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A skeptical left-liberal's blogging on Texas and national politics, environmentalism, journalism, church-state issues, atheism, more
2023-09-06 18:17
At the federal level:Blocked from enforcement: the Lege's school book rating law, First Amendment grounds and prior restraint grounds tied to that.Blog from enforcement: the Lege's near-ban… Read More
2023-08-31 18:06
Almost as much disgust as a wingnut citing Martin Luther King's color of their skin as an excuse to junk affirmative action and pretend it worked, or if you're a Black wingnut like Clarence… Read More
Nikki Haley And Never Trumpers
2023-08-26 17:28
Nikki Haley may have put herself in the best place to replace Meatball Ron DeSatan as No. 2 in the GOP running list after last week's debate, and certainly as No. 1 in the Never Trump wing… Read More
Trump, Mugshots, Cheap Suits
2023-08-26 14:51
As in, while bitching to Hannity about shooting a mugshot for Fulton County officials, he did it, and ergo, folded like a cheap suit.This is nothing new about Trump. It's Trump on Jan. 6, 20… Read More
2023-08-25 13:25
No, not the portion of the US, as I'll continue to vacation there.I'd been thinking about leaving THE American Southwest Facebook group for some time. John Crossley is almost as much a Nazi… Read More
2023-08-21 14:00
First, Dan Patrick made big news Friday about appointing Judge Marc Brown as an impeachment advisor. A day later, Brown turned him down on conflict of interest issues, having made a past don… Read More
2023-08-18 15:51
In planning for a recent vacation, I was eyeing, for various reasons, bagging another 14er, and I settled on Mount Sherman as a possibility. Relatively easy climb, short trail, starts at hig… Read More
2023-08-17 22:07
Texas Department of Criminal Justice hates prison guards as well as inmates (even while it joins ROTC in recruiting for new guards in public schools). And, it's abortion/fetal life-hypocriti… Read More
2023-08-17 14:14
Duopolist Liza Featherstone (Mrs. Duopolist Doug Henwood) calls out Dear Leader Obama at duopolist Jacobin magazine. What she says is true, but it's from inside a glass house.Ryan Cooper sho… Read More
2023-08-16 18:49
Todd Interests, taking a page from the playbook of Strangeabbott on the Rio Grande, has already started the bulldozers and earthmovers at the former Fairfield Lake State Park, apparently e… Read More
Yes, China Has Homelessness And Poverty
2023-08-16 14:00
That set of essential facts is contra "Aunt Fanny" (Rainer Shea's auntie? Max Blumenthal's? depends on whether she's just clueless or self-deceiving, to be the former's, or a paid shill, to… Read More
2023-08-13 18:53
Eric Meyer, owner and publisher of the Marion County Record, speaks in more detail about last week’s police raid on his newspaper, which included seizure of ALL newspaper computers and… Read More
2023-08-11 14:06
George Phillies talks about change of ownership, but that's more for Third Party Watch, which will be going more explicitly Libertarian Party and under Libertarian-based (as in capital-L int… Read More
Colorado Climate Crisis Hypocrisy
2023-08-10 14:03
Three C's instead of three K's, as in Kolorado Klimate Krisis hypocrisy, but we're firing away.Couldn't help but notice the license plate below on my last full day of vacation. Before I get… Read More
2023-08-08 15:58
As normal, the top 10 for last month may not all be IN last month (but in this case they were), so here goes.No. 1 was from July, about how I think Adam Silver's midseason tourney will suck… Read More
2023-08-03 19:36
So, Gov. Greg Abbott, aka Strangeabbott, wants TxDOT and the Texas Transportation Commission to allocate $150 million for a new set of frontage roads in the Valley?Why?If he's going to pull… Read More
Antiwar Is As Dead As Justin Raimondo?
