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Node.js Recipes · 14:30 20 Jan 2019
Express js error handling Problem I'm trying to get error handling running with express but instead of seeing a response of "error!!!" like I expect I see "some exception" on the console an… Read More
Node.js Recipes · 12:29 20 Jan 2019
setTimeout in Node.js loop Problem I'm a bit confused as to how setTimeout works. I'm trying to have a setTimeout in a loop, so that the loop iterations are, say, 1s apart. Each loop itera… Read More
C# Guide · 05:31 19 Jan 2019
.Net Core OverviewWhat is .Net Core?Advantages of .Net Core.Net vs .Net Core.Net Core version HistoryWhat's new in .Net Core 2.0What's new in .Net Core 2.1What's new in .Net Core 2.2What's n… Read More
Let's Wp · 15:32 17 Jan 2019
25 simple Line Icon Set is the eighth part of a larger package that is free to use for commercial or private purposes. Because of their uncomplicated, style-independent form, you can use the… Read More
Analysis Failure
Software Maintenance · 05:03 17 Jan 2019
My new team leader asked me to cost a fix to a bug the customer found. I looked up the ticket in our system. Somebody had already done an analysis and provided a design for the fix. I said I… Read More