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C# Guide · 05:03 21 Nov 2018
Directives in angular are special notations which allows us to extend the behavior of DOM elements in the view template. Like components directives also have a selector and used in the view… Read More
Node.js Recipes · 02:26 21 Nov 2018
mongoose/mongodb custom sort Problem I have a field in MongoDB that is a String type. It will contain some combination of letters and numbers like "10", "101", "11", "112", "x115", "abc.5"… Read More
Node.js Recipes · 00:25 21 Nov 2018
Crawling with "npm crawler" Problem For example i what to crawl description of Node.js modules from but this code doesn't work. and how it made this with jQuery, but not with jsd… Read More
Node.js Recipes · 13:31 20 Nov 2018
Node.js crashing Problem My node.js app keeps crashing. It's a simple web service that gets data from a mysql database. I get about 20k to 30k queries a day. I'm not sure if it's crashin… Read More
Css3 Recipes - The S… · 12:50 20 Nov 2018
Remove a :target tag Problem I have been using css3 and the target attribute to make an interactive menu. When i click a menubutton, i make it open the sub-menu by using the :target attribu… Read More
Node.js Recipes · 08:28 20 Nov 2018
jquery-url in nodejs Problem I'm trying to port some js code that's using jquery-url into nodejs. jquery-url is used to get the hostname of a given URL in this way: var host = $.url(url)… Read More
Java Code Geeks · 08:00 20 Nov 2018
As continuation of  anatomy-of-apache-spark-job post i will share how you can use Spark UI for tuning job. I will continue with same example that was used in earlier post, new… Read More
Node.js Recipes · 07:25 20 Nov 2018
Is this leaking memory? Problem My code is leaking memory. After a couple of hours, it fills up the entire memory and crashes. I've simplified my code here, would anybody be able to tell if… Read More