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A blog about movies,tv, books and entertainment! Humour is thrown in also!
Terror On Tour Movie Review
2022-09-18 00:56
Trailer here.Terror on Tour is a 1980 horror movie directed by Don Edmonds and starring Larry Thomas.The film revolves around a KISS style rock group who are known for their antics onstage.T… Read More
Devil Dog :The Hound Of Hell Movie Review
2022-09-09 22:05
Trailer here.Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell is a 1978 made for TV horror movie directed by Curtis Harrington and starring Richard Crenna, Yvette Mimieux, Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann.At Lake… Read More
Edge Of Sanity Movie Review
2022-08-08 16:02
Trailer here.Edge of Sanity is a 1989 horror movie directed by Gerard Kikoine and starring Anthony Perkins and Glynis Barber.The film begins with a man called Henry Jekyll(Perkins), who is e… Read More
He Knows You're Alone Movie Review
2022-07-24 10:31
Trailer here.He Knows You're Alone is a 1980 horror movie directed by Armand Mastroianni and starring Caitlin O'Heaney, Elizabeth Kemp, Don Scardino and Dana Barron.The film begins with a gi… Read More
Giallo In Venice Movie Review
2022-06-11 22:53
Giallo In Venice is a 1979 giallo movie directed by Mario Landi and starring Leonora Fani, Jeff Blynn and Gianni Dei.The film begins with two dead bodies. Inspector De Paul(Blynn)  is o… Read More
Willow Creek Movie Review
2022-05-27 21:40
Trailer here.Willow Creek is a 2013 horror movie directed by Bobcat Goldthwait and starring Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson.A couple Kelly(Gilmore) and Jim(Johnson) are a couple who are goi… Read More
Veronica Movie Review
2022-05-13 21:44
Trailer here.Veronica is a 2017 Spanish horror movie directed by Paco Plaza and starring Sandra Escacena.The movie begins in 1991 in Madrid where the police receive a call from a girl. A det… Read More
Legend Of The Werewolf Movie Review
2022-05-01 22:31
Trailer here.Legend of the Werewolf is a 1975 horror movie directed by Freddie Francis and starring Peter Cushing, Ron Moody and Lynn Dalby.The film begins with a woman who is giving birth… Read More
Taste Of Fear Movie Review
2022-04-02 22:18
Trailer here.Taste of Fear is a 1961 thriller directed by Seth Holt and starring Susan Strasberg, Ronald Lewis, Ann Todd and Christopher Lee.The film begins with a girl called Penny Appleby(… Read More
Clownhouse Movie Review
2022-03-18 00:40
Trailer here.Clownhouse is a 1989 horror movie directed by Victor Salva and starring Sam Rockwell, Nathan Forrest Winters and Brian McHugh.Casey(Winters) is a young boy who has a fear of clo… Read More
Kingdom Of The Spiders Movie Review
2022-03-12 16:58
Trailer here.Kingdom of the Spiders is a 1977 horror movie directed by John Cardos and starring William Shatner and Tiffany Bolling.Something attacks a calf in Verde Valley, Arizona. The loc… Read More
Eloise Movie Review
2022-02-18 23:34
Trailer here.Eloise is a 2016 horror/thriller movie directed by Robert Legato and starring Eliza Dushku, Robert Patrick, Chace Crawford and Brandon T. Jackson.Eloise is an asylum in Michigan… Read More
Black Water Movie Review
2022-01-08 00:07
Trailer here.Black Water is a 2007 Australian horror movie directed by David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki and starring Maeve Dermody, Diana Glenn and Andy Rodoreda.Three people, Lee(Dermody)… Read More
The Hands Of Orlac Movie Review
2021-12-13 20:49
Trailer here.The Hands of Orlac is a 1960 horror/thriller directed by Edmond T. Greville and starring Mel Ferrer and Christopher Lee.Stephen Orlac(Ferrer) is a concert pianist. He is very fa… Read More
The Gravedancers Movie Review
2021-12-03 23:44
Trailer here.The Gravedancers is a 2006 horror movie directed by Mike Mendez and starring Dominic Purcell and Clare Kramer.The movie begins with a woman who is facing a supernatural force. S… Read More
