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Walkin' Pets · 12:25 11 Aug 2022
Intervertebral disk disease is a common condition in dogs, mainly middle-aged or older dogs. IVDD occurs when the spine’s disks that cushion the vertebrae degenerate or rupture. This c… Read More
Walkin' Pets · 11:43 10 Aug 2022
French bulldogs are a common and favorite pet in many households. They look so cuddly and are very attached to their owners, which may be why they’re a popular pet dog breed. However… Read More
Dogmal · 04:43 10 Aug 2022
Read Original Post here : Dogmal The Bichon frise is a happy, little dog breed that enjoys mischief and has a lot of love to give. The Bichon frise is one of the most loving and affectionate… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 11:11 08 Aug 2022
Cooking recipes involving chocolate can be found in Italy as far back as 1680. Hundreds of years later the first Hershey’s Kiss was first produced. Chocolate is a staple of the America… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 10:32 08 Aug 2022
We all heard the expression, fight like cats and dogs. That is not always the case. Some dogs and cats are very social together and can co-exist at home and in the outdoors. Sometimes that b… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 10:07 08 Aug 2022
When taking care of a dog, their dietary needs come first. You have to monitor what type of food they’re eating, and what foods they shouldn’t eat. One common household food item… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 07:10 08 Aug 2022
Monitoring your dog’s diet is a difficult task that isn’t made easier by them trying to eat everything they get their mouths on. One food you shouldn’t let your dog have is… Read More
Petpampa · 05:53 07 Aug 2022
If you’re looking forward to a fun-filled, active retirement, consider buying a motorhome. They are the perfect recreational vehicle for retirees. Here are a few reasons why. Travel… Read More
Erin The Cat, Prince… · 04:55 06 Aug 2022
 by THOMAS TAYLOR;  An Adventure Book Review by Erin the Cat Princess© Image ©Hello, and welcome to my weekend Book Review featuring Adventures in Middle-Grade Ficti… Read More
Cats Of Necropolis · 15:38 05 Aug 2022
 Ela tem úlcera eosinofílica, artrose no joelho e várias alterações na coluna.Foi internada há alguns dias para tratar úlcera de c&oacut… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 12:37 05 Aug 2022
There are many perils and potential dangers for a pet in your home, and some of them can seem almost innocent on the surface. For example, should you be worried if your dog ate cough drops?… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 11:55 05 Aug 2022
Remember when you were young, and your parents would tell you not to swallow your gum because it would stay inside you forever? It turns out there’s not much truth to this myth; still… Read More
Pet Lover Guy · 10:35 05 Aug 2022
Seeing your cat chewing on something they shouldn’t is always a bit frightening as an owner, but some things are definitely worse for them than others. If your cat ate tape, how bad is… Read More