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Find Mantras, Aartis, Chalisas and Stotras. Prophecies of Nostradamus, Bible, India, World and Kalki Avatar. Health, Paranormal and Wealth Remedies
Six Ganapati Sadhana For Everyone
2023-09-20 06:01
In this post, I have described Six Most Powerful Ganapati Sadhanas for Eradication of the most severe dangers, fulfillment of cherished wishes, getting married quickly, success in studies, a… Read More
2023-09-09 11:57
Many of our regular readers often write to me asking why they are not getting the desired success or Siddhi in Mantra Sadhana, Yantra Prayog, and other Paranormal Remedies, and why the Mantr… Read More
Mantra Of The Cosmic Form Of Ganesha
2023-08-26 14:51
In this post, I have written about a simple technique using a Most Powerful Ganesha Mantra for Meditation upon the Supreme Being symbolized by the Mahaganpati Roop of Ganesha. This Meditatio… Read More
Secret Wish Fulfilling Mantra
2023-08-13 12:25
In this post, is described a Secret Wish Fulfilling Mantra, which is dedicated to Cosmic Energy or the Universe. This Powerful Hindu Mantra will quickly give success in fulfilling the wishes… Read More
Hanuman Upay For Removing All Problems
2023-07-28 15:22
Hanuman is the Hindu God most people turn to whenever they are facing some kind of problem, difficulty, danger, or threat for divine protection. In this post, I have written about simple rem… Read More
Lime And Needle Upay To Reverse Black Magic
2023-07-19 07:35
Lime and Needle Upay or Remedies to reverse, remove and destroy Black-magic spells and other harmful negative energy that has been directed towards you is a very popular Paranormal Home Reme… Read More
Six Potent Upay For Money And Success
2023-07-18 14:27
In this post, I have described six traditional Indian Upay or Paranormal Home Remedies that can be practiced to resolve problems connected to money, wealth, or business. These are simple but… Read More
Shiva Mantra To Connect With The Universe
2023-07-09 07:08
The Shiva Mantra about which I have written in this post is a very potent Mantra to free the mind from Maya or the Clutches of the Senses and see the Universe as it is by experiencing Shiv T… Read More
Kamdev Vashikaran By Touch Mantra
2023-07-03 07:19
In this post, I have written about a Kamdev Vashikaran-Akarshan Mantra to instantly bring any man or woman under a potent voodoo attraction spell by simply chanting the Vashikaran Mantra and… Read More
Ancient Sansar Or World Vashikaran Mantra
2023-06-23 07:30
In this post, I have described a Sansar or World Vashikaran Mantra, whose supernatural powers of attraction can be harnessed to attract all men and women at the same time collectively, inclu… Read More
Powerful Vashikaran By Eyes Mantra
2023-06-08 07:12
In this post, I have written about two small but most potent instantly working Mantras to gain Vashikaran Shakti and attract any man or woman with the eyes and to make the eyes radiant and d… Read More
Most Potent Mantras To Destroy An Enemy
2023-05-23 05:51
In this post, I have written about two very potent Tantrik Mantra Experiments to completely destroy any enemy, no matter how strong and powerful. These most powerful and fast-working Ma… Read More
Yantras To Eject Spirits And Diseases
2023-05-13 15:01
In this post, I have written about the method of making and using two Yantras to eject spirits, ghosts, and demons and to eradicate illness and disease from a house and its occupants. Both t… Read More
Shri Vishnu Sudarshan Yantra For Success
2023-05-07 07:13
In this post, I have written about the procedure of making and using the Most Powerful Sudarshan Yantra of Bhagwan Vishnu. This very potent and beneficial Vishnu Yantra gives success and vic… Read More
Miraculous Yantra Having Three Uses
2023-04-29 07:03
In this post, I have written about a very potent Indian Yantra Charm that can fulfill three different purposes by generating the most powerful cosmic vibrations, which are conducive is creat… Read More
Simple Miraculous Yantra To Get A Job
2023-03-18 05:55
In this post, I have written about a very simple and easy-to-practice Yantra Remedy for finding a job or any kind of earning opportunity. This Yantra, which is a standalone numerical Charm t… Read More
Pandrah Ka Yantra Of Ganesha And Kuber
2023-03-03 14:58
In this post, I have written about two versions of the famous and most popular Pandrah Ka Yantra also called Pandrahiya Yantra which vibrates to the frequency of the number 15. The two versi… Read More
2023-02-19 08:43
In this post, I have written about a very beneficial Life Transforming Mantra to attract positive energy into your lives and get peace of mind, happiness, and all kinds of material and spiri… Read More
Rare Shabar Mantra To Invoke Six Ghosts
2023-02-17 13:45
This is a very effective and powerful Mantra Experiment to invoke six ghosts at the same time and cast a Hypnotic Vashikaran Spell over them and get them to accomplish any task or fulfill an… Read More
Powerful Vashikaran By Voice Mantra
2023-02-12 14:47
In this post, I have written about yet another very potent Beej Mantra to enchant all men and women with your voice. This Beej Mantra, like the earlier Mantras, also casts a hypnotic spell o… Read More
2023-02-01 07:13
In this post, I have written about the three most simple but most powerful and effective, easy-to-chant Beej Mantras to instantly remove sleeplessness or insomnia, tension or restlessness, a… Read More
One Mantra For Total Protection
2023-01-22 09:23
In this post, I have written about a secret and most powerful Protection Mantra comprising of only three words that give total protection from each and every kind of danger, threat, problem… Read More
Good Fortune Yantra For Business Or Shop
2023-01-19 13:59
In this post, I have written about a very potent Good Luck and Fortune Attracting Yantra for business success and complete prosperity. This simple and easy-to-make-and-use Saubhagya Pra… Read More
Powerful Yantra For Success In Life
2023-01-17 14:20
In this post, I have described a Powerful Yantra that can be used in two unique ways to fulfill wishes and desires or to get some other person to fulfill them. This is a very beneficial Yant… Read More
Harmful Energies Protection Yantra
2023-01-14 14:39
In this post, I have described a very potent self-protection Charm or Atma Raksha Yantra to protect yourselves from all kinds of harmful negative energies, vibrations, and entities, includin… Read More

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