The Reef Movie Review
2021-11-13 23:52
Trailer here.The Reef is a 2010 Australian horror movie directed by Andrew Traucki and starring Damian Walshe-Howling, Gyton Grantley, Adrienne Pickering and Zoe Naylor.The movie begins with… Read More
Halloween Party Movie Review
2021-10-22 22:03
Trailer here.Halloween Party is a 2019 horror movie directed by Jay Dahl and starring Amy Groening, T. Thomason and Shelley Thompson.A couple of college girls called Zoe and Grace(Groening)… Read More
The Curse Of Halloween Jack Movie Review
2021-10-16 21:48
Trailer here.The Curse of Halloween Jack is a 2019 horror movie sequel. It is directed by Andrew Jones and stars Patrick O' Donnell, Tiffany Ceri and Peter Cosgrove.The movie follows on from… Read More
Great White Movie Review
2021-10-01 20:48
Trailer here.Great White is a 2021 horror movie directed by Martin Wilson and starring Aaron Jakubenko,  Katrina Bowden, Tim Kano and Kimie Tsukakoshi.The film begins with a couple who… Read More
The Wolf Of Snow Hollow Movie Review
2021-09-18 22:54
Trailer here.The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a 2020 horror movie directed by Jim Cummings and starring Jim Cummings, Riki Lindhome and Robert Forster.The movie begins with a couple who are stayin… Read More
Outback Movie Review
2021-08-22 20:08
Trailer here.Outback is a 2019 Australian thriller directed by Mike Green and starring Lauren Lofberg and Taylor Wiese.The tale begins in Sydney. Wade(Wiese) and his girlfriend, Lisa(Lofberg… Read More
Movie House Massacre Movie Review
2021-07-28 19:17
Trailer here.Movie House Massacre a.k.a. Blood Theatre is a 1984 horror movie directed by Rick Sloane and starring Mary Woronov, Jenny Cunningham and Rob Roy Fletcher.The film begins with a… Read More
Destroyer Movie Review
2021-07-17 21:14
Trailer here.Destroyer is a 1988 horror movie directed by Robert Kirk and starring Lyle Alzado, Deborah Foreman and Anthony Perkins.Ivan Mosler(Alzado) is a killer on death row. His time has… Read More
Necromancy Movie Review
2021-07-06 17:12
Trailer here.Necromancy is a 1972 horror movie directed by Bert I. Gordon and starring Pamela Franklin, Michael Ontkean, Orson Welles and Lee Purcell.The movie begins with a woman who wakes… Read More
The Video Dead Movie Review
2021-06-06 21:57
Trailer here.The Video Dead is a 1987 horror movie directed by Robert Scott and starring Roxanna Augesen and Rocky Duvall.The film begins with two delivery men who drop a television off to a… Read More
Evil Laugh Movie Review
2021-05-22 22:09
Evil Laugh is a 1986 horror movie directed by Dominick Brascia Jr. and starring Kim McKamy, Tony Griffin, Jody Gibson and Howard Weiss.The movie begins with a man called Mr. Burns(Weiss) who… Read More
Amityville Dollhouse Movie Review
2021-05-07 22:12
Trailer here.Amityville Dollhouse is a 1996 horror movie and the eighth movie in the Amityville series. It is directed by Steve White and stars Robin Thomas, Starr Andreeff, Lisa Robin Kelly… Read More
This House Possessed Movie Review
2021-04-23 20:38
This House Possessed is a 1981 TV movie directed by William Wiard and starring Parker Stevenson and Lisa Eilbacher.The film begins with a couple looking around the grounds of a house. Someon… Read More
Stag Night Movie Review
2021-04-17 11:31
Trailer here.Stag Night is a 2008 horror movie starring Kip Pardue,Breckin Meyer and Scott Adkins. It is directed by Peter A. Dowling.The movie begins with a young woman in a subway station… Read More
Gargoyles Movie Review
2021-04-12 19:29
Trailer here.Gargoyles is a 1972 TV horror movie directed by Bill Norton and starring Cornel Wilde and Jennifer Salt. Scott Glenn also makes an appearance.Dr. Mercer Boley(Wilde) and his dau… Read More
The Widow Movie Review
2021-04-09 19:28
Trailer here.The Widow is a 2020 horror film directed by Ivan Minin and starring Viktotiya Potemina and Anastasiya Gribova.The movie begins in a wood near St. Petersburg. People have been go… Read More