2023-07-28 17:20
I did an expanded version of this post, my callout back to David Rieff about a serious peace plan to end the Russia-Ukraine war, at Substack.I had sent the original to Counterpunch, heard no… Read More
2023-07-26 18:27
The biggest is running a presser by Bernie Sanders talking about the NDAA and how it's too much defense spending. In this statement, Sanders doesn't talk about how, two weeks ago, he was loo… Read More
'Humaste' And More In The North Texas Heat
2023-07-25 13:39
Humaste is a word I invented a year ago while hiking in the Colorado Rockies. Essentially, it’s a humanistic, or for me, more specifically, a secular humanist riff on the Buddhist word… Read More
'Humaste' In The North Texas Heat
2023-07-22 18:18
Humaste is a word I invented a year ago while hiking in the Colorado Rockies. Essentially, it’s a humanistic, or for me, more specifically, a secular humanist riff on the Buddhist word… Read More
2023-07-20 17:30
Very, very insightful piece from Stratechery about the future of the movie industry in the middle of the SAG/AFTRA strike. (I'm a one-movie-a-year person, at that, myself, pre-COVID; if it w… Read More
2023-07-19 05:21
Even without the new attack on the Crimean bridge (and some Ukrainians claiming it was a Russian false flag), I don't blame Putin for pulling out of the Ukrainian grain export deal. New West… Read More
2023-07-18 16:28
Here, by Chuck Spinney, a DoD retiree and acquaintance of Andrew Cockburn, posting at his Substack, is the full truth about the bullshit at the NATO summit at Vilnius as well as all the bull… Read More
The Reddit Strike After A Month
2023-07-17 14:00
Anybody who's a big social media user, whether or not they're that familiar with Reddit, is probably aware that about a month ago, many subreddits went on a 24-hour "strike," closing thei… Read More
2023-07-14 13:20
I don't like it. Not in the way you use it.I know its origin story, how Snoop Dogg pushed it as a more positive option to "nigga/s/z" and meant it to be used in a complimentary sense.I… Read More
2023-07-13 14:06
Again, this is the stuff most read in the last 30 days (I'm a couple days late) but not necessarily written in that time. I'll note those that are older.No. 1? My take on the Reddit strike… Read More
2023-07-11 14:00
Rick Hasen notes a ticking time bomb at the tail end of Moore v Harper. Here it is, edited to shorten:In the last part of his majority opinion for the court, the chief justice got the libera… Read More
2023-07-03 18:36
And, yea, that's a new invention by my, riffing off #BlueAnon in general, let alone #NAFONazis, talking about tankies.A brief update for you.UnHerd, the would be post-leftist news site, admi… Read More
2023-06-28 17:11
The Texas State Historical Association's battle between wingnuts with allegations of pseudo-wokeness versus people wanting to fully promulgate Texas history has heated up, with Executive D… Read More
2023-06-28 13:33
So, who is the new head at Houston ISD and former leader of Dallas ISD? Someone who takes "my way or the highway" to an extreme? Someone who says his bottom line is kids and reading and noth… Read More
2023-06-27 17:25
Remember a year-plus ago, before the Dobbs decision officially overturned Roe, how the Supreme Court let stand through repeated stall-outs the Texas law allowing for citizen abortion enforce… Read More
2023-06-22 18:30
Activists claim the new Houston ISD board of managers appointed by the state is restricting meeting access, though they don't claim it's in violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. (It appe… Read More
The Paxton Trial: Quick Thoughts
2023-06-22 06:29
The Trib has the overview story; Lite Gov Goeb released the formal rules yesterday evening. Let's dive in.Quick notes:Warren K. Paxton must attend in person.Angela Paxton cannot participate… Read More
2023-06-20 18:33
As blogged about recently Navajo water rights claims stand before the Supreme Court, on which it could rule later this month. And, it's just possible that, even if the feds, behind Arizona… Read More
2023-06-17 23:30
Former Philly area regional Starbucks manager Shannon Phillips rightly got $25M from StarBux. As with unionism, a reminder that most companies that appear socially conscious will always… Read More
2023-06-13 18:54
At Counterpunch, Bruce Levine says Ted Kaczynski wasn't really mentally ill and Jeff St. Clair excerpts from an old book to paint somewhat the same picture. A day earlier, St. Clair revives… Read More
2023-06-13 14:00
What's prompting this brief piece is a dude on Twitter a week ago. He added me to a list called "Posturing Fascists."I suppose that, to an anarchist, arguably everybody's a fascist. Anyway… Read More

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