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Your destination for adventure travel, offroading and outdoor experiences with a focus on North America destinations.
Stop Tweeting And Start Tooting
2022-11-07 00:35
I’ve decided to move on from Twitter and focus on a type of social networking that feels remarkably familiar to Twitter in many ways but is unique in its own ways – Mastodon. G… Read More
Grayl Water Bottle & Purifier Review
2021-02-04 21:08
If you can hear the sound of water, you can quench your thirst on the trail with the Grayl Geopress Water bottle and filtration system. I’ve carried this bottle over mountains, across… Read More
2020-11-15 16:20
2,200 light-years away, the North America Nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus. Rich in Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen 3 gases, we’re able to capture its beautiful tones… Read More
IC 1396 – The Elephant Trunk Nebula
2020-11-08 16:55
I’m proud to showcase IC 1396, the Elephant Trunk Nebula as our “first light” in our new observatory! My mind is completely blow by just how rich, detailed, and clean data… Read More
NINA 1.11 Sequence Builder Walk-through
2020-10-25 01:37
Today, we get our first glimpse of what’s new to come with the upcoming release 1.11 of NINA with a more advanced sequence manager. To help people navigate around some of the latest ch… Read More
2020-09-25 18:41
What a lovely nebula to share with the world right? Why not work on your own rendition of this beautiful nebula a short 7500 light years away from Earth located in the constellation Cassiope… Read More
Creative Commons Astrophotography
2020-09-21 19:30
Have you ever wanted to experiment with astrophotography but can’t swallow the cost of gear? Don’t want to stay up all night? Just don’t have the time to learn all hardware… Read More
M31 – Andromeda Galaxy
2020-08-24 21:13
Living under the dome of light pollution, we often forget some of the majestic neighbors that grace our skies. M31 is one such wonder, that most living in light polluted will never see and a… Read More
2020-07-21 20:40
There are few things worse than searching for motorcycle parts and finding that genuine parts are astronomically priced. Whether something has broken down or you had a small accident, you do… Read More
The Elephant Trunk Nebula
2020-07-06 20:06
The Elephant Trunk Nebula – About 2,400 light years from earth is a massive concentration of interstellar gas. The common name comes from the elephant trunk looking structure of dense… Read More
The Crescent Nebula
2020-06-18 14:01
What better reminder is there of what is just beyond our vision but a part of our amazing cosmos than the beauty of the Crescent Nebula. Rising in the north western early summer skies of our… Read More
Exploring Our Cosmos
2020-06-11 13:46
There is no better mix of amazing experiences – exploring our planet and exploring our universe and the areas I love to visit all seem to coincide with being able to do both. Climbing… Read More
Solo Hiking Tips: How To Stay Safe
2020-02-08 01:28
Sometimes a hike can be ruined, or put a hiker at risk, for trivial reasons that can be avoided with small tricks. Even a tame mountain can be unpredictable (sudden snow, rain, fog, wind), s… Read More
Tips For Camping With Your Dog
2020-02-02 05:39
Four-legged friends are an important part of our life and our family. Traveling together can be a choice or a necessity; the fact remains that going camping with your dog is possible and fun… Read More
The 7 Best Hiking Trails In Southeast Asia
2019-09-23 12:30
One of the best parts about hiking is the chance to see an entire plethora of sights and sounds. Hiking and camping can take you to plenty of unexplored areas or places that have but the sli… Read More
7 Great Reasons To Travel
2019-09-14 16:03
Everyone has different views when it comes to traveling. For some, traveling is simply a weekend trip to escape the hustle and bustle of work. For others, traveling is a hobby that can take… Read More
Ultimate Travel Guide To Zhangjiajie
2019-08-07 14:18
Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, China jumped into world travelers’ eyes thanks to the movie Avatar. The floating mountains, sea clouds, mists and karst pinnacles became appealing to adv… Read More
2019-08-02 18:40
All my life I have struggled with my weight. I was overweight as a kid and was always embarrassed because of it, and the older I got the worse it got. My diet consisted of fast food, chips… Read More
Top Things To See In Arches National Park
2019-07-31 20:54
Arches National Park is one of the five National Parks in the state of Utah. Being part of the Mighty Five, Arches National Park receives a lot of attention from visitors all around the worl… Read More
Lowe Alpine Diran 55:65 Backpack Review
2019-07-20 19:30
After a very good run with my previous pack, the Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre, I decided to go back to this brand when searching for a new pack for the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. I needed a pack… Read More
Turning Your Outdoors Passion Into A Job
2019-06-27 02:53
Everyone around the world, whether or not they are the outdoorsy type, has their own spot. A place that they found either by happenchance or through careful searching. The spot could be a sm… Read More
Exploring Idaho
2018-07-17 19:24
Exploring Idaho My family and I recently went on a  beautiful road trip from Oklahoma up to Idaho. We were on a tight timeline because we… Read More
Choosing The Right Kayak Paddle
2018-05-31 19:12
Did you know that there is a science behind choosing a paddle? Okay, maybe not a science, however, definite reasoning behind choosing the righ… Read More
2018-03-23 22:04
Breakfast in the Wilderness Steam rose from the nearby lake. The forest was quiet this morning, and the sun was barely rising over the eastern… Read More

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