Alison's Birthday Movie Review
2021-03-13 23:28
Trailer here.Alison's Birthday is a 1981 Australian horror movie directed by Ian Coughlan and starring Joanne Campbell, Lou Brown, John Bluthal and Vincent Ball.The movie begins with a 16 ye… Read More
The Babadook Movie Review
2021-02-26 21:22
Trailer here.The Babadook is a 2014 horror movie directed by Jennifer Kent and starring Essie Davis and Hayley McElhinney.The film begins with a child called Sammy who lives with his mother… Read More
Corruption Movie Review
2021-02-06 22:49
Trailer hereCorruption is a 1968 horror/ thriller directed by Robert Hartford-Davis and starring Peter Cushing, Kate O' Mara and Sue Lloyd.The movie begins with a man called John Rowan(Cushi… Read More
The Pack Movie Review
2021-01-24 15:21
Trailer :hereThe Pack is a 2015 Australian horror film directed by Nick Robertson and starring Jack Campbell and Anna Lise Phillips.The film begins with a farmer going to check on his flock… Read More
2021-01-15 21:01
Trailer here.Hellfest is a 2018 horror movie directed by Gregory Plotkin and starring Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards and Tony Todd.The movie begins with a girl who gets separated from her pals i… Read More
The Rental Movie Review
2021-01-01 21:12
Trailer hereThe Rental is a 2020 horror/thriller movie directed by Dave Franco and starring Dan Stevens, Alison Brie, Sheila Vand, Jeremy Allen White and Toby Huss.The movie begins with two… Read More
2020-12-15 20:23
Trailer here: Evil is a 1978 horror movie directed by Gus Trikonis and starring Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, Andrew Prine, Cassie Yates and Victor Buono.The… Read More
Tales That Witness Madness Movie Review
2020-11-20 20:34
 Tales that Witness Madness is a 1973 horror anthology movie directed by Freddie Francis and starring Donald Pleasence, Kim Novak, Joan Collins and Suzy Kendall.The film begins in a men… Read More
Rent A Pal Movie Review
2020-10-23 21:54
  Watch trailer here.Rent-A-Pal is a 2020 thriller directed by Jon Stevenson and starring Wil Wheaton and Brian Landis Folkins. The movie begins in 1990 with a man called Davi… Read More
Hack- O- Lantern Movie Review
2020-10-16 21:12
  Trailer here.Hack -O- Lantern is a 1988 horror movie directed by Jag Mundhra and starring Hy Pike and Gregory Scott Cummins.The movie begins with grandpa(Pike) coming to visit hi… Read More
The Legend Of Halloween Jack Movie Review
2020-10-09 22:10
  Trailer: Legend of Halloween Jack is a 2018 horror movie directed by Andrew Jones and starring Colin Holt, Sarah John, Doug Cooper and Lee Bane.&n&hell…Read More
Berserker Movie
2020-10-03 20:02
 Trailer here Berserker is a 1987 horror movie directed by Jefferson Richard and starring Greg Dawson and Beth Toussaint.The movie begins with flashbacks to the tenth century where Viki… Read More
The Creeping Flesh Movie Review
2020-09-25 20:21
    The Creeping Flesh is a 1973 horror movie directed by Freddie Francis and starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.The film begins with Professor Emmanuel Hildern(C… Read More
Slaughterhouse Movie Review
2020-09-12 22:09
Slaughterhouse is a 1987 horror movie directed by Rick Roessler and starring Joe B Barton, Don Barrett,Sherry Bendorf and William Houck.A group of teens meet their end in a creepy area. A m… Read More
Don't Go In The Woods Movie Review
2020-09-02 20:19
Don't Go in the Woods is a 1981 horror movie directed by James Bryan and starring Jack McClelland and Mary Gail Artz.The movie begins with some campers getting attacked and killed in the woo… Read More
Puppet Master X:Axis Rising Movie Review
2020-08-22 21:32
Puppet Master X:Axis Rising(2012) is the tenth movie in the Puppet Master series. It is directed by Charles Band and stars Kip Canyon, Jean Louise O' Sullivan and Scott Anthony King.The movi… Read More
Microwave Massacre Movie Review
2020-08-10 20:37
