You Upload A Template To Blogger
2019-07-19 10:24
Today, too, we brought something of value to the blog.Today we are saying something that makes your blog beautiful.Blogger Tutorials can help you on our site.We have given the blogger a vari… Read More
How To Change Blogger Favicon?
2019-07-19 10:24
Today we're telling you how to add an icon to a blog.In general, the first icon on the blog is the blogger icon.But it reduces the beauty of the blog.My idea is to enter an icon on our blog… Read More
Create Facebook Frame
2019-07-19 10:24
I tell you today how to build a frame just so that it can be approved by Facebook?We mentioned the facebook frame in the previous article, which will be posted to facebook. Be sure to go fro… Read More
How To Customize A Google Blogger Template
2019-07-19 10:24
Now we are talking about How to Customize a Google Blogger Template.This is important for the beauty of the blog and for your users.Try to give something to users a lot.The blogger template… Read More
How To Publish Facebook Frame
2019-07-19 10:24
Let's just say how to publish a facebook frame right now.How to publish facebook frameyou can seen some of those you have seen in a profile of some school or institution.And underneath the t… Read More
How To Recover Facebook All Data
2019-07-19 10:24
Today, we are trying to figure out how to recover data in the facebook account.When we use Facebook in a quiet manner, we use massage to share various items.And they also delete these.So, ju… Read More
Can The Internet Make Money Online?
2019-07-17 06:41
From anywhere you can find money on the Internet, the biggest problem for them is that you can actually make money online.The simplest answer is "Yes".But it's not as easy as you think and y… Read More
PDF Converter By Cometdocs
2019-07-17 06:39
Today, many people keep a variety of information as a PDF file.It's really good, of course.But it's hard to change a PDF file.You can see online PDF converter in the Internet.They will also… Read More
50+ Important SEO Tips You Need To Know
2019-06-28 12:07
SEO is something we want to read and to try.But if I ask what SEO is, you surely know what you mean to give an answer?Yes, maybe you have the confidence,If you are not sure about SEO, you wi… Read More
Types Of Search Engines In The World
2019-06-01 14:54
Search engines are one of the primary ways that Internet users find particular Web sites. Furthermore, the meaning of the search engines is a tool designed to search for the information… Read More
Icons For Everything - With Noun Project
2019-02-21 04:35
Hi There. Today we are found a new website to download any icons. So that website is very important to graphic designers. Also, if you need to download icons very high quality and with new d… Read More
PxBee - Worldwide Stock Photo Marketplace
2018-10-22 13:38
Today we are also reviewing an important website for you. This website name is PxBee.  Also, even for graphic designers, this site is very important because of the 60,000 million i… Read More
What's The Black Hat SEO And White Hat SEO?
2018-09-08 04:09
The Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO is one of the parts you need to know when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).However, both black hat and white hat SEO will give you results.But… Read More
What Is Voice Search SEO And Impact On SEO?
2018-09-01 16:44
Voice search SEO is another great thing about SEO.For the future, Voice Search will work a lot.Many people at the moment type keywords to search something into search engine.In short, Voice… Read More
New Features Update For Facebook Pages
2018-08-08 03:01
A Facebook page is one of the most suitable platforms for business development right now.And so far, there has been a Facebook page for a large number of businesses around the world, whether… Read More
Top 5 Best Websites To Download Free Icons
2018-08-04 04:14
Icon usage can help you identify something.Also, there are various icons in the world, as well as some icons are popular in the whole world.These are useful for many places and are important… Read More
Data Management Technology System
2018-07-17 01:43
Every business handles data.  For instance, your business probably collects information about clients like their name and address.  The data collected from the customers are then c… Read More
How To Use Custom Redirect On Blogger Blog
2018-07-04 14:56
This Custom Redirect use for redirect URL to another URL.But the two URLs must be the same site.Because this method can not redirect the URL of your site to another site.There are many benef… Read More
2018-07-02 04:01
Many people in the world make blogger sites.They also upload different images.However, there is no limit to uploading images to a blog.This is why you can create a image blog site.What do yo… Read More
How To Apply Theme To Blogger Sitemap Page
2018-07-01 10:17
Today, we're talking about a sitemap decorating.It's easier to do this by Theme.In the previous article we discussed how to generate a HTML Sitemap Page On Blogger Blog.So before you add thi… Read More
How To Add Signature For Blogger Posts
2018-06-29 10:07
Are you also a blogger? And do you run it with the blogger? If so, this article will be interesting.If you also write many articles, A signature for your identity is added.So it's diffi… Read More
Oppo Find X For A New Experience
2018-06-24 16:46
We have brought important information for you today.So oppo is another large company in the world.Oppo company is especially focus for mid range smartphones.Also, many people like Oppo selfi… Read More
How To Connect Yandex Email With Gmail
2018-06-24 02:36
Today too something was brought to you.As we have mentioned in previous articles, many people use gmail.So, today, we tell you how to do this with gmail.Really why yandex Email is connect wi… Read More
What Is Backlink And Impact On SEO?