Microwave Massacre is a 1983 horror movie comedy directed by Wayne Berwick and starring Jackie Vernon.The movie begins with a girl who teases some workmen by flashing her breasts. One of the… Read More
The Blood Beast Terror Movie Review
2020-08-01 20:18
The Blood Beast Terror is a 1967 horror movie directed by Vernon Sewell and starring Peter Cushing,Robert Flemying and Wanda Ventham.The film begins with a man being attcked by something. Th… Read More
Fade To Black Movie Review
2020-07-21 19:42
  Fade to Black is a 1980 horror movie directed by Vernon Zimmerman and starring Dennis Christoper,Tim Thomerson, Gwynne Gilford and Linda Kerridge.The tale begins with a young man call… Read More
Crawl Movie Review
2020-07-17 21:48
Crawl is a 2019 horror movie directed by Alexandre Aja and starring Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper.The movie begins with the news that there is a hurricane in Florida. Haley(Scodelario) ge… Read More
You Should Have Left Movie Review
2020-07-08 18:12
You Should Have Left is a 2020 horror/thriller movie directed by David Koepp and starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried.The movie begins with a man called Theo(Bacon). He is married to a y… Read More
The Invisible Man Movie Review
2020-06-30 19:13
The Invisible Man is a 2020 horror movie directed by Leigh Whannell and starring Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Aldis Hodge.Cecilia Kass(Moss) is a woman who lives with a very weal… Read More
Charlie's Farm Movie Review
2020-06-19 19:46
Charlie's Farm is a 2014 Australian horror movie directed by Chris Sun, who also directed Boar. It stars Kane Hodder, Tara Reid and Bill Moseley.The film begins with people who are hiding on… Read More
Houseboat Horror Movie Review
2020-06-02 19:46
Houseboat Horror is a 1989 Australian horror movie directed by Kendal Flanagan and starring Alan Dale and Louise Siversen.The film starts with a group of people who are going to shoot a vide… Read More
Cutting Class Movie Review
2020-05-22 21:57
Cutting Class is a 1989 horror movie directed by Rospo Pallenberg and starring Brad Pitt,Donovan Leitch and Jill Schoelen.Paula Carson(Schoelen) is a high school student. She is home alone w… Read More
Just Before Dawn Movie Review
2020-05-01 19:17
Just Before Dawn is a 1981 horror movie directed by Jeff Lieberman and starring Gregg Henry and Chris Lemmon.The film begins in the woods. Two guys are in an old church. Someone is watching… Read More
Beyond The Gates Movie Review
2020-04-15 10:20
Beyond the Gates is a 2016 horror movie directed by Jackson Stewart and starring Barbara Crampton, Graham Skipper and Chase Williamson.The movie begins in the summer of 1992. Two brothers ca… Read More
The Final Girls Movie Review
2020-02-29 22:14
The Final Girls is a 2015 horror comedy directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson and starring Taissa Farmiga and Malin Akerman.The movie begins with a woman called Amanda(Akerman) who was an 80's a… Read More
The Haunted Palace Movie Review
2020-02-15 23:13
The Haunted Palace is a 1963 horror film directed by Roger Corman and starring Vincent Price, Debra Paget, Lon Chaney Jr. and Frank Maxwell.The movie begins with a girl walking at night in t… Read More
Return Of The Living Dead 3 Movie Review
2020-01-31 22:18
Return of the Living Dead 3 is a 1993 horror movie sequel directed by Brian Yuzna and starring Melinda Clarke, J. Trevor Edmond and Kent McCord.The movie begins with a guy called Curt Reynol… Read More
Urban Legends:Bloody Mary Movie Review
2020-01-25 21:54
Urban Legends:Bloody Mary is a 2005 sequel and the third film in the Urban Legend series and is directed by Mary Lambert. It stars Kate Mara and Tina Lifford.The film begins in 1969 when thr… Read More
Urban Legend 2:The Final Cut
2020-01-16 20:15
  Urban Legend 2:The Final Cut is a 2000 horror movie directed by John Ottman and starring Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Davis, Eva Mendes, Loretta Devine, Hart Bochner, Anthony Ander… Read More
Urban Legend Movie Review
2020-01-04 22:28
Urban Legend is a 1998 horror movie directed by Jamie Blanks and starring Alicia Witt, Jared Leto, Tara Reid, Joshua Jackson, Robert Englund and Rebecca Gayheart.The movie begins with a coll… Read More
Paranoiac Movie Review
2019-12-14 23:09
Paranoiac is a 1963 thriller directed by Freddie Francis and starring Oliver Reed,Janette Scott and Sheila Burrell.The film begins with a church service being held for Mr.and Mrs. Ashby who… Read More
Boar Movie Review
2019-11-29 21:23
Boar is a 2017 Australian horror movie directed by Chris Sun and starring Nathan Jones, John Jarratt, Bill Moseley, Roger Ward and Simone Buchanan.A couple are in the outback in Australia. T… Read More
The Kiss Of The Vampire Movie Review
2019-11-09 19:29
The Kiss of the Vampire is a 1963 Hammer horror movie directed by Don Sharp and starring Clifford Evans, Noel Willman, Edward de Souza and Jennifer Daniel.The film begins with someone being… Read More
Blood Diner Movie Review
2019-11-06 15:10
Blood Diner is a 1987 horror movie directed by Jackie Kong and starring Rick Burks and Carl Crew.The film begins with two kids who are left ancient Sumerian charms by their crazy uncle who i… Read More
Night Of The Big Heat Movie Review
2019-10-04 16:04
Night of the Big Heat a.k.a.Island of the Burning Damned is a 1967 sci-fi film directed by Terence Fisher and starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Patrick Allen, Sarah Lawson and Jane Me… Read More
Angst Movie Review
2019-09-27 22:09
Angst is a 1983 Austrian horror movie directed by Gerald Kargl and starring Erwin Leder.The movie begins with a man(Leder), who is being released from prison. He has killed his mother. He wa… Read More
Terror Train Movie Review
2019-09-21 22:05
Terror Train is a 1980 horror movie directed by Roger Spottiswoode and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Johnson, Hart Bochner and David Copperfield.The movie starts with a group of college stu… Read More
Schizo Movie Review
2019-09-19 19:59
Schizo is a 1976 horror/thriller directed by Pete Walker and starring Lynne Frederick, John Leyton, Stephanie Beacham and Jack Watson.The  movie begins with  a man called William H… Read More
The Green Inferno Movie Review
2019-09-02 15:31
The Green Inferno is a 2013 horror movie directed by Eli Roth and starring Lorenza Izzo.The movie begins with students in college. A guy called Alejandro (Ariel Levy) and his gal pal Kara wa… Read More
Dolls Movie Review
2019-08-27 14:49
Dolls is a 1987 horror movie directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Ian Patrick Williams, Carolyn Purdy Gordon and Guy Rolfe.A couple, David(Williams) and his wife Rosemary(Gordon) are trave… Read More
Dead End Movie Review
2019-08-19 18:28
Dead End is a 2003 French horror movie directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and starring Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Alexandra Holden and Mick Cain.The film begins with a family who are on their way to… Read More
Summer Of '84 Movie Review
2019-07-27 20:25
Summer of '84 is a 2018 horror movie directed by François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell and starring Graham Verchere, Tiera Skovbye and Rich Sommer.A teenager called… Read More
The Haunting Of La Llorona Movie Review
2019-06-15 13:59
The Haunting of La Llorona is a 2019 horror movie directed by Dennis Devine and written by Geno McGahee. It stars Kaylin Zeren, Diana Acevedo and Orlando McNary.The movie begins with a woman… Read More
My Favourite Movie Posters- Psycho(1960)
2019-06-10 12:12
I want to explore the movie posters that I really like and there is no better way than to start with my favourite film- Psycho. I find some of these posters really great. I love the artwork… Read More
2019-05-31 21:05