2018-06-22 04:48
Many people are concerned about SEO.It's a major point for many who run a website.So we have a lot of articles on SEO.There are also articles on backlinks.So today we are talking with the ar… Read More
Free Online Tools Use For Photo Editing
2018-06-20 05:26
When you need to edit an image, photoshop will be opened for it.But sometimes it can be troublesome.Also, photoshop is a great software and requires more ram to run.For example, you are open… Read More
How To Change Your Gmail Theme Background
2018-06-18 14:45
Gmail is one of the most important services in the world.It belongs to google and uses billions of people in the world.And this service can be used on your mobile device or computer.So you c… Read More
How To Install Dark Theme For Facebook
2018-06-16 16:39
This is one of the most important things for you.You know that Facebook is the most widely used social media network in the world.Although it is banned from various countries, most countries… Read More
Boosted Board Mini Review
2018-06-16 00:15
Are you a guy who interested in skateboards? Nowadays, finding a good skateboard is very difficult. With the increment of the technology, many new kinds of skateboards are inventing by engin… Read More
Gmail With Send Mail As Feature
2018-06-08 13:20
Today we can do some gamil work.You know how to send a mail from another name in your gmail.Can this really be done?If the answer is in brief, it can really be done.Because most people use t… Read More
Root / Unroot Explained
2018-06-08 13:15
we're talking today about is what root says, the advantages / disadvantages of this, just how to do this and how to undo it.You already know that many people talk about this ROOT.Actually, y… Read More
Online Video Converter
2018-06-08 13:15
Today we talking about how to convert a Youtube video into a any format without a software.This site will be very useful for you.Well then firstly, this website name is www.onlinevideoconver… Read More
Stereo Vs Mono Sounds
2018-06-08 13:10
Today we are talking about sounds divided into two types: Stereo and Mono.Stereo and Mono are two types of sounds we hear in everyday life.Some of the sounds we hear from real experiences so… Read More
The Best Youtube Tricks & Tips
2018-06-08 13:10
We are talking today about a few things that can be done through Youtube, the world's most popular video site.Many people look at videos and various information through youtube.And in youtub… Read More
Aibo Robot Dog
2018-06-08 13:10
Today we brought a new robot. This name is AIBO.And there are many more of these things. Let's take a look at this.Stay with us.This will be very interesting to you.This is one of the most u… Read More
How To Secure Your Gmail Account
2018-06-08 13:10
Today, we're trying to get some of the steps to protect our Gmail account.Our Gmail is very personal.Because it's getting lower in regular mail, but doing some work in a company, and now usi… Read More
The Google Crowdsource Sri Lanka
2018-06-08 13:05
Sinhala is a very complex language.Also, this language is used by very few people.That is the Sinhala speaking people in Sri Lanka.And now there is a chance for Sri Lankans to raise the Sinh… Read More
Technology Of Best Bitcoin Mining Hardware
2018-06-01 01:30
Technology of Best Bitcoin Mining HardwareBefore five years ago bitcoin mining was like eating a piece of cake. With the increment of the popularity of Bitcoin, many users started to mine us… Read More
Poop Pal Android App For Find Clean Toilet
2018-05-27 14:33
Today we have brought something quite different for you.This is an app about the toitle.So this is important to you.You can be a new experience.It's actually a Toilet Finding android applica… Read More
Top 10 Earning Websites In The World
2018-04-22 14:11
You know that most websites are on the Internet.So if you talk about the most profitable websites, the revenue they earn is really big.They have a very big income per secont.They are struggl… Read More

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