One Dark Night is a 1983 horror movie directed by Tom McLoughlin and starring Meg Tilly, Adam West and E.G. Daily.A few dead girls are found in an apartment of a man called Raymar who is an… Read More
Rogue Movie Review
2019-05-18 20:08
Rogue is a 2007 horror movie directed by Greg McLean and starring Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell and Michael Vartan.The movie begins in the Northern Territory in Australia. A crocodile come… Read More
Ghosthouse Movie Review
2019-05-14 18:03
Ghosthouse is a 1988 horror movie directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Lara Wendel and Greg Scott.The movie begins with a man in a house. He finds his cat dead. His daughter did it. He loc… Read More
The Beast Must Die Movie Review
2019-05-01 18:25
The Beast Must Die is a 1974 horror movie directed by Paul Annett and starring Peter Cushing, Michael Gambon, Calvin Lockhart, Charles Gray and Anton Diffring.A  man is being chases by… Read More
Searching Movie Review
2019-04-23 19:14
Searching is a 2018 thriller directed by Aneesh Chaganty and starring John Cho and Debra Messing.The film begins with a man called David(Cho) who is a widower. His wife died of cancer a few… Read More
Cold Prey Movie Review
2019-04-09 19:15
Cold Prey is a 2006 Norwegian horror movie, directed by Roar Uthaug and starring Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Rolf Kristian Larsen and Viktoria Winge.A kid is being chased through the snow. He has a… Read More
Terrifier Movie Review
2019-04-01 19:19
Terrifier is a 2017 horror movie directed by Damien Leone and starring David Howard Thornton, Jenna Kanell and Samantha Scaffidi.The movie begins with a woman who is on a TV show. She says t… Read More
Nail Gun Massacre Movie Review
2019-03-25 19:26
Nail Gun Massacre is a 1985 horror movie directed by Terry Lofton and Bill Leslie and starring Michelle Meyer, Beau Leland and Rocky Patterson.The film starts with a young woman called Linda… Read More
2019-03-17 20:31
The Witches a.k.a The Devil's Own is a 1966 Hammer horror movie directed by Cyril Frankel and starring Joan Fontaine.In Africa, a woman called Gwen Mayfield(Fontaine) is teaching school. She… Read More
Sorority House Massacre Movie Review
2019-02-27 21:03
  Sorority House Massacre is a 1986 horror movie directed by Carol Frank and starring Angela O' Neill and John C Russell.The movie begins with a girl called Beth(O'Neill) who has a… Read More
Sssssss Movie Review
2019-02-12 20:50
Sssssss is a 1973 horror movie directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and starring Dirk Benedict, Strother Martin and Heather Menzies.The movie begins with Dr.Carl Stoner(Martin) who is giving some… Read More
Blood Fest Movie Review
2019-02-01 20:28
Blood Fest is a 2018 horror/ comedy movie directed by Owen Egerton and starring Robbie Kay, Seychelle Gabriel, Jacob Batalon, Barbara Dunkleman, Nick Rutherford and Tate Donovan.The movie be… Read More
Spiders 3D Movie Review
2019-01-26 15:03
Spiders 3D is a 2013 horror movie directed by Tibor Takacs and starring Patrick Muldoon , Christa Campbell and William Hope.Something is happening in New York city. An unidentified object dr… Read More
Zombi 2 Movie Review
2019-01-11 21:52
Zombi 2 is a 1979 horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch and Al Cliver.The movie begins with a boat floating in the harbour in New York. There is nobody… Read More
Freddy Vs Jason Movie Review
2018-12-29 12:41
Freddy Vs Jason is a 2003 crossover horror movie directed by Ronny Yu and starring Robert Englund, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter and Brendan Fletcher.The movie begins with Freddy Krueger, who d… Read More
Baron Blood Movie Review
2018-12-22 20:58
Baron Blood is a 1972 horror movie directed by Mario Bava and starring Joseph Cotten and Elke Sommer.The film begins with a man called Peter Kleist(Antonio Cantafora) who travels to Austria… Read More

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